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Lizbeth Amanda Zaragoza is character from Captain Flamingo.

She a cute, sweet and tomboyish beautiful 9 year old human girl that is a major member of Dib and Bender’s gang, one of the main protagonists of the M.O.D.A.B, and B Team storyline, the main female protagonist of the team and a founder of the same team. She is one of the main three characters in the M.O.D.A.B. storyline alongside Bender, Boomer and formerly Dib.

She was once a minor member of the team but she got a promotion and became alongside Bender Dib's right hand girl by her intelligence and sanity that keeps them all in check which makes her a better to be leader than Dib's girlfriend Bubbles. She eventually did a leader position in The V Crusaders alongside V serving as the face to the group which she serves though she did work with Dib and Bender's groups considerably. Lizbeth is also an important ally of Maka Albarn and her friends.

She is the second main female character to join M.O.D.A.B after Bubbles. She did leave though after Milo`s death and after The Final Stand with Boomer. She keeps in contact though with her friends especially Nina, the Brain and Pinky after the stories`s events. With her leave, just about every founder is dead or left M.O.D.A.B apart.

Alignment: Good

She also apparently has a friendship with Nigel Uno and his group that she formed with them in between the events of Slade Strikes Back and The V Team Island Adventure. She could have joined Codename Kids Next Door but she turned it down gracefully and joined with her little square boy with Dib and Bender in M.O.D.A.B. She is also a major member of the B Team and has helped Bender against Uka Uka , Hunson Abadeer, Iron Queen and Malefor. In addition, she has helped Knuckles Riso and others against Zeus and all of the villains in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, The Wrath of God of War Rises, and Meister of War. She also team up with Romeo Conbolt in order to clear his name.

Greatest strength: Her nearly undeterrable spirit, as well as her high intelligence

Greatest weakness: She has a great deal of guilt to past events that have happened to her and her friends (Also she is stubborn regarding her feelings for Boomer Jojo which can been noticed by everyone)

Age: 9 (most of the series), 10 (around The Final Stand), 15 (The Legend of Maka Albarn)

Eye Color: Black (As a kid), Blue (After childhood)

Height: Around 3.8 (Until The Multi-Universal War of Destiny), 4.3 (During The Multi-Universal War of Destiny) 6.3 (by The Legend of Maka Albarn)

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Lizbeth: If I was a super hero in tights and all that this would be me

Best Friends: Captain Flamingo, Bender, Nina Cortex, Boomer Jojo, Heloise, Dib, Pinky, the Brain, Bubbles, Maka Albarn, Zero, Ciel, V, Alucard, Linkara, Hit Girl, Vinny, Mako Mori, Elim Garak, Gamera, Angewomon

Worst Enemies: Hunson Abadeer, Dr. Weil, the Coachman, Ra's Al Ghul (Batman Begins), Peter Pan (Once Upon A Time), Zeus (God of War),

Stories where she had the most importance: The Great Time Travel Adventure, The Last Stand, The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, and Nightosphere Most Wanted

Stories where she had the least importance in: Legends Of Light and Darkness

Voiced by: Melanie Tonello

Occupation (s): Heroine, sidekick to Milo, 2nd in command of M.O.D.A.B, Member of T.U.F.F, member of W.H.O.O.P, member of B Team, commanding leader of the Remade M.O.D.A.B, member of the V Crusaders, princess of the Paradise Lost Kingdom,

Her theme


Lizbeth is a young human girl, attired in a red dress/skirt with white stripes which seems to a degree magic since despite this even when she is falling her underwear is never shown . She wears white socks and red shoes showing her unusually slender legs. Lizbeth is quiet a thin and trim girl, thinner than most of her friends and can squeeze into things with ease due to her great health. Lizbeth has dark black hair and wears it in pigtails like that of a typical young girl such as Bubbles, Gosalyn and Sari to remind people of their youthfulness, her pigtails style is in fact one of the easiest ways to recognize her and also one of the only ways to know it's her when someone sees her. Her pigtails hide her long black hair, which goes down to her waist and is the same length as Starfire's hair or longer.

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She certainly cleans up nicely (spoiler) princess dress

YouTube - Captain Flamingo - Journey To The Center of the TV 0012

Lizbeth as a baby

Her eye shape is unique in comparison to most characters as she occasionally show round eyes, but seems to have tsurime eyes which are typical for an anime character and it shows her strong willed nature and determined personality. She also has a triangular nose as opposed to the usual round nose people have Which Stewie Griffin and his mother shares

She also occasionally wears swim suits at the pools or beaches. Her pool-wear is mostly red with a bit of white and blue, she also wears a red and black bathing cap with flowers on it. Her second one is light and blue with a flamingo on it, with a matching hat

She also has slightly pale skin which hints a possible Chinese of Filipino nationally due to her eye shape not being circular expect on some circumstances of worry, excitement, surprise, or shock.


Lizbeth is one of the series most complex and intriguing heroines and characters in the entire Multi-Universe. She exhibits many different layers to her personality making one of the Multi-Universe's most rounded characters

Lizbeth is a intelligent and resourceful girl with a very big and kind heart who in spite of her lack of powers and the grimness of the Multi-Universe desires to defend it from anyone. Being studious and dedicated to her education, she learns whatever she can and applies to it. She is very sane and set her priorities straight as they should be.

She is the sanest hero in the series by always displaying common sense, being a mediator in between fights, and keeping her priorities set as they are supposed to be. Her resourcefulness is basically due to a dark and troubled past that has haunted her often. She is also self reliant for the most of the part and is a bit of a self made girl this way as she has gotten to where she is without much help, this also sometimes makes her work alone to avoid possibilities of her dark and troubled past resurfacing.

Lizbeth displays an big grasp on sarcasm (much like Twilight Sparkle) as she snarks when her friends do something stupid or annoying this is hammered to the point of Bender calling her "the Princess of Sarcastic Comments". While she is snarky, she is the kindest of kind in the Multi-Universe with a pure heart and being incorruptible to anything. She helps her friends for no ulterior motive and is very loyal to her best friends. Her friendship to Boomer in The Great Time Travel Adventure being a great example.

