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Moral Event Horizon

Moral Event Horizon (MEH for short).

"Sadly, I don’t have such intentions, Ike. I told you that many times 30 years ago......Ike, I do not know if there still "a human" inside you. I may be going blind because of my age, but I see "that Ike" died. There is no more a single piece of love or compassion in you, you is not nothing but "monster", a "thing" without any kindness that only brings evil. You went down in a deep hole without salvation. I created the Ratatoskr to prevent you, Ike, no.....Isaac Ray Peram Westcott!"
— Elliot Baldwin Woodman

"Moral Event Horizon", or "MEH" for short, refers to an action by a villain that is so evil that it usually eliminates audience sympathy for the villain and makes it clear that they are unrepentantly evil and will not be redeemed, unless if they themselves are offended by the actions of another villain, or admit themselves that they are beyond redemption.

The scientific fact that nothing can escape a black hole is referred to as the boundary of the region from which no escape is possible and is known as the event horizon, hence the term Moral Event Horizon. A villain who crosses the horizon, or enters the black hole, has no hope of escaping except under extremely rare, extraordinary circumstances.

All Complete Monsters are by definition beyond the Moral Event Horizon. However, crossing the Moral Event Horizon does not necessarily make a villain a true Complete Monster, it only means that they are irredeemably evil. Some villains have or almost crossed the Moral Event Horizon, or done something despicable enough to make the fans believe they did so, only to later redeem completely or partially. A strong example of a Complete Monster would be either a villain who (in addition to having no or a very poor excuse for being evil) commits multiple  especially heinous Moral Event Horizon-worthy deeds, or if the line in question proves to be heinous enough.

The notable consequence on the villains' reputation whom crosses MEH would led either mere mention of their name as a taboo and believed to bring bad luck to those who utter it (or in extreme causes disease, death, or other supernatural curses)or they themselves became Damned Souls when they died.

By definition, a character can only cross the Moral Event Horizon once; however, it is possible for a villain to have more than one event as a potential Moral Event Horizon, such as the various adaptations of the Eckidina KnightWalker and Makuta Teridax. Other villains have more than a potential and often leave an impact on the public that they do wicked things all the time and commit Moral Event Horizon acts like a hobby, such as Darth Hades, Sir Isaac Ray Peram WestcottEckidina KnightWalker and Leohart the Prince of Hell. These characters are almost invariably Complete Monsters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Two things that should not added on the list of MEH below:

  • Certain flawed actions that done by characters that confirmed not evil nor antagonistic (Franny Robinson grounded her son Wilbur until his death for his mess that also led Lewis present in the future or SpongeBob's ungrateful acts on Gary in spite of his heroic acts for saving him from Puffy Fluffy for examples) won't be ever counted as act of MEH if the said actions not officially put them to the dark side or merely portrayed them as flawed hero.

