Emperor X

Emperor X

Those who hate Anime are sworn enemies to me and my people!


Race: Half-Human, Half-Pokemon

Weapon: Sword of Infinity

Family Members

Father: King Magnus (deceased)

Mother: Queen Celestia (deceased)

Wife: Empress LadyDevimon X

Son: Prince Alpha X

Twin Daughters: Princess Luna X and Princess Maggie X

Daughter-in-law: Lillian Tangelo X
Arceus X

Arceus X

Mecha Arceus X

Mecha Arceus X

God Arceus X

God Arceus X

Grandchildren: Alexia X and Anthony X

Son's Pet: Chibi Arceus

Army Members

Advisor: Ash Ketchum & Pikachu

Second Division General & Stealth Corp Leader: Ichigo Kurosaki

Third Division General & Army Commander: Naruto Uzamaki

Fourth Division Leader & Master of Navy: Monkey D. Luffy

Fifth Division General & Aerial Assault Captain: Son Goku

Sixth Division General & Head of Technology: Yusei Fudo

Seventh Division General & Alchemist Admiral: Edward Elric