Puck 23

Puck is one of the tricksters, a group of the Children of Oberon. He is also the fay guardian of Alexander Xanatos.

Puck is voiced by Brent Spiner.
Puck 11

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Puck is with the crew as they save the others. Puck has the others flee from the base and any place within of Strange's group as BlackGarurumon has his ally or as he puts his pawn destroy it.

Though Puck is a member of The Sinisters of Evil, he isn't willingly just like Macbeth. Puck is then told to help Valtor attack the magic Isle to join against BlackGarurumon and any hero that arrives.

Puck joins with Shinzon on his ship for their mission and to go after Strange which he believes they’re doing as BlackGarurumon blocked the sun. Ebon and Puck go searching for Star Road which isn't open yet but when it is Ebon and Puck can move to the nest part of their plan which Puck says includes Heart ripping.Ebon and Puck take advantage of the Star Road opening to get portals ready and with Sunil, Zoe and Sky on Puck's tale they take him out to find what they've been looking for. Puck was locked away by Wesker as part of their takeover of the Sinsters of Evil