Noteworthy Examples

Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott

  • WescottTohkaTR (3)
    Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott: Being a very despicable person and the main antagonist of the entire storyline, Isaac has many potential MEH crossings in many episodes, which effectively making him in the deepest level of MEH. Warning: Isaac don't consider himself evil, but just a normal person doing natural things that comes through his head.
    • 30 Years ago, prior the storyline, Isaac Westcott summoned the First Spirit on Prime Earth, killing 150 millions of people and destroying Mongolia country.
    • Destroying ExKrieg planet and the entire ExKrieg race, who were nothing but loyal to him.
    • He also kills everyone in the Dyuilian village even after finding out where the Dark Artefacts, and kills Mabel PinesSteven Universe, Vegeta, and Lee Everett in very brutal fashions.
    • Isaac Westcott is currently holding the Second Spirit somewhere in the universe in order to use it to become God and destroy the Multi-Universe, and to do that, he destroyed 500. of realites and killed zillions and zillions of innocents beings for 4 millions of years. 
    • After the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire have discovered a significant number of Spirits appearing in Abaliska Planet, Isaac Westcott sent Alisa Ray Peram Westcott  to kill the Spirit that had killed 10,000 people, however, from behind those good goals, he was just trying to show the strength of the D.E.M in AST and destroy peace that AST had put in that planet. After having sent Alisa to kill Kurumi, it was discovered that he had brainwashed in Alisa, his own daughter, and made her lose all memories of her past. This is clearly seen when she tries to remember her past, but every time she tries to remember her past she felt great headaches.
    • After he brainwashed his daughter, he made his scientists made experiments in her to make her a Wizard, the result was a major disaster that ended her childhood, she had more than 10 years of her life taken from her. He completely destroyed the innocence of Alisa as a child and has made her a psychotic murderer who followed his orders like a machine, killing, killing and killing just because Isaac said to do.
    • He manipulated Alisa for 8 years of her life and even lied about her mother that she was abandoned by her mother, however, Isaac, in fact, raped and killed her mother.
    • He enslaved of races around the Multi-Universe.
    • All conflicts of DEM and the Heroes are related to Isaac at all, he was the one who founded DEM Empire and is responsable for 40 wars around the Multi-Universe. Each of his war had billions and billions of lives killed.
    • When he invaded planets, he captured children and women and sold them in black market as sex slavers. He even transformed children in "SEX DOLLS" and sold them to the most twisted people ever.
    • He sent the White Licorice to Anti Spirit Team HQ, he sent a unit made for annihilation and destruction even though the unit would kill the person who was using the Cr-Unit. He was responsible for Origami had used the White Licorice and have caused a little destruction in a park and was the main responsible for make Origami have been reprimanded by AST and have almost killed La Folia. He put fear and panic among the generals of AST and did Origami afraid of his terrible personality, she said that his presence gave her the chills in her soul and it was not long before he brainwashed dozens of his soldiers sent the Irubi Island. Some time ago he tried to call Origami to his side using her hate for Spirits in order to make her capture Shido and delivers him to the DEM.
    • Once Arbatel was destroyed by Yamai Sisters, Westcott had the chance to redeem himself of all his crimes by sending a rescue team and saving his soldiers who were in Arbatel when the ship was destroyed, however, he ignored the fact dozens of his officers were in danger and let them all die, and he still put nanomachines inside of their bodies in order that they all be killed without mercy.
    • After Westcott received the report of Ellen on the island of Irubi, he decided he would finally do what he came to do in that war; capture and reverse the Kingdom of the Spirits, however, only the AST had enough information of what was happening around of Tohka Yatogami, so he ordered Ellen, the World's Strongest Wizard, to created a small group with 10 Wizards of D.E.M Industries under the command of Adeptus 3, Jessica Bailey, they were called DEM Death Squad. Westcott said he could do it quickly using bribery on AST , however, he said that military force in AST were too incompetent to the service, then decided to leave this matter to his own company, but in fact, he wanted to make the greatest possible damage to the city and including harm to civilians by his "self-satisfaction" and also to show to the "Idiots-Pacifists" how the D.E.M Industries do the things. In result, his squad killed 90 children to hid the truth.
    • He sent the Squadron to attack an event which brought together several high schools in Coruscant, after sending a squad full of psychotic mercenaries to attack an event with hundreds of people, he said to the Squadron that they should annihilate "ALL" people on the local who witnessed the battle, that due to the fact that humanity must not know about the existence of the Wizards and the Spirits or perhaps simply he should be worshiping carnage.
    • He got his wish after creating the squadron; cause the most damage possible to the city's civilians using the excuse "Humanities' great good" to have fun with the deaths of innocent people in his own planet, and even manipulating the Wizards of his army only to give a slap in the face of Ratatoskr.
    • Commited the Spicide; Genocide of Spirits, killing 600 millions.
    • He ordered Ellen to capture Tohka Yatogami and brutally mentally and physically abuses and tortured Tohka also when he showed the worst kinds of possible torture, including rape and while he spoke cheerfully inhuman methods of torture, he mentioned that he would steal even the chastity of Tohka, to make her scream in pain as he sent his officials destroy her "dignity as a woman." After him realize that kill Katarina in front of her is the most effective way to do make her enter in Inverse Form he indirectly manipulated Katarina in order to make her come rescue Tohka of the DEM Bulding No.1 and ambush her.
