Rebecca 5

Rebecca is the second youngest daughter of Gabriel and Rainbow. She is more powerful than Gabriel and Rainbow put together. She is a rouge like her mom and goes on thief missions with Gabriel and her sister Jenny. She has mastered Gabriel's ultimate moves and transformations easily and has gone passed them. She takes after both Gabriel and Rainbow, having both their powers plus her own. She uses five swords when serious, having two swords combined holding two in each hand with the blades facing up and down, she holds the fifth one with her tail. She can quickly kill anyone who stands in her way. Being both Immortal demon and goddess, she has limitless power. One thing that makes everyone want to control her, is that she never existed in any other universe, not even the first one. That's why Dark Gabriel didn't know who she was. Existing only in one universe made her one of the key's to saving the Multi-Universe, or destroying it.

Shadow creatures 2

Rebecca in her shadow giratina form

Red shadow 1

rebecca in her shadow red eyes darkness metal dragon

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