Meta Knight is a knight/warrior who hails from the Kirby Universe. Meta Knight has been a mentor to the heroes in Pop Star. He mentored Kirby to his full potential to defeat Nightmare. After that he laid in wait waiting for a potential return of Nightmare.

The B Team Storyline

The Grand Summer Season Trek

Evenutally though A Criminal Syndicate named Shadaloo invaded Pop Star causing all the inhabitants led by Meta Knight to leave Pop Star. With Shadaloo involved, Meta Knight goes off to find help against the syndicate

Totally Mobian Spies

After a fight on Vilgax and his alliegance, Meta Knight joins Bender in Total Movian Spies with others so the team can help W.H.O.O.P against Iron Queen and working with The V Team, W,H.O.O.P, Lizbeth, Pinky and The Brain. Their first place is at his own home planet where he meets his own friends and allies from his universe. He sets things straight with Kirby, Tiff and Tuff and then storm the castle learning of their parents's death at an unknown assassin. He alongside his team lets Kirby and the others in on his mission to do them favors. Being the warrior he is Meta Knight shows amazing badassery like always and goes inbetween helping his bosses and follow warrior Frost. He helps the crew through the cave as he is familar with it's ground and then helps Skipper deal with the monster army as he is experienced with them and like Bender he seemed to know what happened in Resident Evil 5

Allies: Kirby, Fellow Star Warriors, Tiff, Tuff, Fololo, Falala, Lucario, Solid Snake, Ike, Marth, Lucas, Ice Climbers, All Nintendo Heroes, Blue, Bartok, Professor Xavier, Magneto, Luigi, Meowth, Bender, Skipper, Jorgen Von Strangle, King Julian, Django of the Dead, Finn, Marceline, Ice King, Heloise, Twilight Sparkle, Frida, Spike, Shining Armor, Sagat, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Stan Smith, Sari Sumdac, Mandark, Princess Morbucks, Alex, Asami Sato, Lizbeth, Edd, Eddy, Brain, Pinky, Frost, Merlida, Sam, Clover, Jazz Pants, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Master Chief, Cortana, Solidus Snake, Jill Valentine, Cammy, Zuko, Jack Sparrow, Hellboy, Obi Wan, Atomic Betty, Sally Acorn, Jake Muller, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootalo, Protoman, X5, Sparkley, Noah Parker, Hugo Brass, Professor Calamitous, Katara, Danny Phantom, Tak, Jimmy Neutron, Hiccup, Astrid, Drake, Princess Starlight, Luna, Shane, Logan, Whiskers, Jeremy Crane, The Ghost Crew, The Mask, Bulk Biceps, Jack Skellington, Rhydian Morris

Enemies: Tabuu, King Dedede, Bowser, Ganondorf, Master Hand, Nightmare, Vilgax and his alliegance, Iron Queen, Iron Queen Syndicate