MagnaAngemon b


Name: MagnaAngemon

Race: Digimon/angel

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Love

Dislikes: Stupid opinions about love

Biggest strength: His love for his family

Biggest weakness: Oh, no, he does not have one!

Occupation: Father of Angewomon

Quote: "The power of love is not easily overcome."

Voiced by: Dave Mallow

At first, MagnaAngemon was ridiculed by the other Celestial Angels when they learned of his love for Supergirl. They believed things such as it not being proper for an angel to be in love and that angels needed chastity. Thankfully, Seraphimon realized how strong love is, and agreed to perform the marriage ceremony. And out of the love of MagnaAngemon and Supergirl, of course, came Angewomon. MagnaAngemon was heartbroken the day he lost his daughter, and he is more than determined that he will not lose her again.


Holy Sword - MagnaAngemon uses a sword of holy light to deal very strong damage

Magna Antidote - MagnaAngemon uses a medicine with holy light to heal wounds and status abnormalities

Gate of Destiny - MagnaAngemon uses his sword to open a dimensional gate to send enemies into a void from which there is no return, or a big beam of light shoots from the gate. In The Protectors of the Multi-Universe, he can use it for a simple transporting method.

Disney Magic - summons the magic of Disney

Shield Counter - MagnaAngemon blocks an attack with his sword or the shield on his left arm.

Soul Vanisher (Soul Banish): Attacks a foe with purifying energy.

Angel Rod: Attacks with his "Angel Rod".

Flying Sword of Justice (Flying Sword): Rushes in front with great speed to strike his enemy.

Shield and Counter (Shield Counter): Blocks an incoming attack and repels it if it is a projectile attack or slashes the attacker if it is a melee strike.

Magna Jump (Holy Jump)

Excali-burst: Powers up the Excalibur and then slices the enemy.