Megabyte upgraded

Megabyte digitally enhanced

Megabyte is a virus that hails from the Reboot universe. He is evil, brilliant, powerful, intelligent, and sophisticated. He comes from a computer infecting programs to serve him. After taking over the Reboot universe through his return as a Trojan Virus, he was recruited by Slade as an offer for total domination. Megabyte didn't work for just anyone due to his issues but he agreed to Slade's terms.


Megabyte is voiced by Tony Jay.

The Beginning and Slade Strikes Back

Megabyte works with Slade in these stories in his attempt to take over the Multi-Universe

Legends of Light and Darkness

Megabyte is back to help his ensemble with his next major foes. Megabyte is given info on Slade's new adversary Malefor and takes his note to act against him and his league. Megabyte is next seen in Equestria where he informs Slade, Anti Cosmo and Celes about the advancing forces. Megabyte is seen on the ship of Darkseid where he refuses to bow to the god. Regarding Khan, Megabyte asks Slade if he has a plan to deal with him and knows he does. Megabyte travels to the digital world and joins forces with The Alpha Team to get to Hexadecicmal with Wreck-it-Ralph. He is confronted by his sister who tried to attack them, but he and the heroes decide to fight the decimal and they do manage to win. Megabyte leaves afterwards with his work done, He gives the details back to Bender and Slade. Megabyte alongside Lex, Bowser and Hades deducts the locations and tells the heroes. Megabyte and the villains decide to go after the Destroyer of Malefor as HIM decided on. Megabyte also wanted to give Slade extra time in case. Alongside Slade's other members Megabyte finds the destroyer and they all destroy it. Megabyte stays behind with Balthazar Blake and Axel to stop Olympicus from falling to the ground. Megabyte is destroyed by the Olympicus coming down and burning up on reentry like Balthazar and Axel.

Allies and enemies

Allies: Slade's Ensemble, the B Team, the Alpha Team

Enemies: Bob, Dot, Enzo, Hexadecimal, the League of Darkness, the Darkseven, Dr. Weil