Minerva Liddelll

Minerva Liddell

Minerva Liddell is the true main antagonist in Date A Live Spin-off, Date AST Like or also known as Date A Strike. She was first introduced in Volume 3. She was first introduced as a minor antagonist in Date A Strike, and later become the true main antagonist and the "Final-Boss". Minerva is the former Wizard Number 2 of the Special Sorcery Service in Great British and a Wizard of the Military Force-Defense from UK. She is currently a member of the first executive of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire. After DEM revolution, Minerva joined the army to DEM to satisfy her malignant needs in civilians and war prisioners. Minerva is feared by half of DEM human army for her evil fame.

Minerva came as a soldier of DEM army who obeyed General Grievous orders on invasion of France. After her victories, Minerva captured children and abused sexually in front of their family and then kill them. Years later, she worked in an extermination camp of DEM in Jordan, which killed 5,000 people. She is considered the fifth most cruel person in DEM army. For her evil nature, she is called as Monster In Female Skin.

She also has callsign "Seorikasu 12".