Mega Gabriel 1

Mega Gabriel is the second most powerful gabriel that ever lived. He was first created when Dark Gabriel used the dark orb to take the powers of Gabriel, Shadow Gabriel, Nega Gabriel, etc, to use as his own. His body couldn't hold all that power, so Mega Gabriel was born. He has all there powers plus his own. He doesn't have a physical body, so he can hold an infinite amount of energy. He took the dark orb from Dark Gabriel and used it has a infinite power source. His Main powers is growing over 9000 feet tall, blowing things up with his mind, lifting things with his psychic powers, making energy attacks bigger than any planet, and many others. He took over Dark Gabriel's body to show them all he could. Gabriel had made a plan to use the Zeion element sword of light to destroy him. When Mega Gabriel takes over a body, he can olny hold has much power that body can handle. when he was destroyed, his a bit of his power went to every Gabriel that was there. He is now sealed inside the dark orb, but for how much longer until we see hm again, or the most powerful Gabriel of all?

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