Libeth in her new suit of armor

This warmhearted personality has led her to become loved by heroes left and right especially by her oldest friends . She has some protectiveness and clinginess over her friends, as she doesn't wanna feel abandoned or hated. She just wants to have friends and needs their help to fit in with others as many think she is socially challenged. This over-protectiveness is well justified since she lost her family right before her eyes when she was a baby, so until meeting her friends she was broken and felt unloved and abandoned. Lizbeth is even friends with Slade, Anti Cosmo, Hades and the V Team as they don't do truly bad things to her and she has worked with them against bigger foes. Hades in particular likes her, since he went out of his way to help a near suicide ridden her and she has helped him cope with Maleficent loving Jafar. The only characters she has outright hatred for is the Joker, Megatron and his men and Marceline's dad and his own as Joker has serious crap to her for no real reason and Marceline's dad is in a way her evil counterpart and he does invade her personal space in disturbing matters. She rarely is angry, but when she is people tend to fear her for this since it's tranquil fury and her determined personality means she doesn't mess around when it's time for business

Her intelligence for her age is impressive, she is very clever and is wise beyond her years. Overtime she has shown to be very capable of planning out ideas and adjusting them whenever there is a problem in the plan. Like Dib, and some of the other kid heroes she knows many things that teens and adults should know and have trouble knowing, she can become a near instant expert when faced with something new making her a child prodigy such examples being delivering babies, flying a ship, riding a dragon or organizing grand plans and all that

Her intelligence and common sense are nearly unmatched as she doesn't get fooled by anyone and seems to be the only one or first one who either notices something or doesn't fall for any schemes which saves the day at times. Unlike most smarties, she doesn't boast about it and respects other opinions and dumb people as her friendships with Julian and Pinky can attest to. Her intelligence be taken to quite an extreme as she orchestrated the entire final battle the way she planned and outsmarted everyone even Marceline's dad was baffled and that is saying something considering he played hoops around the others. Another trace of her impressive intelligence is that she is working on a way to combat any hero who goes rogue Like Bender, Skipper and Heloise she can adjust plans to her benefit on the fly, although unlike them at times she has a benevolent and selfless reason for this

Her toughness and fighting skills have changed drastically as the series goes on. She is the only girl in Dib’s group who is absolutely a normal girl. In the beginning at first she wasn’t much of a fighter and preferred to use her head over everything being logical. But from The V Team Island Adventure she became a lot more badass and an very plucky determined action heroine at that, which allowed to become her more proactive as a genius yet active girl. This developed new side made Boomer develop an attraction for her, which was a subplot of The Great Time Travel Adventure as he never felt this way about Lizbeth until her character development.

She is often underestimated due to her adorable look and the fact she is normal, but then she proves how wrong her foes are by both outsmarting and outfighting her enemies making her a dangerous threat due to her genius level intelligence and very capable fighting skills. In short She is nice, but if pushed too far she can show how much of an implacable girl and dangerous she is. She can scare people quite effectively since she rarely yells and it's all the more shocking when she does, Many fear her when she gets angry or when her buttons are pushed even hard-core people like Skipper, Bender, Scorpion and Axel get terrified at this sight. Though she does have confidence issues when it comes to her age

Despite being a cute, brilliant and action heroine, she is troubled by a dark past of abandonment, mocking and wounds. She is an orphan who has personally saw herself lost her family countless times due to The Joker and he has crushed her beliefs causing her to shut down emotionally a few times. While she stills laments about this she doesn't seem to let it bother her much, Preferring to live her life and all that. Ironically this allowed her to defeat and overcome Hunson Abadeer and his plans

She has personally witnessed losing friends in her life due to uncontrollable circumstances and because she is smart, plucky, bold and a tomboy/masculine girl at heart, she is teased by others especially feminine girls for not conforming to standards and other girls treat her like she doesn't exist due to her plucky nature and unwillingness to be a trophy wife for men. Lizbeth also works alone a lot because she doesn’t want to lose anyone and feel responsible if someone goes down, She loves her friends, but couldn't live with it if she dragged her friends into her own situations. She has blamed herself for a lot of the losses because they were around her which is apparent in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny as most of the story revolves around her guilt and regret for the situation. Her misinformed disappearance in The Great Time Travel Adventure was the reason of the decline in the mental health of the Multi-Universe.

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Lizbeth may be smiling. But underneath is serious psychological trauma

Her tragic background though sad makes her all the more endearing to the others and combined with her more positive traits has made her a boy magnet for Milo, Peep, Boomer, some boys and even some of the girls have admired her. She also serves as the emotional crutch keeping the group together for things would be terrible if she didn't exist and if she disappears too long, the group breaks apart and drifts apart. Lizbeth also lack the skills to socialize outside her friends, and due to this is very close to her closest friends who are Milo, Bender, Dib, Bubbles, Peep, Boomer, Heloise, Skipper, Starfire, Pinky, Brain and Marceline. Hell, she has been driven to suicide on some occasions due to the brutal and cruel actions of her foes towards her and understandably so.

For all her trouble and tragedy, she is the pluckiest of the plucky in the Multi-Universe because she never truly gives up even when times are against them as she acts as leader of the team against Marceline's dad and even decides to face him alone for the good of her home and punches out the lord of evil himself and seals him back in the Nightosphere. She loses Darkwing but never forgets him as he did it for her to make sure she can live without regret or sadness, Lizbeth manages at his funeral to talk Scorpion out of Suicide showing how she may have grown as a person, what with her belief that Misery builds character. She also has a taken a shine to have apprenticeship as she personally recruits Boomer to be her apprentice and seeks a mentor most likely in Angewomon, Samus Aran, Lara Croft or any strong female role model. Even with Galvatron getting the Angels, Lizbeth is still keeping her head together unlike her friends who are breaking down from depression as she has suffered worse as her latest adventure can adhere to. She learns that Nina has cancer and she works to save her since she would like her friends to be happy before she is happy herself. She works extremely hard to save her, But Lizbeth has promised Nina that she will care for Boomer if Nina dies. She manages to rescue Nina with her own blood making Boomer and her want to reward Lizbeth. Another positive trait is that she outright admits that she doesn't like to kill other people though that doesn't mean she doesn't have the will to do it, she hates bullies no matter where they come from and hunts them if they mess with her friends

She has also shown great leadership skills to as she took over the leader position of Dib in the end of the Great Time Travel Adventure and she got everyone to successfully to listen and follow her without sarcasm. Lizbeth is also shown to be leader of the Child Avengers with this as one reason. Also these traits have led her to be a Descendant, the one of Determination and Goodheartedness alongside her best friends Dib, Bender, Scorpion Boomer and Skipper

Even with all her maturity, she is still is a young kid and does typical kid stuff. This is to get in touch with being a kid and having fun while she'll can. Sometimes Milo, Boomer and the others feel Lizbeth is more adult like since she is responsible and mature so usually they try and help her loosen up and enjoy childhood. Lizbeth as usual knows this and decided to make the best of her childhood while also showing a mature and humble side to her.

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She certainly cleans up nicely

When it comes to physical appearance Lizbeth believes her appearance is homely or average looking so she can't draw attention in the boys what with her esteem and all that and having beliefs on judgement. In spite of this or because of it she is regarded as cute and adorable by many people and in sheer contrast to most lookers she doesn't not use looks unless it is absolutely necessary to use in an adventure which makes her less girly than most. While she is cute, she also cleans up nicely on special occasions and has shown a great amount of beauty when she feels like it. It is highly speculated that Liz suppresses her beauty due to her socially awkwardness, she knows she is a looker but is ashamed showing beauty off, so she waits for the right age and time when she is ready to change into the truly extraordinary looking girl she is deep down underneath the adorkableness, pig tails and usual clothes she has.

