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Master Albert is the villain of Megaman ZX a new member of Slade's ensemble. In his game he had plans to become a god by using Ouroboros and manipulating many people to achieve (Doesn't that sound like someone familiar?)

He heard of Slade and joined forces with him as he saw Slade as a great villain and boss to work

Legends of Light and Darkness

Master Albert debuts here as one of Slade's newest allies. Master Albert is first seen with Celes and the others in order to convince The Alpha Team they are helping them. He works with fellow mad scientists Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom and Mojo to try to find what was the thing Alie found when the others were confronted by Saix. He confirms the discovery as Model W to Slade, Bender and their groups, though he knows much about Model W, He lets Alie explain it. When the villains are abducted and sent on board, Master Albert tries to dissuade Bowser from fighting Darksei though this doesn't work. When Bowser is nearly killed by Darkseid, he expresses concern for his partner. Master Albert operates the beaming down the enterprise as he beams down the 3 parties to carry out their assignments. He helps Alie afterwards uncover Model W as it was his creation and he doesn't know who's soul it contained. Alongside Slade's other members Master Albert finds the destroyer and they all destroy it

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Voiced by: Jack Merluzzi