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Pinky is a albino mouse who is Brain's sidekick and the complete opposite of him: stupid and joyful

He is taller than Brain, has a overbite and a straighter tail.

Greatest Strength: His ability to get along with everyone

Greatest Weakness: His tendency to ruin Brain's plans

Best Friends: Lizbeth, the Brain, Soul Eater Evans and King Julian

Worst Enemies: Snowball

The Great Time Travel Adventure

He made his debut where he helps Brain, Lizbeth and the others defend the Multi-Universe from Marceline's dad in The Great Time Travel Adventure. Pinky met the heroes through Lizbeth who swore to help him and Brain get their lab back if they helped her and her friends against Marceline's dad. Eventually after the day is saved, Lizbeth keeps her word and gets Acme Labs for him and Brain. Pinky and Brain decide to join the team as friends and they help Lizbeth and Axel take care of Starfire while Bender is gone. He helps and acts as friends with them most notably when, he, Lizbeth and Brain work to find a cure for Nina.

Totally Mobian Spies

Once again he joins Lizbeth and Brain in Total Mobian Spies to spend time with his 2 best friends and to help them save the Multi-Universe from The Iron Queen. Pinky then meets the girls alongside Lizbeth and Brain while they work he mistakes them as 3 Chiers. Pinky sees alongside Lizbeth and Brain Edd and Lara Su going in and he wonders why Frost only acts when Lizbeth asks to. Pinky then joins the B Team to go find the Pure Hearts to make sure Iron Queen doesn't get the Chaos Heart. Pinky watches over Lizbeth, Brain, Mandark, Heloise, Sandy, Asami's repair over the ship while waiting for the others to get back. During his friends' fight he and them find Big Boss and tag with him. Pinky seems to like Krabby Patties which disgust Brain a bit that he eats them like a pig.

Pinky tags with Lizbeth and Nina alongside Brain. Pinky has a child's belief of Santa and this leads him to write to the jolly man. After learning of Santa not being there, Pinky drops his letter off.

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Pinky once again returns to help the others against Discord and Sigma. Like King Julian, Pinky starts by dancing in the chocolate milk while pissing off Brain.

Pinky wonders what Lizbeth's problem and alongside Brain learns it. He joins the Membrane Elite and learns about Discord through Dib and later Lizbeth. Pinky alerts the Scorpion Squad about 18's robozenza and learns that Lizbeth has a possible solution with Boomer, Nina and Brain. He and Brain are told by Lizbeth to follow Price to get to her and her friends.

Meister of War

Pinky and the Brain return here to help Lizbeth against Zeus and the other villains. Mostly fellow animal villains.

He and the Brain pretends to join forces with the Murderistic League, but they were double agents for Lizbeth and the others.

The Legend of Maka Albarn

Pinky and The Brain return to help Boomer and Lizbeth with Ra's Al Ghul and the other villains. While trying to help Maka not die, he and Soul become very good friends.

Allies and enemies

Friends: Brain, Lizbeth, Dib, Bubbles, Bender, Milo, Edd, Darkwing, Gosalyn, Peep, Luciaus, Stewie, Doofenschimtz, Dr. Blowhole, Oscar, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen, King Julian, Django, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Launchpad, Hans, Noob, the B Team, Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, Escargon, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Master Chief, Profion, Cortana, Solidus Snake, Jill Valentine, Cammy, Hellboy, Zuko, Jack Sparrow, Obi-Wan, Atomic Betty, Sally Acorn, Jake Miller, Applebloom, Sweetie Pie, Swolattoo, Protoman, X5, Sparkley, Noah Parker, Hugo Brass, Professor Calamitous, Jimmy Neutron, Frost, Merida, Katara, Hiccup, Astrid, Danny Phantom, Tak, Raz, Crypto, R.J., Cassandra, Android 18, Sagat, Delta Squad, Megaman X, Hiscord, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, John Price, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans, Knuckles Riso, Crona, Raganork

Enemies: Marceline's dad and his empire, Snowball, Iron Queen's Syndicate, Discord, the Dystopia League, Sigma, the Sigma Organization, Ra's Al Ghul, Shinnok, Katherine


He is one of the stupidest characters, but he has shown brilliance insight on many occasions that Brain hasn't

He makes up for his lack of science and math with his pop culture knowledge

He alongside Brain was the 2nd newest character to debut and help the heroes in The Great Time Travel Adventure.

He and Brain have a similar relationship to Maka and Soul

Unlike Brain he is straight up protagonistic, not being an anti-hero or an anti-villain and being a straight up hero who's only crime is his friendship with Brain

Pinky's favorite food is toast. Line: YEAH TOAST!


Just Say Narf by Pinky

Just Say Narf by Pinky