Number 2
Mankinds Toughest is the second adventure in Humanity's Strongest. It takes place in the alternate timeline with more heroes and villains.


Calliope - Calliope is the protagonist of Mankinds Toughest. She is a young girl whom shared a body with her brother but soon got "her own body". She is the creator of the Green Sun.

Bruce Wayne - Batman (real name Bruce Wayne) is the deutratagonist of Mankinds Toughest. He is a crime solving superhero that dresses as a bat and has a grappling hook.

Clark Kent - Superman (real name Clark Kent) is the tritagonist of Mankinds Toughest. He is a man with superhuman strength that gathers supreme power from the Green Sun

Main Antagonist

Lord English - Lord English is a time traveling demon and the main antagonist of Mankinds Toughest. He shares a body with Calliope. He is the creator of the Red Sun.

The Joker - Joker is the secondary antagonist of Mankinds Toughest. He is a psychotic jester clown that works for Lord English out of fear.

Darkseid - Darkseid is the tertiary antagonist of Mankinds Toughest. He is a powerful supervillain created by the Red Sun.

Other Characters

  • Catwomen
  • Harley Quinn
  • John Egbert
  • Mobster Kingpin
  • Andrew Hussie
  • Doc Scratch
  • Peregrine Mendicant
  • Jack Noir

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