Name: Luke Skywalker

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Peace

Dislikes: Anything that can lead to the Dark Side of the Force

Biggest strength: His wisdom

Biggest weakness: It was being whiny, but he hasn't had that for a long time

Occupation: Jedi Knight and chief military tactician of the Children of the Autobots

Quote: "May the Force be with you."

Played by: Mark Hamill

Before becoming the great hero that he is today, Luke was nothing more than a whiny farm boy. But some would never know it today unless it was brought up. He has matured into a brave, persistent Jedi Knight and cannot bear the fact that his father has fallen to the Dark Side again.

Luke is well remembered for leading the Rebel Alliance to victory over the Galactic Empire, and his experience in leadership and Jedi wisdom should certainly play a big part in the terrible war that is plaguing the Multi-Universe.


Force Push - Luke uses the Force to push an enemy back

Force Pull - Luke uses the Force to bring someone or something to him

Jedi Mind Trick - Luke uses the Force to trick someone into thinking something

Force Slash - Luke uses the Force to deal a very strong slash with his lightsaber

Past Seen - Luke uses the future to see into the past

Present Sight - Luke uses the Force to see current events

Future Foreseen - Luke uses the Force to see into the future

Force Speed - Luke uses the Force to run at a great speed

Force Jump - Luke uses the Force to jump to great heights