Moki the Magnificent

Name: Moki

Race: Canine

Group: Allies of heroes

Likes: Charming others with her cuteness

Dislikes: People who falsely accuse her owners of loving Mishka and Laika more than her

Biggest strength: Her adorability

Biggest weakness: She can get nervous spells which lead to aggression

Occupation: Family pet

Quote: "Moki's my name, cuteness is my game!"

A hugable Jack Russell-pit bull mix, Moki had a sad life in the pound until the Gardea family adopted her. Since then, she's been very happy. She doesn't talk much on her show, but has great skills for dancing and simply being cute.

Moki is saddened at the loss of her loving family, and has suspicions that the person behind their loss is their arch-nemesis: TheIhatemishkaclub, who believes that the Gardeas love Mishka and Laika more than Moki. She is cruel to them and more cruel to those who tell her to knock it off. Her attitude really pisses Moki off as well, since she knows that there is no way the Gardeas could love Mishka or Laika more than her.


The Moki Collection ~ 16 Moki videos in 1!06:26

The Moki Collection ~ 16 Moki videos in 1!

Just some of the cuteness of Moki


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