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"We, the Beings of the Multiuniverse, in order to form a free union of planets, establish justice, provide for common peace and prosperity, and to secure liberty for all beings, do ordain and establish this New Republic. Let the stars sing! Let the planets shout! Let the Republic begin!Children and people will wake from sleep screaming at the thought of our past. But now, it's time to restart our path." - Ellen Mira Mathers

"After all the pain that we feel... After the damage that we faced. After all those wounds that never heal...After all those years and the tears that we cry. After all the grieve and that genocide, do you think you'll find a place to hide. One day, the sun will rise again, on the road that lead's to our land. A fire burn's, it's burns within our soul. Till the day will come to make you pay..." - A unknown children

New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, Terran Republic also know as Republic of DEM Industries, Alliance to Restore the Peace, New DEM, DEM Alliance was the name of the multiuniversal government established by the Alliance of Democracy on 5th Multiuniverse to replace the corrupt fallen Deus.Ex.Machina. Industries Empire after the Final Battle of Multiuniverse Core. Like its predecessor on 5th Multiuniverse before DEM Empire, it was often simply referred to as the Republic; less often, it was referred to as the New Multiuniversal Republic or the Second Multiuniversal Republic.

They are very aggressive and cruel to villains and former soldiers of Balam Alliance cause most of the agents and officers are avengers, they become these after the numerous inhuman atrocities that DEM Empire, Sith Empire and a Triggers Hell did in multiuniverse for billions of years; many soldiers and members of the New DEM are people who have experienced at first hand the destruction, pain, sorrow, suffering and cruelty that the 3 Dark Empires made in the lives of countless people.  The New DEM is made up of people who want to help the multiverse to recover from the war and also to save the new generation of life, so the new life and children do not need to feel the things they saw when the 3 Dark Empires were active. Formed in 47,000,000,000,000,000,042 AAY, after the dissolution of the Alliance of Freedom (which was formed directly after the Battle of Multiuniverse Core as an intermediate government), it was to become the supreme governmental authority of the 5nd Multiuniverse, and later all 12 Multiuniverses.  

The "New" Republic was supposed to be a sort of continuation of the original DEM Empire that had become known as the Old Empire at that time. After Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott's death, the DEM was dissolved by the Reality Council; all droids and reapers were disabled, all supreme leaders were executed (or killed by the heroes and villains) and all officers received life in prison or were executed. All races, people and planets enslaved by DEM were released. The New Republic of DEM was founded on the same principle that the old Republic was thousands of generations before—to have a representative parliamentary body govern the galaxy in a fair and equal manner—and it was designed to eradicate the shortcomings that brought about the Multiuniverse's downfall. The New Republic was protected by the New Light Order, which was established by Elliot Woodman, just as the Old Galactic Republic was once protected by the Old Jedi Order. Because of the restoration of the democracy, the DEM Empire sometimes referred to the New Republic as the Old Order, to oppose their New Order, while in decline. They are often most of the times called Terran Republic because they old name "DEM" is the name of the evil, genocide, suffering and war, thanks to Isaac Westcott. 

They are the main protagonistic faction in LOTM: Destiny and the main heroic faction after LOTM: Sword of Kings events. They are led by the former secretary, and the secondary redeemed villain, Ellen Mira Mathers.


The Terran Republic (TR) or New Republic of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries is an universal republic with a rich history extending 5 billions of years after the events ended, and is the originator of the other two empires that will be the main antagonistic faction in Destiny events. They brought order out of chaos and war on multiuniverse and introduced an era of peace to the whole multiuniverse. Since the armistice and the formation of the new government, they were the singular political force on Kanaasha planet, and they set up an open and transparent government. This helped keep the peace for nearly 5 billions of years. The Terran Republic is built around order and the rule of law, with the central tenet that no individual is above the rules. Loyalty and union are core to the Terran Republic ethos and from that grows a spirit of total camaraderie and brotherhood amongst its proud and mighty warriors. More so than any other empire, the TR are a professional military.

They are the most synergistic of the teams and benefit the most from numbers and coordination. A well drilled squad of Terran Republic troops is one of the most fearsome and deadly forces that villains will ever meet on the battlefields, even more stronger than the all Sith Empire, Triggers Hell and DEM Empire troops together.


Red symbolizes unity; Black symbolizes military efficiency of the Republic.


