Martin Brundle is the main protagonist in the 1989 horror-sci-fi sequel to the 1986 The Fly which is The Fly II . Martin Brundle was the hybrid son of Veronica Quaife and Seth Brundle. Though his mother was human, his father became something more than human due to his experimentation in teleportation technology. His efforts led to the creation of Telepods that were booths that allowed for the instantaneous transport of matter from one pod to another one located elsewhere. However, during his experimentations, a fly had entered into the booth and the presence of two lifeforms within the pod led to their merger on a genetic level. Seth Brundle was unaware of this change in his biology but gradually began to develop traits of a fly after he became a hybrid organism. During this time, he engaged in intercourse with his girlfriend Veronica Quaife and she became pregnant with his child. After learning what happened to Brundle, Veronica attempted to abort the child in fear of what her offspring would become but during these chain of events she was forced to kill Seth as an act of mercy. Despite her plans to abort her child, Brundle's employer Anton Bartok entered into the scene where he acquired the two Telepods and also managed to convince Quaife to go through with the pregnancy. In the aftermath, Veronica gave birth to her son who emerged from a larval sac but beneath the material revealed to be seemingly a human body that was named Martin Brundle. However, Quaife herself died as a result of cardiac arrest and the boy was taken by Bartok to raise the child as his own. The young Martin himself was not aware of his unique biological heritage and instead informed that he was suffering from a rare disease.

Chronicles of Great New Empire

Martin regains the ability to transform into a humanoid fly whenever he wants. In the form of man - flies he can fight against the forces of the Great New Empire.He takes the pseudonym "man-fly".

In "Man-fly" form

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