Conrad Kellogg(K.I.A.)
Vlad Glebov(K.I.A.)
Alejandro Rojas
Malcom Hargrove(K.I.A.)


2016 - 2075


"Anti-Friendship Group"
Terrorist Organization


Inner Circle
Charon Industries
Fregata Industries
Faustin Family


Black Ops
Brotherhood of Steel
Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Knights of the Just



The RDV is a terrorist group acting against the Order of the JustBrotherhood of Steel, and Multi-Universal United Government primarily formed by a number of rogue umbrella corporations.


The RDV was formed as an "Anti-Friendship Group" due to the tie at the Friendship Games, in which the new found friendship of the students of both Canterlot High and Crystal Prep had cost some people a lot of money, namely Malcom Hargrove and Mikhail Faustin, in which he had one of his employees, Vlad Glebov, be one of its leaders.

The organization as formed in 2016 as a sleeper group, but they went full circle and revealed themselves by at least 2031.

After the death of Glebov in 2065, Institute Mercenary Conrad Kellogg became the RDV's new leader until is execution ten years later. After Kellogg's death, the RDV disbanded perminently.

Villainous Acts

  • 2017 - Threatened Dean Cadance with possible kidnapping.
  • 2022 - Attempted to attack Canterlot HQ of the Order.
  • 2031 - Claimed responsibility for the near glassing of both Chorus and Dantooine.
  • 2040 - Allied with the Kemurikage Imposters.
  • 2057 - Aided a number of Jackel Raiders in the Boston Wastelands by supplying weapons.
  • 2065 - Allied with Makarov's Inner Circle.