Protectors and Legends A-Team Bomb-bad Stalemate at the castle46:02

Protectors and Legends A-Team Bomb-bad Stalemate at the castle

Story: Gabriel once again returns to the A-Team's headquarters in Los Angeles, California. There he meets his father having just returned from a raid. Together the two formulate a plan to attack Bowser's castle. Mechanized and artillery units are organized and transported to the outskirts of the castle by transport. Once there and deployed they begin a massive bombardment of the castle. The bombardment however does not go as planned as Bowser deploys the castle's force field rendering any projectile useless. In response Bowser activates the laser turrets and destroys much equipment killing and injuring many soldiers. A retreat is ordered and in response a nuclear artillery shell is launched at the castle. With the explosion and resulting electro magnetic pulse the castle's shield generator explodes. The force field collapses as the last of the troops withdraw.

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