    • In the same episode he crossed again using the power of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire to active the spacequake alarm in order to remove civilians from the city who were about to witness one of the most (and first) supernatural wars of the mankind. He sent thousands of droids and Wizards from the building's security to wage war against countless Kurumi clones. After the battle between the forces of D.E.M and Kurumi clones have started.
    • He also manipulated the Miku's lesbians feelings in order to make her help Katarina rescue Tohka and to make Shido came alive in the torture chamber. 
    • He manipulated Katarina and the entire Alliance of Freedom and everything happened as he wanted, he ordered Ellen to kill Shido in front of Tohka to make her go in Inverse mode while she watched the love of her life being killed in front of her without any possibility of help or do something. After the event, he laughed insanely while watched Tohka being inverted with the heart full of sadness and pain. His words after the event was: The Kingdom has, prepare yourselves, mankind! It's time for the triumphal return of the Demon King!
    • Created a battle over his own city, bringing a giant conflict between Wizards, Spirits and several Kurumi clones and also making him responsible for the destruction of 50% of the city, including the deaths of hundreds of his soldiers. After he had succeeded in Inverting Tohka, he fled from place leaving all his officers to die. After he flet from the place he never showed any sign or thought of guilt, despair, sorrow, or grief, but was happy that Tohka inverted as if nothing else mattered.
    • Before Isaac Westcott escape from the war that he created and leave hundreds of his soldiers to die and thus also as the rest of the world, Mana Takamiya and Jessica Bailey was in a chaotic battle between life and death. Jessica fought for her power-hungry and Mana fought against the corruption and oppression of the D.E.M Industries and fought mainly against the atrocities of Isaac Westcott. Since Jessica died in Mana arms as a result of manipulation and deception Isaac Westcott as well as all employees of D.E.M worldwide, Mana released a great anger and hatred to Isaac Westcott and promised that she would kill Isaac Westcott at any cost. The death of Jessica showed the enormity of Isaac Westcott with his subordinates. Isaac definitely crossed again when he made Jessica Bailey uses the Scarlet Licorice and made her fight on the battlefield, as a result, the whole life of Jessica was reduced to one day and thus resulting in a shocking death for Jessica. In a time of struggle until even Mana Takamiya said that "Jessica not deserve this as a human", the last words after Mana see Jessica dead in her arms because of Isaac Westcott was: Isaac.....Westcott! I will never forgive you!
    • He tore the arm of one of the directors of D.E.M Industries after they tried to remove him from the post of Managing Director of D.E.M Industries. After that he was called "monster" within his own company.
    • After mutilation of the DEM's Board of Member, he used James that was captured by Ratatoskr after the fall of Arbatel in Irubi Island to communicate with Elliot Woodman, somehow he possessed James's body using a Realizer. After Westcott tries to call Elliot to his side (unsuccessfully), he left the Realizer of James's body, and in the process, Westcott killed James making him vomit and ending the life of the "expendable pawn".
    • After he mutilated the officers of the DEM Board of Members, he caused quite a whirlwind of hatred mixed with anger in the Members of the DEM Board of Members. His action took Roger Murdoch want revenge for his arm ripped off and made the members of the DEM Board of Members launch the satellite Humpty Dumpty in order to launch the satellite like a meteor in the city of Valcetron to destroy the whole planet.
    • He corrupted La Folia, making her a Wizard from D.E.M Industries and made her cut all ties friendships of her life, including her passion for Katarina. After he transformed La Folia in his servant, he made La Folia kidnap Shido and started a conflict between Spirits and Wizards in a place with dozens of people, including women and children. He was the main responsible for transforms La Folia into a real villain on the storyline.
    • After the DEM Board of Member have plotted to kill Isaac Westcott sending the Humpty Dumpty to kill Westcott, Westcott manipulated practically the battlefield without even lifting a finger. Westcott's plan was indirectly manipulate the Ratatoskr and Spirits sealed in the city and and force them to enter the battle, Westcott was not concerned about his own life or with the 50 million people who would lose their lives in a blink of an eye. During his apparition, he considered the attack that could be considered one of the largest in history as a game and was betting the lives of 50 million people in a chess game.
    • He sent the Goetia to annihilate the New Conglomerate, creating mass chaos on the entire planet again without care for the thousands of people. He said that his violent and chaotic methods were for his "self-satisfaction" and even demonstrated his hatred for "pacifist-idiots".
    • After he sent the Goetia to destroy Fraxinus, he succeeded in destroying a large part of the Ratatoskr. He destroyed Fraxinus and ended up completely the activities of the organization in that Multi-Universe. After the incident, he almost caused a huge nuclear explosion in the city, which would kill the entire population and nearly destroyed the entire planet, all this just to get rid of the "arrogant-pacifists" who hindered his plans.
    • After he reported about Origami's transformation, he manipulated her desire to avenge her parents and her hatred for Spirits and tried to capture her to make her into the in Inverse mode. However, he had to do nothing, Origami had already entered in Inverse mode when she traveled back in time five years ago with the help of Kurumi to kill the Spirit who killed her parents, however, she found that the Spirit who killed her parents, was not nobody less than herself. When Origami returned to her original time line, Westcott was even more happy and sent Ellen to capture Origami in her Inverse mode by saying "Ellen, I'd be happy if you caught "it" for me", referring the Wizard that was one of his most loyal subject like "it".
