No heart on throne
Name: No Heart

Race: Unknown

Group: Enemies

Likes: Hatred and anything negative

Dislikes: Love and the Care Bear Family

Biggest strength: His skill in sorcery

Biggest weakness: His minion Beastly usually foils his plans by accident

Occupation: Ruler of the Kingdom of Uncaring

Quote: "I am hate! I am evil! I am NO HEART!"

Voiced by: Chris Wiggins

His theme

A powerful sorcerer, No Heart was the arch-enemy of the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins. For a long time, they were able to foil all his schemes. But when Megatron tipped the Multi-Universe into evil's favor, No Heart gained the upper hand and was able to destroy Care-A-Lot and the Forest of Feelings, along with all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins!

Now with the Angels of Disney threatening his master's plans, No Heart is determined to go all out on those who would oppose Galvatron and get them contaminated with hate! A shame for him that love is not so easily overcome, though.

Since joining up with with Megatron, No Heart has rather taken a disliking to Profion.

LOTM: The Angels Return

When love and caring failed to stop Ainz Ooal Gown, Luke Skywalker was convinced that Ainz would have to be turned against his followers. Noble Heart Horse agreed and was certain that No Heart was needed for such a thing. Remembering how he had aided them in the Great Disney War, Angewomon and Myotismon decided that they would explain the situation to No Heart.

No Heart was infuriated that Angewomon and Myotismon would dare ask him for a favor that would aid in saving the Care Bear Family and Care-A-Lot. In anger, he imprisoned Buzz, Redflame, Majingirl, Hugs and Tugs in crystal prisons and demanded that Angewomon and Myotismon fight him...WITHOUT using any of their power-ups!

No Heart proved to be a VERY powerful opponent, but Angewomon remembered that he had not forbidden her and Myotismon to combine their love. They overcame No Heart with a combination of love for each other, their families, their friends, Optimus Prime, and the Multi-Universe.

Though he was furious about losing, No Heart agreed to assist them with a discord spell that he knew of.

Redflame has developed a crush on No Heart...and we can only wonder where THAT will end up...

Chronicles of Great New Empire

He is prepared to cause the hatred of mankind. In the end, No Heart is finally killed by Naruko Aoba and Kamen Rider Kabuto by combining the power of love, thus putting an end to the reign of hatefulness for good.


Bitter Hatred - summons a magical orb contaminated with very strong hatred

Attack Deflection - ("Darisera!") deflects opponents' attacks back at them

Shadow Swarm - ("Filii mea, Domino consultationibus dominum tuum!) summons a great number of Shadows of different kinds

Forbidden Firaja - ("Imago vetiti: adolebitque usque ad animam!") a very dangerous upgrade of the spell Firaja, which summons a mass swarm of fiery rain

Forbidden Blizzaja - ("In frigore et in vetita irae Glacialis!") a very dangerous upgrade of the spell Blizzaja, which summons a mass swarm of icy crystals

Forbidden Thundaja - ("O veni, vetitum de Albus!") a very dangerous upgrade of the spell Thundaja, which summons a mass swarm of forked lightning

Deflection Shield - ("Deflectionis scuto!") summons a strong shield of magic energy that can deflect both physical and non-physical attacks

Shapeshift - No Heart can take the forms of a variety of different creatures.