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Mojo Jojo is a monkey supervillain that hails from the Powerpuff Girls. He is an ally of Slade's team alongside fellow Powerpuff Girl villain HIM. Mojo Jojo is one of Slade's main members and part of his main staff alongside Slade, Anti Cosmo, Celes, HIM, Sideshow Bob and Eddy. He is also one of the only 5 members of Slade's Ensemble to have stayed since the beginning alongside Slade, Hades, Anti Cosmo and HIM.

Mojo is basically one of the heads of Slade's science department due to his technological knowledge and building skills. If Slade isn't using his own science, you can bet he has Mojo Jojo on it.

He is voiced by Roger L. Jackson.

The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back

In this story and the one below Mojo is an ally of Slade in his plans for Multi-Universal domination

Legends of Light and Darkness

Mojo returns here with his team again but for a different cause.

He is contacted by Slade and is informed of the plans of Malefor and his league of Darkness. Mojo is seen with Celes to convince the Alpha Team that they are helping them against Malefor. He works with fellow mad scientists Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom and Master Albert to try to find what was the thing Alie found when the others were confronted by Saix. Mojo and Lex work on a Model W Tracker and in time for Alie's first mission they make it. Mojo is kidnapped by the villains force with Lex and placed in Interpol. He and Axl see Aleu again in Interpol after Model W sends her there. They try to pull a escape. However it's doesn't really work and they get help from a man. He escapes and brings the prisoners he finds with him, Alongside the rest he makes comments on Malefor's conquering compulsiveness. Mojo is sent on the ship of Darkseid where he, Mozenrath, Bowser and Doom get cocky and pay for it with him being the crap out of them

Mojo and the villains get a note from an source and give it over to Slade and Bender to look at and after that experience he works on identifying Model W and gets scared when he sees the Joker back in town. Mojo Jojo after having the other members learn about Joker, Mojo wonders how he could possibly be back after what  happened. With Bender and Slade's absence, Mojo wonders who will take charge and Heloise steps up to it. Mojo then is wondering who this man is that Alie is collecting fragments and he learns about Weil and Discord. Mojo corners Joker with the rest of Slade's team, Will and Jack to capture him. Dr. Insano and Mojo work on the location of the Model Z and are shocked it's at their boss's castle. Alongside Slade's other members Mojo finds the destroyer and they all destroy it. Mojo alongside HIM, Dr. Doom, Ocelot, Bowser, Hades, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes fight Hazama with Bender And The B Team as well As Discord. Mojo demands afterwards that The Autobots forgive him for what he's done.


Mojo with other members of Slade`s Ensemble find Black Star and make an allegiance with him


Mojo once again alongside with Slade's Team finds themselves facing with another insane threat but this time it's Eobard Thawne. Mojo stills work with Slade after the time skip and he gets the letter and drone from Phineas and Isabella with Sideshow Bob about Thawne, Mojo and Bob give it to Hades, then they find Curveo who tells them about Joker though neither get it until Celes tells them straight out. He fights Thawne with the ensemble and drives them off and meets Harrison Wells from Earth 2. Mojo takes a dislike to the man after being belittled and told to eat a Banana. Inbetween Slade's message to Bender, Mojo made a bet with Hades on Bender's activites and loses the bet grumbling about how he has to pay him up. He along with the other members of Slade's meeting to discuss their attack that Thawne commited on them and his theft of a precious item that Slade and Anti Cosmo claimed in a past adventure.

Mojo travels with Slade and his team to 2010 to follow Thawne so Slade, Hades and Anti Cosmo can get their past selves and Eddy to help them out. He investigates Harry and Celes's findings before he goes all out on a robotic army that Alchemy led to them. Mojo and Technus both interrupt Slade and tell them what The Joker did regarding The Teen TItans. Mojo assists the team in their fights with the legion under Anti Cosmo as they arrest Slade under Darkwarrior's orders.


Mojo Jojo is driven nuts by Ed from Ed, Ed and Eddy on Facebook

Mojo Jojo is driven nuts by Ed from Ed, Ed and Eddy on Facebook

Mojo Jojo's Best Moment

Mojo Jojo's Best Moment

Teen Titans Go! - "TTG v PPG" (clip)

Teen Titans Go! - "TTG v PPG" (clip)

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