    • Isaac Westcott showed that he had no redemption even after the timeline was changed. Shido traveled to the past in hopes of changing the future, however, even with this, Isaac still the same depraved person he always was. He then orders that Nia Honjou (the person he tortured for 5 years) were delivered to him in his planet in order to make her remember of her past life and make her go in Inverse Form. With the memories of her past, she could achieve peace in her soul and make her love her human life again. After that, Isaac Westcott mercilessly Inverted Nia and take off her heart and take her powers to himself. And Isaac Westcott finally showed his true personality, an insane monster that would plunges the universe in blood and despair for no logical reason. Up to this point, Westcott became a Demon King.
    • He also capture Nia 5 years ago when she was trying to find happiness. As soon as she found happiness in human society have become a Manga Artist, Isaac Westcott sent Ellen Mathers to capture her. Isaac succeeded in capturing her and spread lies to all her fans that she had disappeared because she had a discussion with her director (where Isaac Westcott also killed her director too). Having everything ready, Isaac did everything to make her go in Inverse; he put her in many minhuman torture as: opened her belly alive, opened her skull, mutilated her arms and her legs several times, sexually tortured her with machines, tore her eyes off, electrified her, cut her tongue off, ripped her teeth, burned her alive, crushed her fingers, cut her gargante off and many other inhuman torture.
    • He was responsible for creating a criminal organization through of his own actions. The Yard organization was created through his desire to put magic into bodies of psychopaths, serial killers, rapists, thugs and other scum of the humanity. His actions led to the creation of the Yard and does not take long to start coming in robberies, murders and assaults in mass in a country of his planet, generating conflicts between Wizards in the city.
    • When Artemisia Bell Ashcroft  volunteered herself to give her life for the D.E.M Industries in the hope that her life can help save and help humanity using the huge of D.E.M technology, however, Westcott was not interested in it (since he wants to drown the world in chaos and despair), although Westcott not give a cares for the humanity, he accepted the offer of Artemisia and said he would do everything for the good of humanity for her sacrifice was not in vain, but he asked she really wanted to do it (he said this with a preoccupation face), however, Artemisia said that she was ready for anything. After Isaac Westcott have accepted the offer of Artemisia he send her to scientists of D.E.M, however, what he did was very different that Artemisia wanted; he tore Artemisia's memories and left her in a coma for two years. After he had removed her memories he used her memories to create a new technology ( and ) that would be sold as a weapon for military forces around the world. The level of his depravity was so deeply that even at one point in the story an official of D.E.M said that even hell would accept someone so depraved. Later in the series, this action caused a great angst and hatred in Cecil O'Brien, Leonora Sears, Ashley Sinclair, Mikie Okamine, Ryouko Kusakabe, Mildred F. Fujimura and Origami Tobiichi who were friends of Artemisia and tried to save Artemisia from the D.E.M Industries. 
    • When he discovered the betrayal of Edgar F. Caroll, Westcott ordered Ellen cut his head off, while the head of Edgar quit rolling on the floor of his office, Westcott did a great killer smile while he seemed amused by the horrific scene of blood and flesh spreading in the room. And soon after killed Edgar, he ordered the death of ALL members of the D.E.M of the research team who were working for Edgar, in the same night that Westcott ordered it, he massacred hundreds of officials themselves who were in the building.
    • After he succeeded in awakening the Demon King in Tohka, he created an artificial Spirit called Seha, and forced him to fight to death with the Demon King. While Seha and Dark Tohka were fighting, millions of people were killed in the process, and the entire city was completely destroyed. Westcott insanely laughed as he watched the fight between Seha and Dark Tohka. Even if the fight between two super-powerful Spirits were killing thousands and thousands of innocent, Westcott saw it only as a bonus for his own amusement. Even Ellen, who was next to him, was disgusted with his attitude.
    • When he created the Unknown and tried to make her destroy an entire universe, in the end he was successful in using her to destroy the Simulator Universe. Marina Arusu died in the process as one of the most tragic deaths in the entire series, doing Westcott responsible for the death of his own daughter. She was just an girl who just wanted to know the love of family, but the only thing she received from Westcott was death.
    • Starts the Cataclysmatic War; the most devastating war in the history of the entire Multi-Universe; resulting in the destruction of  90 millions of realities.
    • Turns Sephiria Arks KnightWalker to the dark side by taking advantage of her loved ones due to her massive power over the Abyss Foce.
    • Gives the droids troopers the Order 666, leading to the mass genocide of 50 races.
    • When he killed his own lover, Mikaela Du Tirial for being a "ExKrieg".
    • Tried to kill Katarina, his daughter, when she was a child. The scar in her eye is a result of his attempt to kill her.
    • Killed the entire population of London.
    • Crossed after deceive Leika Chan. He said he needed the Leika's technology to bring "peace" to the world and he said that he would end the wars, and then Leika Chan accepted his offer to help humanity flee from destruction. However, what he did was another thing, he used her technology to create robots and create wars For The Evulz.
    • After created DEM Empire in a super military potential, he declared war to the universe and invaded 100 planets in the first 6 years of DEM Empire's existence.
    • Isaac crossed again after make a massive attack on Velga. He made his troops to attack entire cities and invaded countless states all over Velga Planet. His troops looted and killed countless innocents. Even the Gods from were astonished by his actions
    • Later he also ordered his troops stole all the treasures and valuable things that the people in others planet had and send to DEM Empire. Soon after, he made thousands of children destroy their own language and even forced children to kill their families.
    • Isaac crossed after killing more numerous people around in his own planet who were against his will. Resulting in wars in his planet. Billions of children and women died.
    • He destroyed the 3nd Earth with nuclear bombs.
    • Tortured countless people in his office.
