Archangel ally

Raphael Lovelace is a son of Tuxedo Lovelace and Martha Lovelace. He's is a youngest brother to Maria Lovelace.

The Miracle Elite: Lovelace Origin

Raphael is in Martha's womb during the adventure. During her captivity in Zinthos' lair, Martha give birth to him.

The P Team and the Miracle Elite 2

Raphael is now the leader of noir raiders, in order to avenge his father with his sister Samantha.


Allies and enemies

Allies: Tuxedo Lovelace (Father) Shadow Queen (Mother), Maria Lovelace (Sister) Samantha Lovelace (Sister), Gabriel Haywood, Rainbow Haywood, The Element Empire.

Rivals: N/A

On and Off Allies/Enemies: N/A

Enemies: Dormammu and his gang


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