Lizbeth unlike most girls show both girly girl and tomboy personality. she's a girly girl because she wears dresses, crushes on Milo and then Boomer,likes some girly things and is very people oriented. However she proves she is also a tomboy by enjoying doing boyish things with her best friend/love interest Captain Flamingo, getting involved in combat, having a plucky personality, being very physically active, Is studious and hangs with the boys especially Milo, Dib, Bender and Boomer more than her fellow girls. It's sightly hinted she was a feminine girl in the beginning and became more of a tomboy as she began embracing her heroic side and enjoying the thrill of adventuring, although she does like resting and being a child. To put it Liz is very much a tomboy with a slight feminine side.

She is also a strong believer of Misery building one's character which make sense considering her upbringing from many years ago. She believes many heroes are made by tragedy and dark pasts and that it's also their reason for getting into heroics something both her and Marceline's dad know. She is also quick to forgive many of her enemies as shown with Slade, Anti Cosmo, Professor Calamitous, Soldius Snake, Hades and the V Team. Dr. Weil, Joker and Crane though she cannot forgive for what they did to them. She is also more accepting of Abadeer despite everything since Abadeer clearly understands honor and having a code which is something she likes seeing in villains.




>She and Dib are good friends. They Met in the beginning and hit it off very nicely. The two are very similar in personality which gives the two a clear understanding of each other. They are clearly friends and have no romantic interest in each other like Dib as with Bubbles. One of their biggest moments of friendship was their disabling Joker's device in Slade Strikes Back they were the only ones could do it. She was trusted enough to be his right hand girl. Dib occasionally underestimates her, as being intelligent and nice not seeing the strong and fighting side of her. Lizbeth also helps Dib with his problems often and serves as his straight girl when he loses his head


Unlike the others, she didn't really like the robot for opposite personalty traits he had. They only were friends because they had common goals against Slade and co in The Beginning.  He was also the one person who advised her not to find her parents, dead or alive which got the others a bit annoyed. However they warmed up to each other and became great friends and trusted allies starting from The V Team Island Adventure. These two have an odd friendship and is a frequent focus as they are the series breakout characters among the main 7.

Lizbeth was even the only person Bender trusted with his secrets about his adventures in The V Team Island Adventure and LOTM. Bender and Her despite their differences have many similarities in their interests like having a thing for red heads, Both of them are intelligent and very skilled in fights (though they in different ways), Their hatred of the Joker and their tendency to get caught in a love triangle with others. She also knows Bender's dangerous ways of living too. Surprisingly Bender admits to her that she is the only person who can scare him sometimes, this is very true when she snaps at Bender and Skipper for keeping secrets from her and the others. Bender tells her that she is sort of one to talk considering she does it too and Lizbeth just says that she admits she does and it's to protect her friends not because she likes to keep secrets.

>She is the first of the others to figure out Bender's involvement against Discord through Vanelope Von Sweetz. She is not surprised since she knows her friend very well and knows he will do things as such and even figures out his reason quick. She also isn't angered at that as she would do it if she was in the same position. She also learns of his and Slade's involvement against the League of Darkness and is holding it in case Bender attempts to use anything against her. She revealed this anyway but more that she knew what was going on with him.

Captain Flamingo/Milo Powell

They are best friends and love interests. He and Lizbeth met when they were around 3 or 4 years old. But the day she fell for him is a day she never forgets as he unintentionally saved her from a nasty fall when she was swinging in the park. He was for a long time her only friend, since everyone else only tolerated her for her friendship with him. She gets annoyed and frustrated by his cluelessness, lack of paying attention and occasional foolishness at times as he misses obvious stuff but they really are best friends and care for each other, and her annoyance of these traits are justified. She only loves him and is very loyal to him even as she grew into his better in being a hero her loyalty to him never faded and Milo's admiration of her grew at that.

Milo and Lizbeth are one of the most functioning couples in the series after Bender/Starfire and Scourge/Fiona, for many reasons especially the facts that Milo holds no grudges against people who like Lizbeth and Lizbeth while hating anyone who Milo has a crush on, helps him with her rival's problems. The young couple will also join the Kid Avengers together with Boomer and Dexter. Nowadays it is hard to know which one is them the sidekick to the hero. They both dislike Milo's bratty cousin who tried to milk the hero thing to screw with him and acts like a general douche just about all the time.

Sadly this came to an end with Milo's death from a terminal virus which left her very shaken and lonesome, feeling depressed that she can't seem to have happiness without losing it in the end despite the best efforts of Bender and Skipper who knew ahead of time. Only around Boomer was she really feeling happy only for her to realize she reciprocated Boomer's crush on her. Struggling with herself, Milo one night came to her and supported her being with the Rowdyruff Boy as both need someone and it's worthy noting that they both really make each other happy.


Lizbeth and Bubbles are good friends as they are the girls of the team as opposed to the boys. Bubbles is a foil for Lizbeth since their natures contrast right down to the hair color stereotypes. But they still both have strong dedications to good. They do clash with girl types, Bubbles is feminine and girly as opposed to Lizbeth being more spunky and tomboyish which makes Bubbles think she is not a real girl because Lizbeth lacks femininity with the exception of wearing skirts, dresses and crushing on a single boy.


These two are very close, to the point of heterosexual partners just like many other duos such as Bender and Skipper. They are often together and enjoy each other's company. They are also similar to the point where they are quite dangerous girls because of their intelligence, spunkiness and in Liz's cases Being Nice. Heloise is a sidekick and assistant to her, although Lizbeth treats her as an equal. They help each other when they have problems, one example is Heloise trying to help Liz get Boomer and Nina back together, feeling that Lizbeth blamed herself from their breakup due to wanting a closer friendship with Boomer since they don't talk much. They have much in common now that Heloise's past has been revealed. They both have some affinity to the color red for some reason as they wear mostly red clothing. With Totally Mobian Spies approaching she may learn what Heloise did with Skipper and Bender were doing with the team in the past 2 months. Lizbeth is protective of her and doesn't want her to go murdering IQ. But she learns Heloise actually made up the whole killing plan. But she's keeping an eye on her just to be safe. She also serves as Heloise's apprentice in the science field, since if there's one thing she has some difficulty with in heroics, it's science.


