Protectors and Legends A-Team The Fall of Los Angeles33:34

Protectors and Legends A-Team The Fall of Los Angeles

Story: In orbit above Earth the Chitauri fleet exits hyperspace commanded by Loki. A full scale invasion is launched but as the Chitauri press into Los Angeles and toward  the A-Team headquarters the majority of the LAPD is overrun and scattered as Loki's forces bear down on them. Nick Fury in response stages an evacuation with SHIELD and UNIT Helicarriers. Retreating LAPD units and civilians head for A-Team HQ leading to further chaos. As the Chitauri lay siege to the base John coordinates the troops and remaining LAPD units as the panicked civilians flee to awaiting transport at the nearby airfield.  Chitauri infantry ultimately breach the citadel and walls pouring into the courtyard. Gabriel along with Renamon, the Scotsman, Michonne, Rei and Saeko link up with John and Nick Fury after a costly fight and withdraw from the administration buildings. With their elite and armored units deployed elsewhere and the complex on fire and badly damaged the A-Team cannot maintain the ever shrinking perimeter.  John with those who are left make a fighting retreat for the airfield stabbing and shooting their way through the enemy. They reach the airfield just in the nick of time to get on the Helicarriers but at the cost of their HQ as Chitauri mech units destroy what is left and as the Valiant carrier covers their retreat.

Notes: This takes during POTM Episode 13: Elements of Disney Magic/On The Battle Grounds and POTM Episode 14:The Battles Against Loki and Lord Dragaunus. It serves as a side story during Loki's invasion of Earth.

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