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Mewtwo is a notoriously powerful Psychic Pokemon who was cloned from the DNA of Mew. Believing that humans cared nothing for him and wanted only to keep him as a slave, Mewtwo began to go through plans to make super clones of Pokemon and wipe out everyone else on the planet.

But when Ash gave up his life to save the Pokemon, who all wept for him, Mewtwo realized that there were people who cared about Pokemon.

He is a very well known Pokemon and has a very well dedicated fanbase. Mewtwo is The4everreival's 5th favorite Pokemon of all time and his second favorite gen 1 Pokemon after the giant fire breathing dragon. Mewtwo is also loved all over the Legends of the Multi-Universe site and is Menslady125's favorite Psychic Pokemon.

He is voiced by Dan Green.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

In this story, Mewtwo is with the heroes in the fight with to defeat the villains with Ash, whom he has grown to trust greatly.


Barrier - summons a shield of very strong Psychic energy which can raise Mewtwo's defensive power

Confusion - summons strong Psychic energy that not only damages but may confuse the opponent

Psychic - summons a wave of super strong Psychic energy that not only damages but may confuse the opponent. In the case against another Pokemon, it may lower the opponent Pokemon's Special Defense.

Telepathy - allows Mewtwo to read minds and speak with use of his mind

Telekinesis - allows Mewtwo to fly

Shadow Ball - Summons a ball of Ghost elemental energy which Mewtwo throws at his opponent


【Smash Bros

【Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Wii U】Mewtwo Strikes Back!

"Mewtwo Strikes Back"