Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson is a heroine from Disney Universe. Riley is the survivor of the onslaught of Dark Lord Empire Federational Apocalypse-United Villains, along with her parents.


Riley's emotions contribute to her primary behaviors in the film. Overall, Riley is upbeat, honest and goofy when she is content. However, at adolescence, Riley becomes more sentimental, a bit shy, and uncertain of herself as her other emotions begin appearing. By the time her family moves to San Francisco, she starts to be more troubled, irked and lonely. Her emotions at this point try to help her get adjusted to the new life. Riley can second-guess herself, but she doesn't always repent her actions.

Riley really misses Minnesota and is unable to cope with the transition. However, Riley is afraid to tell her parents her true feelings on how they want her to accept the new home and because she has always been their "happy girl".

As time goes on, however, Riley becomes emotionally vulnerable, entering a sort of apathetic state of mind and coming to the point where she tries to run away, almost losing herself in the process. But it is here where she realizes that she had almost given up on the things that matter the most to her in life and realizes the risk just in time. Returning home and admitting to her parents that she's greatly depressed, she learns to accept San Francisco when her parents comfort her over the personal loss and Riley (with the guide of her emotions) eventually adapts to her new home.

Dynasty Warriors

She made a debut in the story, along with her parents. She is one of the targeted victims of Dark Lord Empire Federational Apocalypse-United Villains led Kamen Rider Eternal and his men. She and her parents got ambushed and attacked by Arakune and the rest of villains. Suddenly, she and her family are saved by Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi with their newly upgraded Symphogear powers. She later helps Kamen Rider Kabuto and his friends to defeat Eternal and his men once and for all.

After the victory in Makati City, she and her parents are visiting Emu Hojo and the scientists of Ten Legendary Warriors-United Heroes. Paulina Zander amazed that she and her family survived the terrorist attack that everything is going to be fine.