    • He was the one who created the World War II by manipulating Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.
    • He forced his officers to rape Lucy's mother, and impregnated Lucy's mother with the intent of having Lucy have a child with her half brother and have a child which he would use to wipe all humanity and repopulate the galaxy with his Abyssals descendants in order to be worshiped as a god by future generations.
    • Frequently killed countless people (especially while invading their homes at night as a child). Eventually, he even murdered the parents of other children.
    • He killed his own family when he was a teenager.
    • He killed 500 children in an orphanage when he was just 8 years old. The event was know as The Orphanage Carnage.
    • In order to keep his State Scientist license in Asgard Electronics and "pursue knowledge", he experiments on his sister and his brothers, melding them into a "talking chimera". This mirrors his previous experiment two years before where he forcefully transformed his aunt into a suicidal talking chimera.
    • Crosses it with repeatedly murdering and reviving Rosa. He do that until she asked for mercy kill.
    • He ruthlessly kills many priests without mercy or spite out of sadistic fun.
    • He presumably forced children of his planet to rape alien women from others planets in order to make them in vicious DEM Soldiers in the future.
    • He founded Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, this is enough!
    • Forced mothers to kill her own children.
    • Made inhuman experiments on pregnant women and newborn infants
    • He enslaved countless animals, including feeding dogs with humans alive.
    • Commiting Deiticide; genocide of gods. Killing 100.000.000 gods in several realities.
    • Killed and destroyed countless aniamls species.
    • He sliced Angelina Durless in dismay after she refused to kill Ceciel.
    • He crosses it when he blows up the Shanum planet, the homeplanet from the slaves he had captured, and says, "Oops, I did I blow it up?", followed by maniacal laughter. 
    • Destroyed countless worlds through the Abyss and ended entire civilizations only to test his powers.
    • Destroyed the Miraluka race and tortured his slaves and mutilated them into undead demons.
    • Took away Visas Marr's eye sight.
    • Started the first Alien Purge, killing countless species of aliens around his galaxy.
    • Betrayed Traya and cut her off from the DEM Empire and exiled her from the DEM Empire.
    • Tricked the Oderon Separatists and their leaders, General Vaklu and Colonel Tobin into waging war on the Republic and the Oderon royalists and ended up taking away their homeworld from them and all of their soldiers.
    • He ordered the destruction of planets Taris, Telos IV and Tooine (bear in mind countless amounts of his troopers were stationed on Taris).
    • He captured Bastila Shan and turned her to the dark side via torture. 
    • He reconstructed Abyssal Empire after the Great Hyperspace War and went on to rule it for more than a millennium due to absorbing life energy from others to extend his lifespan, he ordered war against the Multi-Universal Forces and the Reality Council, causing death of millions, he tortured and personally killed many of slaves and humans.
    • Attempting to freeze Hoppo-chan, a 4 years old Abyssal girl, to death.
    • Poisons the entire kingdom of Dom with the Nova 6 only to get his revenge on King Vulis II for interrupting his plans in getting a "small piece of artifact from the past".
    • Dishonorably snaps Liao's neck while his back is turned.
    • Worked with Visari with the plot to nuke Pyrrhus. Experimented on many POWs with the terricide and used his company's influence to attempt to seize power and rule the Helghast state, one of his allied factions. Killed Orlock and plotted to destroy the entire human population of Coruscant with his weapons and control the surviving humans under his own regime. He also destroyed the invasion fleet with his DEM Empire ships, leaving Helghan defenseless and did it to make the senate beg to him for mercy and become Autarch. 
    • Ruled planet Deus Ex Vectron with an iron fist and used the EM Military to kill and/or arrest all who opposed his rule as Autarch.
    • Stole a nuclear bomb called the Red Dust and used it on Pyrrhus City (DEM Capitol) killing both DEM Empire soldiers and heroes from Allied Forces alike.
    • Forced fathers to kill their own family. Leading some of them to insanity and suicide.
    • In his last moments, he tried to kill Katarina, Alisa and the entire Multi-Universe with all beings on existence and finally end the reality with his Abyssal Power by using a Abyssal SuperNova. However, Katarina, with all powers of the good beings on Multi-Universe, Katarina and her friend killed him for good. When he died, the DEM Empire was dissolved and there was no one in the Multi-Universe that does not celebrated the death of the most evil, inhuman and cruel tyrant in the Multi-universe's history. In the end, Isaac was seen as a monster so terrible that his name became a taboo in reality. He left a scar on the Multi-Universe and a huge dark spot in all realities. No living will forget all the things he did in numerous realities. Everything about him and the DEM was erased from history's records. Isaac was a Abyssal Lord who is the primary villain of the storyline—and by far its most evil one. Born as a nasty sociopath who loved to inflict pain and sought to extend his influence wherever he could, in his various guises as Abyssal Lord and "good ruler" of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire, he has been responsible for orchestrating multiuniversal-wide wars, manipulating others and then disposing of them when they have served his needs, personally murdering and torturing a vast number of people, tyrannically oppressing zillions of sentient beings, wiping out zillions of lives to secure and then maintain power, and all this for no other reason than his desire to become Dark God, his boundless cruelty and hatred and for his "For No Reason" plan. Isaac, was indeed, the most evil being in the history of the Multi-Universe. For 4 millions of years, Isaac gave to the Multi-Universe; death.
    • Since Isaac Westcott human's soul was cursed and damaged by the Abyssal Powers to the point that he couldn't even become a ghost: he is stunted to exist be a "nothing" nable to cross over into the afterlife for all of eternity. That he was his punishment since there is no Hell dimension that accepted someone so twisted like him.

