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Real Name: Jamie Two Squirrlels

Peep is a small kid who is a protagonist in LOTM. He once served as an alley of Joker but he was never evil, more looking for a group and not a villain in the slightest bit

Physical Appearnce

He's a small kid with messy brown hair, point ears and wearing dirty clothes in a Oliver Twist style


He is a salesman of all varities usually of whatever he gets his sticky hands on. He demonstrates loyalty and friendship very nicely. He is a very close friend to the heroes espically Lizbeth, his best friend and love interest who he has undying loyalty towards. While he cons and takes things, he has no traits of a villain or a greedy person he just wants friends and only sticks to bad groups for a need of friends. His love of conning and taking things come from his father who he has a loving relationship with


Slade Strikes Back: He debutted here as alley of Joker despite the fact he was not evil and refused to kill others. He was sent to murder Mickey, but since he refused Joker tried to murder him. Afterwards Peep left and met Lizbeth, who would become his best friend and love interest and they became friends. Then they meet X and Peep offered him Joker's location and then he continued to help out the heroes by giving them all advice and all that to stop Joker, Slade and the villains. Eventually he came back to Dib and the others, but only Lizbeth knew of his being there, he helped Lizbeth constantly through out the story.

The Great Time Travel Adventure: Peep returned after a long vacation and joined the heroes against Darkwarrior Duck and Marceline's Dad. He was shocked by what happened in the future and eventually when everyone arrived in the future he and Lizbeth learned that Bender's friend Leela is related to her, and they then go to the Planet Express where Lizbeth decides to act as leader against MD

Friends: Lizbeth, Emperor X, Dib, Bubbles, Bender, Milo, Django, Skipper, Starfire, Jorgen, Fiinn, Ice King, Marceline, Gosalyn, Darkwing Duck, Edd, Lady Devimon, Boomer, Nina, Luciaus, Heloise, Dr.Doofenschimtz, Stewie, Dr.Blowhole, OScar the grouch, Nibbler

Enemies: The Joker, Darkwarrior Duck, Marceline's Dad, Alternate Doofenschimtz, Tarus Bulba


His real name is Jamie Two Squirrls on account he has 2 squirrls in his pocket

He is the first character apart from Milo to develop a crush on Lizbeth

He doesn't seem to have no home until after Slade Strikes back where he lives with the heroes now.

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