They didn't attract much at first. But come The Great Time Travel Adventure, Boomer and Lizbeth developed a great friendship and unspoken bond with each other. As the story went on Boomer began falling in love with her, and his love for her make Nina break up with him. He took his depression by hanging with her. Lizbeth knows and notices his feelings for her, but doesn't let him down hard. However he and Nina got together again thanks to her, Boomer though still has feeling for her, but Liz responds by being his friend and helps him be a better person for Nina and the others. Boomer get a taste of his own medicine when he finds himself at odds with Clemont who likes her too.

Lizbeth sees Boomer as a very capable yet unskilled hero like herself, which why she decided to help him.She is highly loyal to him like her other friends, and offers company and support whenever his life takes a turn for the worse. If Boomer is insulted or bullied, Lizbeth won't tolerate it and will go so far to fight bullies or call out an entire town</span> on their treatment of her friend and insure they apologize to him. Though she saves him many times, he returned the favor when they got involved in supernatural activity relating to vampires and werewolves which was a turning point in her life as she began embracing her true beauty as opposed to hiding it.

After her last adventure with Bender she reunites with him, Milo, and his brothers and is enjoying it. Boomer also sees her a cool big sister and said feeling is reciprocated. Boomer is highly trusted by her as she had no issues revealing Hunson and her were working together against Sigma and Discord, He also was the main person who helped her with her plan.

While Lizbeth didn't reciprocate his crush as at first, she began to through the years after Milo's death and she struggling with her self regarding this as Nina and Boomer were still together. When Nina broke up with Boomer . So a lot bad happened, but their relationship truly began when she rescued him from The Armstrong Empire and Darth Sion with The V Crusaders and the Exiled Ones. Funny enough they had a rather close relationship before hand with Lizbeth being rather comfortable with Boomer</span>

There is an apparent gender role reversal with them as She plays the role of a strong, and emotionally hardened character, typically to a strong male lead to Boomer`s compassionate, submissive, and physically vulnerable character. though she herself is compassionate.The Wrath of God of War and The Great Time Travel Adventure with particular focus on the former as quite a few characters actively encourages a romantic relationship between them such as Maka, V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Vinny, Mako Mori and surprisingly Hunson. This relationship is so there that everyone can see what's going on between the two.

She and Boomer work as a group and the idea of them being an item is heavily used in The Wrath of God War Rises and again in The Legend of Maka Albarn with both being the archenemies of the two heads of the Umbrakinetic League: Ra's Al Ghul and the Wicked Witch.

Nina Cortex

Now Nina and her are great friends, the two started as foes but they became friends after Nina's turn to good. They get on well with their intelligence and their determined personalities. Their friendship was put to the test when Boomer begin developing feeling for her, Nina believed Lizbeth was a Boomer stealer and being a fatale towards him, She acted cold to both of them, though more to Boomer and broke up with him. Deep Down Nina felt guilty for her anger at her and Boomer, After a while Lizbeth got them both back together. Nina still gets worried that Boomer will dump her but she rarely bares on such stuff. Lizbeth's friendship with Nina was cemented when She saved her life from cancer and when Nina had Lizbeth promise she would care for Boomer. She is also regarded as Nina's best friend by both Nina herself and Boomer. Nina Cortex is her second best female friend after Heloise and it shows through Lizbeth's concern for Nina and considering her feelings. The two this Christmas 2012 decide to find the meaning of Christmas together</span>

Boomer was someone they both care for and this is why Nina wanted Lizbeth to go for Boomer after Nina dumped Boomer and Milo died. Because they make each other so happy in ways no one else can. Nina also got over her jealousy as a result before moving away to her new life

Pinky and The Brain

During the time traveling of 2018, Lizbeth on her own met Pinky and the Brain who were both trying to get back at Snowball and Darkwarrior for destroying the lab. Lizbeth promised the two she would get the lab back and the three became close friends. She was more tolerant of Pinky's stupidity than Brain was and she was a fellow intellectual that Brain respects and can talk without holding back. At the end, she gave the two the lab back like promised and Brain decides to join the team out of gratitude for her. Lizbeth agreed and the mice joined M.O.D.A.B. She became Brain's best friend alongside Pinky and she is the primary watcher of Pinky and Brain as they trust her more than the others. Once she and the rats get on another adventure together to face the Iron Queen with help from the Whoop Agency and they join Bender and the ensemble he has. Her and Brain are quite suspicious to the new friends they met and begin assuming Bender, Heloise, Skipper, King Julian, Django and Finn have been hiding something.

Alongside Boomer, Hunson and Nina, they help her get the team back together and help the two again in The Legend of Maka Albarn


Like Boomer and Milo she has a very close and trusting friendship with Peep. The two meet in Slade Strikes Back after she has a breakdown from being mind raped by Joker. Peep himself was a former member of Joker's club and didn't want to what he does. Through this very meeting Peep became infuriated with Lizbeth and fell for her. While Lizbeth didn't reciprocate she still cared for him and often went to him in help for many things. While he knew of Milo's love for her, he didn't get jealous or clash with him. He didn't this to Boomer either when he developed feeling for her as well. Even though their interactions are space, nowadays they are still very good friends</span>

Brick & Butch

Lizbeth is going to meet them in the near future. and they're going to become all good friends like her friendship with Boomer. Like Boomer, Brick and Butch will fall in love with her too. Which will annoy Boomer that his brothers are acting just like him. Nina confirms this and Lizbeth is proud that Nina is using assertive methods instead of just being a jerk. It was also her who brought them home to Boomer and Nina as she told Boomer and Nina


They get on rather well and she seems to be the only person Frost wasn't cold initially to for since she knew Liz was trying to help and save her brother but failed. Despite this Frost doesn't hold her responsible especially after she saved Frost from Hunson Abadeer. Frost also has a high understanding of Lizbeth's low regard of herself and knows Liz hates being called "a perfect human being." Frost left after the adventure but she promise's Lizbeth that they would see her again one day. Frost is very loyal to her and will follower her, due to Lizbeth saving her life from Hunson Abadeer. Although she was hesitant like everyone to trust Abadeer when she learned that were cooperating against Discord and Sigma.


These two met in The V Team Island Adventure during the Shadow Realm wars against Hordak, Skeletor and their forces. At the Shadow Realm that was where Bender and the others were too as they helped fight the forces and Lizbeth showed up out of nowhere on the group. They had their fun and laughs and although Scorpion doesn't know her as much as he knows with Bender, he still is a very good friend to her. Scorpion and her seem to share a lot of things in common which gives them much to talk about.

Their one difference is Scorpion's vengeance problems to contrast with her "no revenge." policy. Both of them had central roles in The Grand Time Travel Adventure as a supporting character and main character. While Scorpion was brainwashed to the dark side, She tried her very hardest to snap him out of it before realizing with Joker around he would force it faster with is general dick like behavior. She was right about this completely. After She defeated and faced his former boss Hunson Abadeer she had to talk him out of suicide as Scorpion developed feelings of guilt towards his actions. After that he left to fight Quan Chi although she still wonders if he's really okay. She see's Scorpion in the next adventure and was very happy to him okay. Who knows how Scorpion will feel when he finds out that Lizbeth teamed up with their most hated enemy Hunson Abadeer.

