Oland diet
Oland was originally part of the top-secret 901st Anti Tank Troop (more commonly called "Gespenst Jäger", or "Ghost Hunter"), a group of foot soldiers created under the supervision of Dr. Kauplan, who were conditioned to show no fear in attacking heavily-armored tanks with little more than a single shot weapon, called a "Door Knocker" at point blank range. "They will disregard their own lives, and attack at point blank range!" Even though the platoon, as well as many of the Royal Empire's '900' troops (called the Invisible 9) division was secret, all of the Empire's tank crews and soldiers were warned to be wary of soldiers carrying a blue lantern, like the one Oland carries. They were legends of the battle field. In episode 2 (anime) it is also quoted that those with blue lanterns are not your allies, and you should never make them as your enemies. Once he opens it, and its eerie blue light glows brightly, a light that resembles the Will of the Wisp ("They will be heralded by the blue light of the Will of the Wisp!"), Oland's personality changes – and he becomes an unstoppable killing machine, not even caring about any injury he suffers (including injuries from demolition blades, tanks, and flamethrowers) while attacking! In the fourth episode of the anime series. He saved Martis, despite suffering from broken bones and having to face an insane number of injuries.