Leaders and Founders

All are deceased; 5 billions of years... except for Sephiria

  • Ellen Mira Mathers
  • Elliot Baldwin Woodman
  • Karen Nora Mathers
  • Lutchiu Fna
  • Mrs. Pris
  • Senator Organa
  • Akiraba Katsuya
  • Lisanna Foxus
  • Najenda
  • La Folia
  • Froze
  • Master Yoda
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • Accerar
  • Jellal Fernandez
  • Naruto Uzumaki (hogake)
  • Julio O' Brien
  • Guren Ichinose
  • Professor Oak
  • Primus
  • Mara Sov
  • Hakumen
  • Lord Death
  • Black Hanekawa
  • Princess Celestia
  • Purple Heart
  • Noire
  • Jonhy Kenty
  • Sephiria Arks KnightWalker (current leader and alive)





Terran Corporation Chairmen



Strongest Warriors



Police Forces



Ace Troops





Security Forces


Jet Troopers

Heroic Tactic Force



Heavy Troopers

Clone Troopers


The New DEM Republic had a very complex and diverse economy like the Old Republic. It is possible that increases in state control and centralization of economic procedures during the DEM Imperial Period were partially reversed under the New Republic. After the fracturing of the Empire at the Battle of Multiuniverse Core, many different currencies came into existence. Though the New Republic had reclaimed the credit, it was by no means the most accepted monetary unit in the universe. During this time exchange rates fluctuated wildly, and indeed it was hard at times to find anyone that would exchange one for another.

The establishment of the New Republic presumably stabilized the galactic economy. At that time, the credit was backed by the immense wealth of the planet Muunilinst. During the early years of the New Republic, Nova crystals mined on Krann were the base for much of the galactic government's hard currency until the mine ran dry.


Their weapons and vehicles are top of the line and new but conventional. They eschew experimental ordinances and energy weapons and prefer to stick with what has worked for hundreds of years – accurate, high velocity bullets, and lots of them. Terran Republic weapons have the fastest firing rates, largest ammo capacities, and are generally designed to allow for maximum sustainable damage. While their weapons have the highest rate of fire of the three Empires, they do not have as much damage on impact. On the vehicles side, the Terran Republic has two unique empire vehicles, the Mosquito fighter jet and the Prowler battle tank, however, they have countless types of military vehicles.


The New Republic had a very diverse culture like the Old Republic. Restrictions placed on arts and culture during the Imperial era were removed by the New Republic and returned to the opulence and ornamentation of the Old Republic.

The Humanocentrism policies of the Empire were ended under the New Republic. But, the views of Human High Culture would be kept alive in the New Republic for years after the Empire's defeat by fringe groups such as the Human League.


The Combined Defense Forces of the New Terran Republic was the military arm of the New Republic. At its peak, it operated five full fleets, each consisting of hundreds of warships, transports, and support vessels, divided into battle groups and task forces, in addition to ground troop divisions and starfighter wings. The fleets were known collectively as the New Republic Defense Fleet, although many referred to it as the New Republic Navy. After the reorganization of the military into a single unified command, the former Minister of Defense was called the Supreme Commander, and the posts of Minister of the Army and Minister of the Navy were abolished. The Supreme Commander, appointed by the Defense Council with the approval of the President of the DEM, Ellen Mathers, led the Defense Force. He reported to the Chief of State.


The New DEM Republic was composed of a significant portion of the known multiuniverse after all species discovered that other dimensions existed, stretching from the Core Worlds to, at least partially, the Outer Rim Territories, though it was widely believed that the government held little power in the outlying regions, and preferred to focus its attentions on the Core Worlds and Planets that suffered on the war. The exact number of planets in the Republic fluctuated, ranging from three million of realities to just over a thousand, but in AYY it was a little less than 1.3 zillions realities, with some 10-40,000 systems controlled by the Vanu.

The DEM Republic was in control of zillions of star systems while the old DEM Empire controlled just 9 billions of realities. The capital of the Republic was Auraxia, a planet considered to be the cultural and economical center of their galaxy, despite being located outside of the Deep Core. To signify its importance in galactic affairs, Auraxia was given coordinates 0-0-0 in the standard galactic coordinate system.


Ground Vehicles


Allied Factions

Enemies Factions


Terran Republic Theme

Terran Republic Theme



  • Most of the militaries are good hearted since they suffered the pain and despair of the Balam Allaince. They are very nice people around civilians and innocents, but most most of them become brutes who kill any villain or villains from Balam Alliance without mercy as vengeance.
  • Half of the soldiers are avengers.