The dark knight by reaper78-d39qlwe

Omega, after Chaos' imprisonment

"Birth is the beginning. My curse is the end." - Omega

Once upon a time, in the original universe, there was a powerful empire known as the Anime Empire. Their leader, Alpha X , sought to forge a perfect copy of a sword known as the Omega Sword.

Eclipse Lumos , oblivious to Alpha's intentions, brought him a large variety of metals and chemicals. While Alpha was experimenting, a powerful explosion engulfed his entire body, turning him into a monstrous disembodied spirit. Shunned by those he knew, he turned to his worst enemy for help: Eclipse Chaos . Chaos helped him gain a physical presence with a robotic suit in exchange for his services in the Great Cosmic War. He decided to take the name Omega, which was the exact opposite of his original name. It was later in battle that he discovered that with each person he killed, his power increased.

At the end of the Great Cosmic War, he was sent to the newly remade Hailfire in the new multi-universe, where he remained imprisoned until the planets destruction. A few months later, he murdered Emperor X , framing Johnathan for the crime. Though his attempts to have John killed were thwarted, he still had the power he had gained from murdering X.

He now mentors Dyron Fienox , who has betrayed his friends and family.

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