384px-Pit Drone model

Pit Drone

Race X is a mysterious alien race appearing in the Black Mesa Research Facility late in the Black Mesa Incident, a few hours before Gordon Freeman teleports to Xen. They serve as one of the main antagonists of Half-Life: Opposing Force.

The soldiers of the Great New Empire

The Pit Drone:

The Pit Drone is a small Race X alien.The Pit Drone has two forms of attack:firing its head spikes with acid jets when at long range. The head spikes typically replenish themselves when the creature briefly moves its arms behind to "reload", and the creature may sometimes briefly take cover to replenish the spikes. When idle, the spikes are kept inside the head.Charging towards their target to deliver a deadly slash from their claws.

The Shock Trooper:

402px-Shock Trooper 2

Shock Trooper and Shock Roach.

The Shock Trooper is the most intelligent and dangerous of the alien species collectively known as Race X.Their primary weapon is the Shock Roach; a living creature, similar to the Alien Grunts' hivehand. The Shock Roach fires bolts of electricity, which it constantly recharges on its own. The Shock Roach cannot survive without a living host for very long; if its Shock Trooper dies, it will detach itself and pursue a new host. If it nears a player that already has a Shock Roach, it will attack in a similar way to a headcrab before dying.

The Voltigore:

678px-Voltigore model


These aggressive creatures use their innate ability to harness electrical charges to create a devastating ranged energy bolt attack (apparently created by joining three smaller charges coming from their mouths and front claws)