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Maleficent 2


Maleficent is a powerful fairy who has dubbed herself "the Mistress of Evil". She is voiced by Eleanor Audley.

Legends of the Multi-Universe (Menslady's story)

In this story she is Jafar's wife and Myotismon's mother.

Chronicles of the Children of Megatron

Maleficent is married to Jafar and is Darth Menslady's adoptive aunt.

The Chaotic Wars

Maleficent tried to have Menslady executed for supposedly stealing the elemental crystals. Later, she teamed up with Ultimecia...and had her own husband killed!

Eventually, she was killed by Frollo for betraying the Empire.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate: Liberation of Mobius

Maleficent was in with Myotismon on the conquest of Mobius.


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