When revealed he is unsure  and pissed at why she brought him here, she gets him to back off and she reveals that Scorpion is actually turning evil because of his obsession for vengeance. When Amon and Death ask her why is he acting negative, she states that Scorpion is really mad about what Abadeer did to him.


While she is a child she works for them and for Totally Mobian Spies and The Multi-Universal War of Destiny. She gets on great with Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. Fury being the one who sent her on her former mission and they both helped her in her third face down with Hunson Abadeer. Agent Coulson is more of a friend to her than a boss and helps her whenever she needs guidance. While every other mentor just gave the heroes their missions, He stayed with his colleague to make sure things went fine.

Maka Albarn

Her partner in The Multi-Universal War Of Destiny, she also partners up with Soul Evans as well due to him being Maka's partner. They will also become great friends with each other. The two meet through Agent Coulson and agree to work together as Maka has developed some fondness for her. She also shows great concern for Maka particularly when she gets irrational and attacks people for poorly established reason such as Knuckles when Crona told her what he thought happened.

Also when Maka turns to the dark side, she will do what she can to  get her back to their side even if means her friends fighting her. While is puzzles her at first, it becomes obvious in her conscience to why this happened. She also helped return her to side of good as she sees a pureness in side Maka that can never be destroy.

These two have made a very strong bond with only Soul being closer to Maka

Hunson Abadeer

Like her friend Scorpion, she was one of the heroes who had the most interactions towards The Devil in the snappy stylish suit. There was no true interaction between the two in The V Team Island Adventure as he appeared late in the story. But In the next adventure, where Hunson took full charge of, she was determined to stop him and this impressed Hunson. Hunson is one of the few villains Lizbeth initially truly dislikes alongside Joker, Megatron and her square shaped boy's enemies as his plans have endangered all of them as well as the Multi-Universe in general. As of The Great Time Travel Adventure he has became her archenemy. The greatest challenge he represents is that both Hunson and Lizbeth are not so different from each other and to her fear, it's very true regarding their personalities, past and more. One of her main challenges when fighting Hunson is that she doesn't want to become just like him.

Like the others she wondered what could Hunson be up to but unlike them she learned some stuff about what was going on from Hunson himself who made a personal encounter with her before the events of Joker's return. She developed suspicion about Hunson, when he made attacks against everyone but her as why wasn't he attacking her directly? And after their first time traveling venture she noticed Hunson won by noticing something different about the Multi-Universe.

Eventually she learns from Hades that it's up to her to stop Hunson which takes her slightly off guard feeling that Scorpion could and should do it. Through Nibbler she realizes that is must be so, and when they finally go to the future, she begins planning against him. When Hunson notices that his enemies are going down, he challenges them to his game and drills a point to her in particular about his rules which makes her uncomfortable. Lizbeth decides not to play his game and just stop him since she developed a feeling that it was a trap to snag them to a death situation. Eventually she found him, but Hunson had her friends pegged then revealed that he planned to take her out after the others were done with to show Liz that anyone can give up with enough pressure placed on one's shoulders (even her and others like her) . He also tried to manipulate her understanding nature against the heroes, but she had none of it

During their fight it was revealed that Hunson himself was pegged as she had Scorpion and Noob disguise themselves as the other and gave Nibbler the key to his chains to let them out, and she used the fight with him to find the one thing that could stop a black hole from consuming them all. When Hunson finally lost his game, she sealed him away and then busted her friends out of their situation foiling even his backup plan which was her intention. She outsmarted Hunson big time and managed to foil his plans, making her the single person so far to defeat him at his own game. If Hunson returns what is he going to do, and specifically what is he going to do to Lizbeth?

He did return in between the stories Totally Mobian Spies and The Multi-Universal War of Destiny where he and his new allies tried Multi-Universal conquest and they came very close again. She foiled his plans again with the Avengers, the Justice League, the X-Men and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' help.

It is believed that Abadeer has taken special interest in her, for her personality, determination and devotion to doing good.

Hunson returns in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny as someone Fury thinks is behind it all while Lizbeth is doubtful that Abadeer is the cause since there is nothing leading to him. When they reach the Nightosphere Empire, she wishes to talk to Abadeer Hunson Abadeer and Lizbeth both team up to stop Discord and Sigma's plans after Discord invades the Nightosphere Empire.It's revealed that the two actually don't hate each other and see each other as worthy adversaries with a very high regard for one another. After learning what had to be done by Subzero, Lizbeth and Hunson both realize that what they must do to stop the abnormality. When it's prevented, they choose to leave on good terms since due to Dib's death, they shouldn't fight with three friends of hers dead so early on.

They team up again in Legends of Light and Darkness against Dr. Weil and the true villains, and in Meister of War against Zeus with Ares (Her other archenemy and rival for Hunson). Though the question will Hunson stay a villain or change?

In between the time line he does and helps Lizbeth and Boomer with Ra's Al Ghul, Shinnok and Katerine and Maka's dying problem. He and Lizbeth also worked together to defeat Vattu and he recruited the spirits to his empire and purified other ones to serve Liz.

Dr. Weil

Her second archenemy alongside Hunson Abadeer. Weil is far more evil than Abadeer and almost all villains and he is  revealed as the one behind her misery in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny due to Weil convincing Crane to destroy her reputation and he created the abnormality in the universe to force her to have one of her best friends killed in order to save everyone. She is extremely mad at him and shows it when she stops his plan with Weil's archenemy Zero and her other archenemy Hunson Abadeer

While Hunson is more her archenemy than Dr. Weil, Weil is the more evil and sociopathic of the two and Abadeer dislikes him a lot as well. So in spite of their history the two will put their differences aside when Weil is around. This also becomes the case with Zeus who Hunson told her about when she confronted him on being responsible for The Multi-Universal War of Destiny.

Commander Whooping Crane

He is Milo's cousin and one of the few people Lizbeth truly hates as he acts like a bratty half pint and entitled bastard. He likes Lizbeth just like Milo and wants her to join him as his sidekick, but she stuck to her principles and stayed with Milo since he's her best friend. They meet again in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny and learns he tried to kill her friends and she is furious at him. Crane makes her more angry as he accuses her and tells the jury that it's her fault for why he acts he does for turning him down and stating her opinion. Lizbeth eventually has enough of him picking on her and tells the others that he is playing them for saps.