Darth Hades

  • DarthBane-frontal
     Darth Hades was evil, psychopathic megalomaniac to the core whom actually having a large records of crossing MEH over the course of his life until his downfall. Quintillions of people and planets were killed and destroyed by his hands and his army for billions of years, but the most famous of these acts are:
    • He betrayed his brothers Primes out of pure spite toward humans by tried to gather Energon from Earth's sun which could anihilating the planet in the past,.
    • Started the war Dark Wars II.
    • He rules the Sith Empire, a extremaly evil Dark Empire responsable for destruction and death of zillions.
    • Destroyed 300 octillions of planets.
    • Killed many civilians by brutally sucking and eating their life energy.
    • Caused Saitama to break into insanity by not only torturing all of his friends but killing Genos in front of him.
    • Killing Huntress in front of The Question.
    • Sadistically torturing Leia's daughter with his lightsaber.
    • Destroyed the Hosvia System, which not only destroyed the planet, Hosnian Prime, but also killed trillion of Hosnian civilians, destroyed the Multi-Universe Security Forces, and destroyed much of New Conglomerate fleet with his own hands.
    • He destroyed the entire Prime BII Galaxy after making a false promise to Jedi Order that he would spare their galaxy if they revealed the location of the Alliance of Freedom. Hades, however decided to destroy the galaxy anyway. Killing zillions of beings in one second and finally creating supernova. A supernova that completely changed the face of that universe.
    •  Burned down an entire village and killed innocent people, which caused the horrified Dartz to defect the Sith Empire.
    • Poisons Elizabeth and lies to Gracey by claiming she committed suicide which caused him into killing himself.
    • Tricked Guren into killing his own family.
    • Transforms an entire planet of innocent farmers into bloodthirsty savages.
    • Killed his newborn brother when he was a teenager.
    • Has been abducting people for years as part of his collection and uses simulations to torment people and break them (each simulation is based on the subject's worst fears). He then destroys Hoth just to spite the Alliance of Freedom.
    • Killed his own master to take over the Sith Empire to himself.
    • Killed and ate his aunt.
    • Killed of people.
    • Enslaved trillions of women and forced them to kill their own parents and children.
    • Used 5 years old children as soldiers in the front lines. 
    • Crossed it when he kidnaps Kiara and cut her to near death with a lightsaber. He's also killed around 2,000 people in that day.
    • Started the Multi-Universal War I.
    • In his last moments, he tried to active the Light Destroyer to destroy all light from the Multi-Universe, however, Yuuchiro and Katarina destroyed the Device and killed him, finishing his reign of terror that lasted for billions of years.

Leohart the Prince of Hell

  • Leohart
    Leohart the Prince of Hell crossed the Moral Event Horizon throughout the entire storyline, thus making him into the deeper part of the MEH:
    • Usurped Satan's leadership after his corruption, also have Momonga executed a several demons member for going against his plan in front of the other members of the Triggers Hell.
    • Launched the attack on the island of Artakha, mortally wounded and killed countless heroes and villains in a fight and successfully steal the Kanohi Avohkii.
    • Killed 900 billions of Toa Hagah during the Toa Hagah's rebellion.
    • Kidnapped Dumas and ate his soul.
    • Invaded the Kingdom of the Cosmic, captured trillions of beings of their world and used them as food to his demons.
    • Falsely framed Toa Vakama and the other Toa Metru of being an angels imposters.*Ordered the Vahki to command all the Matoran to go to the Coliseum to be placed inside the Matoran Spheres so that he can brainwashed them.
    • Wrecked the power source of Metru Nui, killed Nivawk, Nidhiki and Krekka.
    • Killed and ate Turaga Lhikan when he tried to save Vakama from death.
    • Wounded The Shadowed One in the fight and aging him.
    • Filled Hellboy's mind with lies, making him believe that his friends are "evil".
    • Brainwashed all the Rahi with infected Kanohi Masks, causing them to attack both the Tuaga and the Matoran.
    • Killed 900 zillions of people during his lifetime. He never enslaved races and destroyed planets like Isaac Wetcott and Darth Hades but he is the monster who killed more people in the entire Multi-Universe's history. No matter how many people a villain killed, there is no one in the Multi-Universe that killed more people than Leohart.
    • He gave trillions of children and animals as foods to his demons and fallen angels.
    • After revealing the true material of his weapons are children's bones and scolding by Joker, Leohart pulls a brainwashed, kidnapped child that Oonz had locked up and drags her over to the sacrifice table. Maniacally, he grabs a knife and proceeds to slay her for his ritual sacrifice.
    • He sexually abused many slave boys in his manor, including his adoptive son, Nahemah.
    • Betrayed and plotted against his own Dark Empire, tried to execute Miku to take her Sephirah Crystal from her heart, murdered his demons, put everyone in an incredible illusion, created an army of demons to active, attempted to slaughter 100,000 humans to create a key to castle of king of Soul Society, crippled single-handly whole elite of army of Soul Society and tried to kill Ichigo Kurosaki's friends simply to mock him, he also slashed Dark Tohka when he saw her no longer useful.
    • Later, he tried to active Face to wipe out all powers and skills from the reality, leaving all heroes without powers to stop him, however, the entire Alliance of Freedom attacked him at same time, finishing the bastard once for all after 800 zillions of years causing terror and killing innocent people.

