Angewomon, Angel of Light and Hope.

Menslady125 is the creator of Legends of the Multi-Universe. She role-plays as Angewomon


Race: Half Kryptonian, half Digimon


Father: MagnaAngemon (open)
Mother: Supergirl (BatgirlDarkNitexx)
Brothers: He-man (open), Link (gokugtsupersaiyan)
Sisters: She-ra (sailorangel1033), Sailor Moon(TheITINFITisBack)
Sister-in-law: Princess Zelda *married to Link* (open)
Cousins: Ghost Rider , (xGhostxRiderx1) Zoey (midnight47o)
Lover: Buzz Lightyear (bobobobobofan)
Adopted son: Tails (supermegaman88)
High priest of the temple of the Autobots: Mickey Mouse (open)
Pets: Weavile (Weavile461), Pikachu (FruityBeak411)
Best friends: Godzilla (open), Lara Croft (open)
Head of historical archives: Indiana Jones (open)
Head of science team: Commander Keen (open)
Head military tactician: Luke Skywalker (open)
Chief medical officer: Dr. McCoy (open)

Other heroes are:

Timmy Turner (open)
Cosmo (nuii700)
Wanda (open)
Poof (open, if desired)
Jorgen von Strangle (open)
Captain Kirk (open)
Mr. Spock (open)
The Doctor(open)

Xion (sailorangel1033)
Kamen Rider Nephlim (lastswordfighter)
Ikari (TheIkariSama)
Shadow the Hedgehog (ABBIsCHANNEL)


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