Knuckles Riso

They both met in The Multi-Universal War of Destiny, she and Knuckles have a deal for each other: Lizbeth sent the Turtles to help him and Knuckles sent Maka and Soul to help her. Knuckles is one of Lizbeth's friends and they told each other good luck fighting foes. Lizbeth will return and help Knuckles fighting his robotic father, Mechuckles, Phobos, and The Sith Stalker. Lizbeth later helps him battling Ares, Khan, James Moriarty, Zeus, Beelzeboss, Johan Liebert, King Shadow, Kingpin, Gus Fring, Zorg, Darkonda, Evil James Woods, Sylar and Mecha Sonic. They both will help Maka from dying in The Legend of Maka Albarn.

The V Crusaders

Her newest team allegiance and is the only member of M.O.D.A.B to be a member of it. She is friends with everyone but she is closest with Zero and Ciel. V and Alucard are also close friends of hers as well and she has also developed this rapport with Linkara, Homer Simpson, Wolverine, Vinny, Kick Ass, Hit Girl and Asura. They helped her throughout The Multi-Universal War of Destiny against Discord and Sigma and seem to be her go to team to align with.

She has special bonds with the founders in that V  and Alucard have lots of confidence in her and her leadership for the group, Zero is the fighter who inspires her to follow her view and not her friends and Ciel helps Lizbeth deal with her maturity and growth out of childhood as well as as being the one who wants a normal life out of her most , As Ciel tells her that the war in her world changed her considerably.. She also has other bonds with members especially Linkara and Hit Girl.


One of her archenemies and very trusted ally/enemy, In The Wrath of God of War Rises, she dislike Ares for what he did to the Multi-Universe,however, she knows that Ares is an honorable villain and he is very less evil. in Meister of War, Ares teams up with his new master, Hunson, and his friendly/enemy Lizbeth to defeat his father, Zeus.

Ra`s Al Ghul


Lizbeth alongside Boomer adopts Vinny in her team and family regardless of how dirty she will get and the high responsibility. Vinny quickly grows to love her and Lizbeth takes care of him when Boomer isn't able to do. Vinny also helps Lizbeth sort her relationship with Boomer as he wants to see both his owners happy and notices tension between the two regarding their feelings

Mako Mori

Lizbeth and Mako Mori will meet each other in The Wrath of God of War, Lizbeth will be shocked that Mako is really her aunt and survived from dangerous past. They will work together again in Meister of War alongside Lizbeth's trusted archenemies Hunson and Ares against Zeus and other villains(mostly Zeus).


It's confirmed that they will meet in Meister of War, alongside Lizbeth's friendly and trusted archenemies Hunson and Ares to face against Zeus.



A New friend of hers and she calls him the Cardassian version of her friend Bender. She and Garak become friends in between the timeline of Meister Of War and The Legend of Maka Albarn and like The V Crusaders and Boomer becomes a main friend of hers. He is the one who learns of Maka's death and informs her, Brain, Pinky and Boomer of it.  While Garak isn't aligned with the V Crusaders, the P Team or the Exiled Ones he does serve as their ally all the while being himself.


Lizbeth's new monster best friend in Meister of War. Gamera sees Lizbeth as Asagi Kusanagi. Both Lizbeth and Gamera protects each other from villains. Gamera also cared and protect other heroes too. Gamera also protects Lizbeth's aunt, Mako Mori too.


Lizbeth is partners with Angewomon in the story LOTM: Darkness Incarnate. Lizbeth is very glad to work along side with her after her deeds in the war with Megatron.

More to come...

Romeo Conbolt

Since Lizbeth bandaged his wounds, she made friends with him. Romeo is honored to be her faithful comrade.


The Beginning:

She made her debut in the beginning as the fifth hero to join against Slade, While it didn't seem important for her to join.. This was the only adventure she was in without having a major role. Despite this Lizbeth was in ways the true heroine of the story without anyone realizing it due to if wasn't for her Slade would have won as would have Hunson in a later adventure in the series

Slade Strikes Back:

Lizbeth from this point on became a main hero much like Bender did here, Lizbeth was beginning to feeling scared as she thought Slade was trying to terrorize her. This continues on until a night she was alone and she hallucinated the thoughts of Joker, which came to life later on. Joker took all opportunity to terrorize Lizbeth with his murderous acts. Lizbeth's dark past was eventually revealed first by Peep and then everybody with what happened to her. Lizbeth lost her family and watched them become Joker Juniors at age 2 and watched them get killed. She was initially an Apocalypse Maiden for the destruction of the Multi-Universe, In the recent adventure, Heloise found out it was a lie Joker made to screw with her. She was kidnapped by Joker and nearly killed but she was saved by Slade and Anti Cosmo. Through this story ever since X joined she bonded with Alpha and acted as his substitute mother. This led X to leave him to her when they got married.

The V Team Island Adventure :

Lizbeth unexpectedly guess starred here, In between the stories she took a level in badassery and joined up with Bender and Eddy against Uka Uka. She appeared in Shadow Realm while Bender, Starfire, Skipper and co were facing Skeletor and Hordak where she helped them.

After Jimmy Neutron's death, Lizbeth had a realization that Bender was going to need help, so she joined up with him. Lizbeth definitely showed herself to not be harmless any more by coming up with brilliant plans, showing master skills in all self defense techniques and a new found determination. Lizbeth joined Bender, Skipper, Starfire, Marceline, Axel, Slade, Anti Cosmo, Eddy, Negaduck, Lara Su and Dr.Cortex against Uka Uka and when they defeated him the plan was hijacked by Marceline's Dad who main his debut then she with Skipper, Starfire, Slade, Anti Cosmo and Negaduck fought him while Bender and Marceline saved the others.

She personally delivered the final blow and then Lizbeth also hand delivered Scourge and Fiona's kids to them showing her prodigy roots. She acted as Fiona's maiden of honor during the wedding and served as the secret keeper to Negaduck's affection of Lien Da at the time. she went home to the others eventually while Bender moved with his mains into new territory

This change of her character was due to her not wanting to be regarded as canon folder, so she decided to toughen up without changing her lovable personality needlessly to say it worked and it continued to through her next adventures where she put her true skills to work

The Great Time Travel Adventure

Lizbeth, once again returned in this story as the main character and protagonist. First in a long line of actions Lizbeth rescued Gosalyn and got her back to the team and to ask what happened with Darkwing. When the heroes went to the future, Lizbeth was the first and for a while only person who knew Darkwarrior was really Darkwing Duck so she needed to figure what was needed to be done to bring him back to his senses. As the story went by she attempted to find out why their future is messed up and she became the sight for sore eyes for Boomer when he was impressed with her new found badassery and doing many solo things like meeting Pinky and Brain and learning more of MD's plans.

