Transformers Animated Ep 07 00093
Lockdown is a Transformer who not is aligned to either Optimus or Megatron. He serves the highest bidder to his designs. With his sadistic personality he is a threat to be mended. He is voiced by Lance Henriksen.

Lockdown was hired by Marceline's dad to kill some of the heroes and to claim the Anime Empire. 

Emperor X however reclaimed his empire from Lockdown. However, Marceline's dad did not punish them, Alongside Vega he sends his bounty hunting transformer to leave to tip off information if he is defeated.

Lockdown serves Hunson Abadeer loyally and he assists him in creating a new empire while he is sealed away. He also is rather interested in having the Autobot Prowl become his partner. Alongside Amon he is Hunson's 2nd in command as his old partner from his previous plan.

In other words don't fuck with Lockdown or he will make an
200px-Lockdown wearing Yoketron's Helmet
example out of you by either killing you, dissecting your body parts or whatever.

Despite this he is a loyal alley to Hunson Abadeer and personally enjoys serving the lord. He shares the role of 2nd command with Amon, who he doesn't get along too well with.

Lockdown then aids the empire in the fight with Discord while reluctantly helping The V Crusaders stop him. He stays back to get the others to the hospital as many were hurt bad or infected with the flood

Allies: Hunson Abadeer, Agent Smith, Dracula, Death, Dr. Willy, Maximus IQ

Enemies: Lizbeth, M.O.D.A.B, Nick Fury, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Justice League, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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