Nuk3town Black Ops III


Nuketown (called Nuketown 2025 in Black Ops II and Nuk3town in Black Ops III) is a map from the Call of Duty: Black Ops subseries.


Nuketown Black Ops


Nuketown in the first game serves as a nuclear warhead testing ground. It is surrounded with three 1960's themed houses, two of which are accessable (with each of the houses having a mailbox saying Mason and Woods on them respectively), with cars, a Jeep, a bus, a moving truck, and a sign saying "Welcome to Nuketown", set within a Cul de Sac. At the end of every match, a Nuclear explosion occurs, destroying everything in its radius.

Nuketown 2025

Nuketown 2025 Black Ops II

Nuketown 2025

Nuketown 2025 has the same layout, but is set in a suburban environment and is set in 2025.

It seems to mostly be an exibit of what the 1950's - 1960's portrayed as futuristic.

The explosion occurs in more detail than in Black Ops.


Nuk3town appears as a completely digitalized and futuristically technological environment. The road of the Cul de Sac is now a maglift roadway and the house in the middle is replaced by a wall that can be ran on.

The explosion occurs after the "Winners Circle". It is now completely digitized and after the explosion, the screen goes black and will say "Nuk3town Offline", citing that it all may've just been a simulation.

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