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Mozenrath is an evil sorcerer that hails from the Aladdin universe. He was once the apprentice of Destaine, a character even Jafar feared; and when he learned everything he back-stabbed his master and took over the land of the Black Sand. He met and faced Aladdin many times but nearly lost every time. One day Slade found Mozenrath, and offered him a deal to work for him and Slade will save him from a early death. Mozenrath wanting to live more than get revenge on Aladdin took his deal and has served Slade loyally ever since.

The Beginning

Mozenrath works with Slade after those events to help him

Slade Strikes Back

He returns to help Slade again but their plans had to be abandoned when Joker's plans went out of control

Legends of Light and Darkness

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Mozenrath returns again once again to help Slade and while he accompanies Celes, he is impatient and wants to get started immediately. After learning of the location of the first set of Model W fragments, he uses his magic to get Axl and Alie there. Mozenrath then overheard the result of Jack Bauer's interrogation and points out to himself Malefor and his conquering complex. Mozenrath is sent on the ship of Darkseid where he, Mojo, Bowser and Doom get cocky and pay for it with him being the crap out of them

Mozenrath is asked by Axel about if he could remove the mermaid side of the girls, Mozenrath states he can though HIM wants to do it as well. He also states that Megabyte went to find the other Alpha members. Mozenrath is seen again where he and other members convince Bowser Jr. and Ventress to join Slade. Alongside Slade's other members Mozenrath finds the destroyer and they all destroy it

Allies: Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Megabyte, Lex Luthor, Ocelot, Sideshow Bob, Dr.Octopus, Dr. Insano, Bowser, Master Albert, the B Team, the Alpha Team

Enemies: Aladdin and friends, Malefor, M.O.D.A.B, the League of Darkness, Darkseid, the Darkseven, Dr.Weil, Hazama, Relius Clover, Sari Sumdac, Jafar