She was shocked to learn of Joker's return but not afraid, she wondered how Joker could have possibly returned what with his soul being consumed. Through the story Joker did horrible things to her, but she went on leading attacks and helping her friends even not letting Joker's reappearance bother her too much. Unfortunately she learned the truth behind the future and she was shocked to realize that it was her fault for Joker's return, Darkwing turn to Darkwarrior and the downfall with everyone thinking she was dead in between 21 years and the relentious of all this and Joker's hand at this. She goes through a brutal breakdown when Joker uses her vulnerability to torment her, she considers Suicide but she is stopped by Ed, Neutron and Hades,

the former two being spirits. Lizbeth learns that she is the prophesied chosen one to stop Marceline's dad and that she is really the most important member in the group, because she kept everyone together. It is also revealed that she has a family in the Turanagas with her being the great great grandmother and she herself is still alive. With Marceline's dad now ready to defend his rule, Lizbeth steps to lead against him and to face him alone. She then take badassery up yet another notch and defeats Darkwarrior with a little help from Boomer and No Heart single-handedly, the results being getting Darkwarrior on their side and her beating No Heart got Boomer and Nina back together and got a new alley to help in the case in Ada Wong,

On the first part of her attempt to end it with MD she runs into Leon a friend of Ada, and reveals that she schemed out a plan to fake out Mordecai and Rigby's deaths so she could learn more about his plan and that succeeded, She also meets her self again in 3012. The girl now makes her way to MD's real lair and she is now ready to face Marceline's dad herself and alone. She eventually finds the Lord of Evil and faces him for control of the Multi-Universe. Marceline's dad knew Lizbeth well but not as well as he thought, as she overcame her demons and his challenges and defeated Marceline's dad and seals him once again thus saving the Multi-Universe again and saving all of her friends from him before she did this, Lizbeth went back in time and decided to save Sora from death at Joker's hands and she succeeded. Unfortunately the apocalypse happens anyway, she observes it with her eyes and becomes distraught leaving Darkwing, Then she saves everyone two more times from death while feeling pain from D.W.'s death. Lizbeth fulfills her part of the deal with Pinky and Brain and then they go to a party that Heloise made for her and everything is happy. Despite everything being happy, the events stay in her head and remind her of her greatest failure of what happened and could very well happen if she screws up, as the events of the story could happen again but with a different character

Her breakdown was brought up again in Totally Mobian Spies when she learned about Ed and Jimmy Neutron's cloning. This was brought up when Bender and Skipper revealed it when they talked to Calamitous.

Before Totally Mobian Spies

Lizbeth decides to look after Starfire with Axel, Pinky and Brain, Hire Boomer as an assistant and spend quality time with her little square shaped boy Milo but who knows if she will stay out of the next adventure or she'll find a way in. She goes through a lot of plans and coolness, but her high point is aiding Nina in her cancer situation. She is a fellow double O negative blood type of Nina and she rescues her friend by donating her blood to Nina. Now Nina and Boomer wonder what they can do for her. Lizbeth then gets recruited into a Child Avenger team as the leader by Nick Fury and she tries to get Boomer and Milo recruited too. Where Captain America and Peggy tease her and Boomer's relationship when Boomer makes compliments to her. She is also assigned by Nick Fury to collaborate with W.H.O.O.P against Iron Queen and leaves with a clone ready to look after Starfire ready to collaborate with her friendly rivals Fiona, Wave, Lien Da and her friends Lara Su. In The Grand Summer Season Trek, she was absent like Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Boomer, Edd and most of the cast. It is unknown was she was doing although she made have spent time with her friends.

Totally Mobian Spies

Lizbeth makes her arrival in a town near W.H.O.O.P on a plane thanks to Mr. Nick Fury.She meets Carmelita Fox and is questioned about if she knows where Eddy and Dmitri are, but she doesn't know. After this she meets Princess Merlida who like her is going against Iron Queen and the two team up and go to the agency. She also reunites and works with her friends Pinky and the Brain and become friends with Frost, Sub-Zero's sister, as well. She meets Edd again and they choose to work together again against evil. If there's anything to say about her she is determined she won't let any villain get away with anything. She is ready to help Lara Su and the girls now as they wait for their testing to begin. She, Pinky, Brain, Edd, Frost and Merlida show up after Lara Su and Liz points that she hasn't lost it and then calls a doctor for Lara Su when she clings to her injuries.

She alongside Pinky and Brain manage to get a Robot from Edd's Agent mode and they analyze only for the girls to show up and confirm it. Lizbeth instantly develops a friendship with Sam what with their similarities and all that. She shows up with the others and gets anxious to the B Team when Lara Su reveals that her little robot friend is in on this. She rejoins the B Team after learning what's going on and she takes Pinky, Brain, Merida, And Frost with her, Although Frost is indifferent to this since she's mad at Skipper, Bender, Julian, Django, Heloise and Finn. She reveals to Meowth that she has a lot of time for leisure which is one reason she is such a genius and very skilled heroine who played and hung with her friends, has read many books and learned on a whim and also she studied and practiced every kind of combat skills known to the Multi-Universe.

Feeling concerned for Frost she asks Meta Knight about a possible way to get a connect to the death so Frost can apologize to her brother. Q concerned manages to get the proposition passed with the Continuum making her and Frost happy. She manages to get a clue on the Embrem's family murder, due to how brutal the murder it was, and knowing it wasn't King Dedede. She quickly figures out Magic Man's MO when Finn, Bender, Skipper, her, Heloise and the others encounter him when he turns Finn into a foot just to be a dick Magic Man is. She makes a call to her friend Nina and learns more about what happens at home. She keeps contact with Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Dedede and Escargoon by deciding to have them become members of W.H.O.O.P. Lizbeth then helps Sandy and Heloise try repairing the ship what with her bookwormness and common sense which shows when she calls Rarity on something she thinks is disgusting but is actually normal.

She meets the Pine Twins and becomes a bit wondering about her self when Dipper develops a crush on her like many other boys. Lizbeth shows aspects of mother like leaders and leads the characters who go with her, Although Frost and Mandark respond to have her escape. Lizbeth and her pals face Propgintor Viruses infected people and she manages to fight her way through it to Dipper and Mabel's impressed looks giving Dipper an another reason to like her, due to her tough personality, impeccable combat skills and also noticing the hair shaken loose look she had unknowingly. Lizbeth and the others find Big Boss and the others and for the first time in years seems to be getting a older friend who is like a father to her. While the group goes to Cybertron, Lizbeth meets Bender's old friend Profion and their new friends Master Chief and Cortana, her next move is to help Frost with Q's continuum plan. Her plan works to fruition like she anticipated and it seems The Boss knows something about her that she kept secret to Big Boss. Lizbeth returns to help Mabel rescue Dipper from Gideon as she arrives right on cue. Being a quick improviser she helps Mabel save Dipper and stops Gideon's control over Dipper to give Mabel an opportunity to talk to Gideon. So when the crew arrives to New York she is happy that Soldius choose to help them and more so that Big Boss has another of his sons back.

