"Ahh, darkness...the perfect cloak for my evil. Ideal conditions for producing fear. Human blood always tastes better with a dash of fear in it!" - Myotismon

Myotismon is a Ghost Digimon. As the king of Undead Digimon, he was resurrected through the dark arts and obtained mighty powers.

Originally a fiendish computer virus which destroyed the computer data he absorbed, Myotismon possessed the ability to revive the destroyed data as malignant computer viruses.

As Myotismon possesses an extremely cruel and cunning personality, it is exceedingly difficult to destroy this Digimon. However, he cannot demonstrate his powers outside of the night, and his power is cut in half during the daytime.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's Story)

His theme

His dark theme

In this story (and a story by Sonofjafarreturns), Myotismon was once a human boy named Riley and was the lover of Angewomon when she was a child and was known as Christine. Sadly for her, he took a liking to Xion and later to Sailor Moon. But when Sailor Moon left him, he grew incredibly angry. Unfortunately, Megatron saw this and sent the Phantom to possess Riley and transform him into a vampire. For a while, things were fine. Myotismon adopted Tails and married Xion, and things were great for a time.

But later, Megatron forced the Phantom to take control of Myotismon and turn him into a deadly monster! For starters, Myotismon decided to take over the Multi-Universe with his family. He started by turning Tails to the dark side. Thankfully he was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog, yet somehow kept coming back over and over again. He was, however, stopped each time he came least until the Toon/Anime War when he corrupted the toons.

After the war, Myotismon joined Megatron and turned against his people.

Myotismon was finally defeated by Angewomon and her family, and turned into Angemon by Primus. This didn't go over well with Dracula, who was, in fact, turned into a vampire by Myotismon. When Aku attacked the Cartoon Network world, Dracula was able to ambush Angemon and bite him. Angewomon, Sailor Moon and Dr. McCoy tried to save Angemon, but they were too late.

However, despite the fact that he has regained his vampire form, Myotismon is not about to turn on those who have cared for and accepted him. Anyone who cares about Disney, he says, is an ally and friend of his.

Myotismon is also extremely remorseful about the horribly evil deeds he has committed in the remorseful, in fact, he cannot find the will to forgive himself.

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

In this story, Myotismon gave Darth Menslady her final lessons in villainy. He also fell in love with her, and later married her. He is portrayed on YouTube by bobobobofan.

Ultimate Battle

Myotismon succeeded in defeating the DigiDestined, but was challenged by Lucemon. He claimed victory and kept it until Lucemon returned. Eventually, they joined forces to defeat some other Digimon.

The Halloween ProYect

Myotismon suffered some awful emotional wounds: failing to protect Darth Menslady from getting captured by the heroes and seeing her turned against him. Luckily for him, Menslady was moved by his love for her and came back to him. When the villains claimed victory, Myotismon and Menslady were married.

During this story, Myotismon was also taught by Darth Vader how to use the Force.

The Chaotic Wars

Myotismon has suffered even worse emotional pain by being separated from his precious wife, losing his master, Galvatron, and now putting up with Menslady's sacrifice to protect him. It seems he will cooperate with Angewomon now, but the only thing he really desires is to be back with his beloved Menslady.

However, he has sensed that Angewomon is truly Menslady! What has happened to her, and how did she survive? Myotismon intends to rescue her from Bagramon's allies and find out!

New Team Ironhide/Mervamon and Ponydramon

Myotismon is a member of Team Ironhide. In Mervamon and Ponydramon, it is revealed that he has a super form.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate: Liberation of Mobius

In this story, Myotismon was unfortunately NOT friendly with heroes. Instead, he was pure evil, did not truly love Tails, and tried to take over Mobius.

The Protectors of the Multi-Universe

Myotismon is a mentor to David, Abigail and Olivia. David sees him as a big brother. Likewise, Myotismon thinks of David as a younger brother. Myotismon also helped Abigail to deal with her powers of darkness so she doesn't turn into a villain like he did in the past.

Legends of the Multi-Universe: Armageddon



  • Grisly Wing (Night Raid): Manipulates a countless swarm of bats, and begins a surprise attack.
  • Crimson Lightning (Bloody Stream): Uses a stream of blood like a whip.
  • Cloud Minion
  • Blood Punch
  • Nightmare Claw (Dead Scream): Sends out a black, ghost-like entity that turns the victim black and paralyzes them.
  • Nightmare Wave: Fires electricity which amplifies the target's doubts and mistrust
  • Nightmare Claw Supreme - a stronger version of Nightmare Claw that summons a huge, black, ghoulish apparition and a large swarm of bats. It does twice as much damage to an opponent.
  • Blinding Darkness - summons a pitch black wave in the form of a huge dragon that surrounds enemies, does damage and cuts off vision
  • Disney Magic - summons the magic of Disney
  • Dark Void - summons a great void which is a combination of Myotismon's darkness and the Force
  • Magic Cylinder - in Super form, just like the Duel Card, blocks an opponent's attack and directs it back to the opponent
  • Galaxy Darkness - in Super form, summons a wave of dark-elemental celestial energy
  • Galaxy Chaos - combined with SuperAngewomon's power summons a very strong wave of celestial energy mixed with light and darkness elemental energy
  • Ultimate Galaxy Chaos - Combined with SuperAngewomon and GalaxyMervamon's powers, summons an extremely powerful wave of celestial energy mixed with light, darkness and vacuum elemental energy
  • Lightning Vortex - as SuperNeoMyotismon, like the Duel Card, summons a vortex which shoots out strong bolts of lightning
  • Negate Attack - as SuperNeoMyotismon, just like the Duel Card, cancels out an opponent's attack
  • Darkness Reborn - as SuperNeoMyotismon, summons a powerful dark, blue wave of fire with skulls
  • Cemetery Bomb - as SuperNeoMyotismon, summons a powerful explosive orb of dark energy
  • Disney Shield - as SuperNeoMyotismon, summons a very strong shield containing Disney magic. It can take on the appearance of the Dream Shield or a barrier with Mickey Mouse logos.
  • Disney Saber - as SuperNeoMyotismon, summons a very strong sword containing Disney magic. It glows brightly and looks just like the Dream Sword.
  • Nightmare Leech - as SuperNeoMyotismon, summons a swarm of leeches who drain energy from the opponent or from a non-physical attack from the opponent.
  • Bloody Stream Glade - as SuperNeoMyotismon, he freely extends both of his arms to reliably capture his opponents. Then he wrenches them apart after forcing them to divulge all of their information. Very handy for interrogation.
  • Doom Cannon - as SuperNeoMyotismon, he collects dark energy, then fires it off once the moon on his chest is full. Although the opponent sees the flash of a beam of light from ahead of everything in its surroundings being changed to darkness, that light is not hope but the light of demise.
  • Super Negate Attack - combined with SuperOphanimon, both of their Negate Attack powers are fused into one and can deflect the opponent's attack back.
  • Chaos Charge - combined with SuperOphanimon, summons a powerful snare of light and darkness which has the very same effects as Angewomon's Heaven's Charge and Myotismon's Nightmare Claw.
  • Galaxy God Arrow - combined with SuperOphanimon, summons an extremely powerful golden arrow which glows with different colors when fired.
  • Ultimate Galaxy Chaos: Combined with SuperAngewomon and GalaxyMervamon's powers, summons an extremely powerful wave of celestial energy mixed with light, darkness and vacuum elemental energy.


Myotismon's Super form

Myotismon's ultimate form, SuperNeoMyotismon