Numbuh 1.Op.IT
Numbuh 1 (real name Nigel Uno) is a main character from Codename: Kids Next Door.

He is voiced by Ben Diskin.

The P Teamstoryline

Number 1 is a Main Characters in CNKND and a Second Hero Of TGSST

He is a Second Command of Captain K'nuckles and He knows Lizbeth and has a crush on her becuase She was Joining Kids Next Door but She wanted to Join her love interest, Dib and Bender'sTeam.

In TGSST: Like Samus, He Play A Major While his Leader,Knuckles, Plays a Main Role, He is a Second Command To Knuckles Cause, He Can Fight, Reading His Scouter To Knuckles Foes, Even Use His Weapons Towards His Enemies, And Helps His Partner/Best Friend Fight off Against Big Bad, He Then Helps Knuckles Break Fluttershy's Mind Controled Off and It Works! He Enjoy His Vacation Along With His best Buddy,Knuckles.

He Willl Appear Again In P Team And Miracle Elite Vs Malachite's Empire, Once Again, Major Role.

He Is Much Like Skipper, Both Right Hand Man To Their Leaders,Have Weapons With them, They Tag team With their Boss and Fight off Against Villains,and The Leaders Respect them More, As Well As Their Allies.

The Multiuniversal War of Destiny

He returns to help Knuckles and The Helper Squad against Discord and Sigma.

However, he,Billy,and Mandy are killed by T-1000 by shotting their heads.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Friends: Knuckles, Lizbeth, The P Team, Bender And The B Team, Miracle Elite

Enemies: Father Grandfather, Vilgax and His Alligence, Malachite And His Empire

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