Eckidina KnightWalker

  • Hyujijok
    Eckidina KnightWalker was evil, but she was made to be the less evil of them all. However, that doesn't mean she commited inhuman actions. It is said she was evil from the start, as Lucas Kellan said that she was the only person he met who had no chance of redemption (despite Misogi, Johan Liebert, Greyback, Black Mask, and Crabbealso crossing the Moral Event Horizon in their respective cases that can be seen below). In Half-Blood Princess, it's explained that the reason she turned to the dark side (or rather already there by the time of her birth) was due to her lack of love, something that her mother had not given to her before her death (Eckidina was the one who killed her mother however). This practically made her live on a cursed life as a horrifying abomination/monster whose nature was the complete opposite of Katarina's in some ways. Her known act of MEH crossings since her young age are:
    • Using her torture skilss to tortured 2 children in a cave and killed somebody's pet rabbit at the young age.
    • Murdered 300 children from an orphanage built by La Folia
    • Started the World War III, causing the death of 300 millions
    • Had Wormtail killed Cedric.
    • Killed her mother for no reason.
    • She killed and tortured her own father, leading him to insanity.
    • She killed 100 millions of people around the world.
    • Started 3 Civil Wars in Europe.
    • Killed Yona's parents and destroyer her country.
    • Commited the genocide of the Fiore Kingdom, killing 200 millions.
    • Manipulated Aki Honda to attack Tenguu City and start a civil war.
    • Attacked Tokyo with her forces, killing 80% of the population of the city.
    • Killed 200 millions of poor people on Europe.
    • Killed La Folia's parents.
    • Plunged the whole world in chaos when the news that she was with the Project 666 spread.
    • Tortured and killed several of her officers for pleasure.
    • Seduced and manipulated Misogi.
    • Used her own lover, Misogi Kumagawa as a decoy only to kill Katarina, meaning that she never loved Misogi from the start.
    • Killed several cats and puppies when she was a child.
    • Crosses it by torturing Neville's parents into insanity and killing Cassie Cage, and only moments before her innocence was proven.
    • Killed several pregnant women in LN-666 Project experiments.
    • Made 5 innocent students commit suicide.
    • Take over the KnightWalker Family and bombed the entire Asia with Nuclear bombs.
    • In the last moments of this bitch, she attempted to use the LN-666 Project to wipe out humanity and destroy Earth, but her plan failed when Katarina destroyed the Core of the Project. 

Misogi Kumagawa

  • He crossed just once, it was when he killed 300 children of La Folia's orphanage under Eckidina's orders.

Pale Man

Pale Man

Pale Man

Pale is considered one of the most darkest villain in the storyline. Unlike others villains, he is imoral and don't have a "side".
  • Ate dozens of children in 1888
  • Ate and raped 3 children during the World War I
  • Ate 5 pregnant women.
  • Ate 2 fairies for sadistic pleasure.

Aki Honda

  • Tumblr ntaa2ihrh81udwpkdo1 500
    Crossed when she abused and raped Hiro with a test tube. Her gang also killed and tortured many civilians for years.
  • Her worst cross was she joined forces with Eckidina and attacked Tenguu City, causing chaos, death and destruction and calamity public. 
  • She killed 2 millions of people by her own admission.
  • Tortured Katarina brutally.
  • Killed Eugen, Katarina's sister in front of her and mocked her death.


  • Attacked and killed dozens of innocent people in Tenguu City alongside Aki Honda.
  • Beating Eugen in front of Katarina.

Vladimir Makarov

  • Ruthless killed Tomas in front of Cassie and bombed Tokyo, killing millions. 
  • In Rise of Blue Haired Heroine spin-off, he kills countless people only to send a "message" to KnightWalker Parlor under Eckidina's orders.

