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Princess Morbucks is a villain that hails from the Powerpuff Girls universe.

The B Team Storyline

After hearing of Blossom and Buttercup's deaths she decides to finish the girls by getting Bubbles but she is instead recruited by Porky under false pretenses of revenge. Princess Morbucks has a thing for Bender for many reasons and finds herself giving clues to him that will keep him alive as she plans to make him her king when they rule. Princess's develops jealously towards Marceline and wants to defeat her to show Bender the way of doing things.

The Grand Summer Season Trek

Princess is sociopathic but not without morals as she truly does care about Brick and Butch's concerns and she doesn't wish to do any harm towards Bender or anyone in his group expect Marceline who she has a rivarly. She believes Money is the most powerful thing in the world and is spoiled by her father who is worse than her. Despite being small and young she is quite powerful as she can defeat The Powerpuff Girls frequently before they turn it on her. Princess also dislikes Mandy and Billy for their annoying psychotic ways because she admits she's evil but doesn't kill or harm without a reason. After the B Team arrives at a ghostly town, Princess is revealed to have betrayed Vilgax and joins up with The B Team. Princess Morbucks not only knows about out to get Brick and Butch back to normal, but she also knows about the Super Zeroes plan and plans with Bender, Skipper and King Julian for a sneak attack. Which suceeds and now Princess finds herself working with former teammates Mandark and Pericles against her former boss. Princess Morbucks also lends a hand to Bender, Skipper, Sari, Phineas, Isabella, Ice King, Heloise and King Julian against Trevalyn and his T.A.R.L.O.S in saving Santa because she wants to be off Santa's naughty list

It is unknown where Princess is now but it is very likely that she is still on The B Team's Offical Island

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