M6H2 Personal Defense Weapon System/Magnum
H5G Render Magnum-M6H2


Misriah Armory



Weapon Size

Handheld, one-handed

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

12 Rounds in a Basic



Fire Mode


This article is about the Magnum Pistol from Halo 5: Guardians. For its counterpart from Halo 4, see M6H Magnum. For its counterpart from Halo: Combat Evolved, see M6D PDWS.

The M6H2 Personal Defense Weapon System, also known as the Magnum, is a weapon from Halo 5: Guardians.

The M6H2 Magnum is a part of the M6-Series by Misriah Armory. It was adopted by the UNSC as the standard-issue personal sidearm of all UNSC branches.

Unlike original M6H Magnum, which uses a scope, the M6H2 has a type of ADS(Aiming Down the Sights) feature that uses its Iron Sights.

Order of the Just

As of the end of LOTM: Fire Rebellion: Season 5, The M6H2 Magnum became the new standard-issue personal sidearm for the Order.

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