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"Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed!"

"The power is mine!" - M. Bison

M. Bison is a character from the Street Fighter Universe and is the most commonly known villain in the series at that. The "m" stands for "master" as he is the leader of the syndicate known as Shadaloo. He is voiced by Richard Newman. He is an enemy of main street fighters such as Chun Li, Guile, Ryu, T.Hawk, Zangief, and Akuma.

He serves as one of The4everrevival's favorite Street Fighter Characters as low as his 5th favorite or as high as his 2nd favorite.

His theme

Physical Appearance

His general attire consists of a red military uniform with large silver shoulder plates. On his peaked/service cap is the skull insignia of his crime syndicate. Bison's clothing resembles that of the Nazis, as like Hitler he is a evil dictator. Bison's eyes are white as he lack both pupils and irises probably due to his obsession with Psycho Power.


M. Bison is your typical villain who lusts for power and has his own selfish interests. He is ruthless and unforgiving and has no qualms about destroying anything or anyone opposing him. Even his own superiors aren't safe. He demands undying loyalty and obedience from those lower than him, uses them as mere pawns and tolerates his partners until they outlive their usefulness in his ambitions.

Bison is compassionless and merciless towards anyone he encounters, considering them insignificant and pitiful wretches not worth living. As the leader of his empire, he will do anything to have power and wealth using all possible criminal activities known to man.

M. Bison, like many villains, is arrogant and narcissistic, with a big ego that rivals or may even surpass that of others narcissistic arrogant characters such as Zim and his assassin Vega. He has complete contempt for his foes and considers himself the better fighter for mastering his fighting style known as Psycho Power. Bison's ultimate goal is the most cliched of all villain goals: to take over the world for all eternity and be recognized as the most powerful villain of all time. He is so driven to this goal that he cheated death and returned to wreck havoc at least twice.

Bison is quite interested in tormenting and blackmailing others to achieve absolute power for his own personal urges. For his malevolent and sinister nature, a lot of people want his head. He possesses a dark and irredeemable spirit with a twisted sense of humor which makes him quite a unique and effective villain.

He and his 2 main henchmen, Balrog and Vega, join Vilgax, Porky and Discord as the other main member of the the alliance. But Bison being Bison may use the three until their usefulness has expired and then kill or take them all down. He tries to recruit Sagat, but Sagat turns him down remembering what happened last time he made deals with Bison. So Bison decides to eliminate the traitor wherever he is.

The Great Summer Season Trek

He was later sent by Vilgax to Destroy Knuckles and his teammates but he himself was foiled. Not annoyed by the loss he continues to scheme. Bison makes constant plans against Knuckles and Bender for his own benefits. Unlike Porky and Discord, he is a more active force against them due to his power. Bison was eventually defeated by his former right hand man Sagat in a vicious battle...but was he gone for good?


During the time travel and story travel, Eobard recruits M.Bison into the past villains syndicate to help in his and Bison's mutual plans. He, Vilgax and Porky are all recurited and The three are demoted to minions to The Joker though he ain't happy about it

He joins The Joker with many of his assocaites and leads an attack on his former boss while The Joker makes his other plan going well. Bison joins his co-workers Porky and Vilgax in plotting a trap against Discord before trying to kill Bender's team. Bison decides to fight Discord and uses the psycho power to beat him down due to the nullifer weakening Discord though he is saved by the others, Bison decides to flee not to waste his time on worms

Bison assists Terrance Lewis and Dr,Weil in stealing the parasites and stays close to Vilgax in case Discord goes after Vilgax which he is proven right. M.Bison decides to torture Rick and Twilight and then gets FANG to try to poison them until the rest of Slade's team arrive to take the three off guard.

M.Bison nexts works alongside Darkwarrior, Eggman Nega, Fang, Machete and Queen Chryatlis to destroy Phineas and the others. He uses the first three to stall them and when it becomes clear they won't succeed. Thawne, Bison, Machete and Chryastlis blow up the island they're on to try to destroy them.

Bison continues his crusade for power over the next few chapters wanting to have Shadaloo conquer the multiverse and with Thawne's help. He Crushes many under his iron boot and conquers great deal of the multiverse upon getting the spear. He tries then to kill Deathstroke and his team over betrayal and nearly succeeds, eventually he is brought down by Discord with help from Lincoln and his sisters who use themselves as bait for Bison.

Legends of the Multi-Universe

Bison had pulled off his method of cheating death and had joined forces with Galvatron. He also had succeeded in destroying his arch rival, Colonel Guile, and taking over the world of the Street Fighter universe!

Later, he tried to prevent Angewomon and Myotismon from reaching the gate to the center of the Multi-Universe...and they seemed to stand no chance against him. However, with the combined teamwork of King Rex, Mewtwo, Predaking, Supergirl and MagnaAngemon, Bison was sealed forever in the Gate of Destiny.

Chronicles of Great New Empire

Bison appeared to ambush the Symphogear heroines and Captain Harlock; he was stopped by Arceus. One week later, He made an alliance with Monaca Towa, Hondao, and Great New Empire In the end, M. Bison was eventually destroyed by Shenron's Divine Energy Wave, thus turning him to a pile of sand for good and marking the end of Bison's tyrannical reign for good. His Psycho Power was finally destroyed for good.

Allies and enemies

Allies: Shadaloo, Vilgax's Allegiance, the Children of Megatron, Deus.Ex.Machina.Industries, Galactic Empire, GNE

Enemies: Bender, Skipper, Heloise, Captain Knuckles, Sagat, the B and P Teams, the Angels of Disney, the Autobots, the Children of the Autobots and their allies, Slade and his ensemble,Force of Hevenburg,Chun -li




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One of Bison's memorable lines.

Tribute to General M

Tribute to General M. Bison-0

A tribute to Bison and a tear jerking memorial to Raul Julia

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Bisons evil laugh-0

Go ahead. Laugh with him. Nobody's gonna care.

The Phantom of Shadaloo

The Phantom of Shadaloo

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M. Bison - Sexy Boy

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