Name: Primus

Race: Deity

Group: Heroes

Likes: Peace, freedom and life

Dislikes: War, tyranny, destruction and death

Biggest strength: It's difficult to choose one

Biggest weakness: NO WAY!

Occupation: Supreme Deity; creator of the Transformers; life force of Cybertron

Quote: "All who walk the path of evil are not lost forever. There is hope of a second chance for all."

Voiced by: Michael Donovan

His theme

The Children of the Autobots worship the Autobots, and the Autobots honor Primus, for he gave them life.

Primus was created by a mysterious extra-dimensional entity called by some, The One, and by others, The Source, who, having witnessed the birth of the universe, grew curious and created Primus and Unicron to be exploratory heralds. When Unicron became dangerously enraged, Primus was willing to take up arms against his former brother and created 13 divine, sentient beings to assist him. These were the original 13 Transformers.

When Unicron was defeated, Primus positioned himself around a binary star and withdrew to the very core of his planet mode, allowing subsequent generations of Transformers to spread across him and develop fully as a race. Each Transformer was imbued with a tiny fragment of Primus himself - a Spark. Many of these Transformers are the gods the Children of the Autobots know about and worship.

Until the Children of the Autobots came with the dead body of Riley, no mortal had ever trod into Primus' domain. The only immortals who had were gods...and yet, even their numbers were few. Since being able to see Primus in person, the Children of the Autobots don't think they'll ever have an experience to top it!