Reverend Henry Kane is the main antagonist of the Poltergeist film series (although in the first film, he was simply named "The Beast") - in life, this angry ghost he was a leader and priest of a Satanic, 19th century Utopian cult

who held an apocalyptic view on the world, sealing himself and his followers inside a cave system in area to die: this location would eventually be built over to make the home the Freeling family would reside in within Cuesta Verde in California and his dark soul wishes to abduct the youngest child of the Freeling family named Carol Anne, to use her innocence and her untainted life essence to capture souls trying to enter the afterlife. This origin story contradicts the original movie's plot but seems to be the official story of the sequels.

He was portrayed by Julian Beck in the second film and Nathan Davis in the final sequel.


A creepy, ghostly, evil old man whose words are spoken in a hypnotic manner of manipulation towards his victims, Henry disappears and reappears over day and night to haunt his victims until they give in to his demands. Underneath his human ghost disguise is the soul of a demon. Reverend Henry Kane wishes to join the Murderistic League to expand his satanic cult across the Multi-Universe for him to build an army of his demonic followers who will join him in feasting upon this newly merged world's souls.

Meister of War                                                                 


Reverend Henry Kane in his demon form known as The Beast.

Reverend Henry Kane will appear in Meister of War disguised as a human to scare hero groups and the villains that aren't on Johan Liebert's team with his song while giving off the creepy old man vibe and act all business villain to talk about a deal they can make. He will persist in bothering them with his scary demeanor to let him in as a friend to talk to using his smooth talking, bringing fear, and using mind control for the enemy to submit to his conditions.\

Legends of the Multi-Universe: Armageddon



Poltergeist 2 Henry Kane "WATCH EVERY HENRY KANE SCENE "

Poltergeist 2 Henry Kane "WATCH EVERY HENRY KANE SCENE "

The scare factor of Henry Kane

God is in his holy temple from Poltergeist 2

God is in his holy temple from Poltergeist 2

The song Reverend Henry Kane sings to his victims to frighten them.