Nightmare Forces
The Nightmare Forces are villains from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They fully appeared as a group in the comics.

The Nightmare Forces are responsible for turning Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon, and Rarity into Nightmare Rarity.

They are primarily lead by Shadowfright when a host wasn't found yet. They are composed of rabbits, cats, wolves, bats, and Nightmare Soldiers.

Known Hosts in LOTM

  • Princess Luna (Nightmare Moon)
  • Rarity (Nightmare Rarity)
  • Agent Nevada
  • Jacob Hendricks

The B Team Storyline

Future Warfare

The Nightmare Forces join The Viking Alliance to help Nightmare Rarity. After Nightmare Rarity and Spikezilla's defeat, they were betrayed and killed by Azog and their former comrades.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

The Search for Rarity

The Nightmare Forces serves as the secondary antagonist of Acts II and III. During Act III, the Nightmare Forces served The Didact and his Prometheans.

Season 7

The Nightmare Forces serve as the main antagonists of Season 7. They serve as the archenemies of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Season 8

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