Johan Liebert

  • He is the true responsable for the terrorist Trade World Center attack in 2001 and responsable for the death of 9 millions of people in Berlin. 
  • Made most of his underlings commit suicide for no reason.

Harold Attinger

  • Killed Himari in front of her daughter.
  • Commited the genocide of Gyirans, killing 200 millions in name of DEM Empire

Yellow Diamond

  • Killed and used the lives of million of organic beings to her Meta Cluster.

Skull Face

  • Killed Mana's family in front of her when she was a child.
  • Destroyed an entire village, killing 3000 innocent people.
  • Ate Mana's sister in front of her when she was a child

Black Diamond

  • Destroyed 900 galaxies in his life time.
  • Destroyed a entire reality, killing zillions.
  • Tried to overcome God by destroying the Paradise.

Hades Izanami

  • Betrayed her own people and sent them to death.

Lady Van Tassel

  • Poisoned her very own mother after learning enough magic from her.
  • Exposed the trace of an escaping Solomon Kent to made him captured and imprisoned inside Purgatory.
  • Poisoned the former Lady Van Tassel (Kartina Crane's birth mother) to frame another maid and then Katrina.
  • Made Serilda defeated and executed, and then took over Serilda's title as the new Supreme Witch of Darkness.
  • Burned down the maid who was framed by her to fake her own death, and then she targeted on anyone related to her husband and killed them by beheading, burning and various other ways. She later contolled the Horseman of Death to do the dirty work for her.
  • Beheaded her own sister for fighting against Moloch and teamed with Van Tassels.
  • Summoned Mary Wells, made her the Weeping Lady and tortured her for seven years in several ways, including cutting off Mary's tongue.
  • Seduced and/or threated other citizens so that they would kept their mouth shut.
  • Threatened the Four who Speaks as One to join her and attempted to kill Knapp in process, but not before she spied into the coloniel camp to finish Ichabod and Katrina alongside the Horseman of Death.
  • Ordered the Horseman of Death to Van Tassel Mansion in order to wreck havoc and frame Knapp.
  • Killed her husband with a flying sword in order to frame Katrina.
  • Attacked Katrina as soon as Ichabod left, and when Ichabod returned to save Katrina, Lady Van Tassel ordered the Horseman of Death to mortally wound Ichabod before the Horseman was beheaded by the dying Witness, leading both of their "death".
  • Attacked Fredericks Manor with the Tree Monster and killed Lachlan Fredericks in process. Failed to capture Katrina and Grace, Lady Van Tassel tarnished the whole sanctuary with black magic and made it barren.
  • Forced Katrina's former coven sisters to seal Katrina in Purgatory.
  • Spreaded rumors that Ichabod and Katrina's son Jeremy is a monster and caused the child to be held captive in an orphanage and be harshly treated.
  • After Jeremy's escape, Lady Van Tassel tracked her step-grandson down and attempted to strangle him so that she could stop him, but after knowing Jeremy is an immortal, she ruthlessly framed Jeremy's parents to be responsible for the boy's tragic trauma and buried him alive, keeping him rot underground as a living dead. This soon increased Jeremy's hatred and wrath so that he would be controlled by Moloch to become the Horseman of War centuries later.

Michael Langdon

  • Edmond dantes fate grand order and fate series drawn by syubare sample-7916db891c31a26677e2cb670a7536c8
    Killing Esther Blanchett's mother and pretending to be her savior while her mother was slandered by him as an uncaring parent
  • Killing his grandmother, the only person who truly cared about him, under misunderstanding as well as Nio Hashiri's encouragement
  • Agreeing Nio Hashiri's request to burn down a down a town simply due to a pavement that tripped him, and hiring Arzonia Brothers for the first time to do the job, causing the death of a whole town's people including Carl Robinson's parents
  • Manipulating Eckidina KnightWalker (later revealed to be one of her clones) to use Aerisi Kalinoth and Dr. Frankenstein to create a series of Frankenstein's Monster
  • Attacking Pope Matthai Reese and stole the Grand Grimoire
  • Assassinating Pope Matthai Reese using Terra of the Left and framing Pietro Yogdis for murder
  • Forcing Sonia Nevermind and the allies of the Ultimate Despair to kill other cardinals in Papal Conclave
  • Trying to change time and bring Hell on Earth by using the Headless Horseman and Eckidina KnightWalker, causing deaths of August Corbin, Dr. Frankenstein
  • He hired Arzonia Brothers for the second time and forced Maria Arzonia to do their dirty work
  • Burning Maria alive when she gone rogue, but later he let Terra to send a dying Maria to the KnightWalker HQ to make her a Cyborg
  • Trapping Carl Robinson in his cell for taking his blood and broke his sanity.

Phyllis Peach

Evil Christine

  • Evil Christine took control of the original Christine Van Bilj after the latter's resurrection, and she brutally murdered her own brother, Colin.
  • She tortured Betsy Ross in front of Abbie Mills and laughed at Abbie's torments.