"Hmm... You touched my Tralalala..."
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This is miserable, maybe embarrassing. Because of your one of a kind personality, there's nothing you can do you feeble bitch! Just think of our impossibly different personalities! You seem to be doing fine. I don't want to be a guardian of justice or heroine; just to see people happy is enough to me.
Misogi "KnightWalker" Kumagawa

Misogi "KnightWalker" Kumagawa is an original character and an antagonist in LOTM: Sword of Kings. He appears in episode 2 of Saga AA. He is a member of Misogi family and is the servant of Eckidina KnightWalker.

Kumagawa is the vice-president of the Student Council in Raizen High School. He doesn't understand or try to understand others, ignoring their feelings all together. He doesn't mind killing people and he does it with a smiling face. La Folia describes him as an compulsive liar who doesn't ever say anything truthful. He apparently does have other emotions as he was very angry when La Folia called Eckidina a "bitch". He also dislikes Katarina Couteau, whom he sees when he "dies". After being reformed and becoming a member of the Student Council however, Kumagawa's ability to break other people's hearts is shown in a more dark; simply announcing to all the potential freshman by calling them. Kumagawa is also shown to have a somewhat perverted personality, having a preference for girls dressed in naked aprons.