Mochizuki Meiko

Meiko Mochizuki is a character from Digimon Adventure tri.

She is voiced in the English Dub by Cristina Vee and in the Japanese Dub by Miho Arakawa.

Meiko is a recently transfered classmate of Tai, Matt, and Sora from Tottori. When she was searching for something in Odaiba, she got involved with the battles with Digimon, which resulted in her becoming a DigiDestined.

Her partner is Meicoomon.


Meiko is a teenage girl with fair skin, long black hair with a fringe in the forehead, and pink eyes. She wears red glasses with rectangular lens. She also wears her school uniform; a grey sweater, a blue skirt with a white horizontal line near its end, a black pantyhose, and black shoes.

Dynasty Warriors Storyline

Season 1 (Crossover Wars Saga)

Meiko Mochizuki first appeared as one of the primary targets of Dark Lord Empire Federational Apocalypse-United Villains led by Kamen Rider Eternal. She was panicking to go hiding. Suddnely, Meiko's right arm was badly injured by Johan Liebert. Meiko was about to be killed by him; but, she got rescued by the three past rivals from Kalos region, including Tsubasa Kazanari and Maria Cadenzavna Eve. Following the death of Johan Liebert, she has been convinced by Kaede Akamatsu to escort herself to safety. She later helps Kamen Rider Kabuto, Mario Amakusa, and their friends to defeat Kamen RIder Eternal and his wicked minions for good. After the victory in the war in Makati, her right arm was completely healed by Shenron. Everything is going to be fine.

In the aftermath of Kamen Rider Eternal's defeat, she and the heroes have mourned the deaths of Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Randy Cunningham, and Lori Jimenez. Later, Kamen Rider Kabuto declared that Porfirio 739's Multi-Universe became their new home and that his team would be waiting for the new reinforcements and allies to gather there.

Season 2 (Alola Region Saga)

Meiko will become the female Guyver after the death of Meicoomon by Gizumon and Darkdramon. With the control medal destroyed, the Guyver Armor will eat her alive, and she will meet her end against the hands of Kamen Rider Para-DX and Balthazar Bratt.


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