She also takes Big Boss's advice to be like a parent and see anyone she leads like family to heart. Next up she helps Heloise, Asami and Twilight in a kart race that the team needs to win to get to the zoo. She starts developing suspicion toward Bender, Skipper, Heloise and Django's activates regarding their "vacation." as Phineas almost blurts it out. She decides to further figure them out afterwards knowing her friend is a big example of a secret keeper who doesn't tell things to much people. She goes with Soldius and the others to stop Red Skull, When Red Skull arrives she decides to fight him, But Big Boss tells her and Master Chief to help him against Red Skull. After that Lizbeth decides to stop the plane with Cortana`s help. She manages to land the plane despite her height with her own ideas and after the landing she and Big Boss find the 5th pure heart. She notices that Bender, Skipper and Heloise all have something they're keeping from their friends and she seeks to find out what it is. Old Lizzy (as she calls herself ) with her sharp eye and quick learning style is going to set out to accomplish much. Under Solidius Snake's advice she decides to contact Jack (Raiden) and steer him in his dealings with Fatman. She spies on Bender, Skipper and the other and beginning thinking they know something that they don't want her to know. She alongside Heloise is one tacking charge and when Dipper calls her a "perfect human being." She gets mad and points out that comment reminds her of The Patriots who made her a child solider and was to kill her if she even showed disobedience or imperfection.

She wanted to be a great hero like Angewomon ever since age 2. When she turned on her handlers she was nearly killed but was saved by Ocelot and EVA (friends of Big Boss) who kept her away from Patriots. She remembers it though and Snake believes she has good reason to fear it after telling her some stuff that happened with child soldiers that didn't act. She helps Heloise with her plans as she feels Heloise needs a partner while Bender and Skipper are out. and joins their little group to stop Potential Patriot control. Then she and Heloise call up their good friends Nina, the Rowdyruff Boys and Scorpion to see how they're doing. When she learns how good they are she gives Nina advice on how to get closer to Boomer (be more of a tomboy) . Then she helps Master Chief rescue the girls from Mecha Sally and then takes charge of the ship with Heloise while Bender and Skipper take an interrogation to Sally. She manages to deduct that the last heart was obviously in Sally since it would explain her great power. When she learns of Jimmy's cloning as well as her friend's truth keeping, Lizbeth calls Bender and Skipper out on being liars and secret keepers as a result she scares everyone with her anger at them. Bender and Skipper apologize and Lizbeth points that she only did because she thought she was crazy when she saw Ed and Jimmy during her breakdown. This made her think were they hallucinations or was it really them?

After learning Heloise ran off, Lizbeth gives chase to her to make sure she doesn't go too far and to help her as she believes in letting no one behind. She finds Heloise and decides to help her defeat Iron Queen in one of the two final battles. They are successful in their victory but are both taken by surprise when Iron Queen's former most loyal servant kills her which was Hugo Brass. Lizbeth then goes to the ceremony for her and her friends, and then she`ll see Milo, Nina, Boomer and the rest again.


They have a great time together and the day snows begin arriving, she realizes Xmas is coming. Before that she does explain to Nina before her date with Boomer, that she shouldn't over doll herself with makeup, eyeliner, polished fingernails and lipstick as it isn't a formal occasion. She does though respect Nina's opinion to not listen to her. The two decide to go to the north pole and the 2 lab mice Pinky and The Brain follow them. One day on their trip, Lizbeth notices Nina has changed physically overnight by growing taller and growing a pair of breasts,  This begins worrying her as she knows that as people mature they lose interest in things they like previously and this could mean that Nina may lose interest Boomer. Time will tell if that does happen and when they finally reach the North Pole and don't find Santa, she instantly realizes what it really means. When they finally get home, and Lizbeth tells her friends what Bender and Skipper were doing and then catches them as well as Heloise. The three explain their reasons and she shows understanding to it because as she puts it "we're all part of a crossover fan's imagination and anything can happen." Afterwards she sneaks Nina into Boomer's room to surprise Boomer. She also got involved in Hunson and his empire's newest scheme after their collaborating with Dornamuu and she foiled his plans again with the help of Nick Fury, the Avengers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Justice League and the X-Men

The Multi-Universal War of Destiny

Lizbeth returns here and is one of the main  characters and heroes. Like Dib, Bender and Knuckles, she will have her own side of the story and will partner up with Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans and other characters where she acts as leader or co leader.

Her side of the story is called The Lone Member of M.O.D.A.B. 

She is confused about the chocolate rain and cotton candy clouds like the others unaware of Discord. She does find it amusing that Pinky and Julian are dancing in it. Her and the others are unaware that Bender left to Equestria to tell Celestia about Discord. She is next seen working with Brain on trying to figure out the chocolate rain when she meets her old friend Frost to the surprise of Noob.

Lizbeth goes to the trial to see with her friends and Whooping Crane. She is shocked to learn that Crane is blaming her for his insanity. Lizbeth points out Wendell is full of it and that he's a killer who tried to kill her friends. Crane states that Lizbeth is harassing him and tells the people that this is her fault for his attempt to kill them. She is not amused and tells Skipper, Ada, Brain and the others about him and his belief she is his partner. After Crane has a emotional outburst and faints she is accused of killing him. She is suspicious that he faked his death and is not happy  with him because through his actions he turned the adult populace against her

After the events of Gosalyn's death, she calls Dib and Bender out on their fighting as it's getting nowhere and that Darkwing wouldn't want this, Bubbles call her neutral and meanly states it to her. After Dib fails to listen to her, she angrily points out do it your way. However it was revealed that she had that outburst over a combination of grief, depression and worry

Partners of Action Heroines Theme

Partners of Action Heroines Theme

The two main Heroine Partners of TMWOD

She tells Pinky and the Brain that Crane framed her for Gosalyn's murder as he made it look like it was Milo who died and she did it. She revealed that she was to be exiled from her universe and she decides to run away to think over what went on and alone. It's not hard to understand why she is so emotionally down here. She spends the next two days in an isolated house while trying to figure the situation and talks with Subzero and later Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. Afterwards she heads out to find Agent Coulson and unknowingly meets Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans

She travels through a castle of zombies and Halloween creatures with nothing but a whip and determination to get a warp to find Coulson. She finds Coulson and meets with Maka and Soul Eater Evans, She also sends the turtles to find Knuckles under their deal of Maka and Soul helping her.

After some briefing she meets V, Alucard, Zero and Ciel as well and becomes a member of the V Crusaders. With Maka, she introduced to the others and hits off with them as she learns more about Sigma and his plans. They learn about his rally and she decides to go it to learn from the bot himself. Afterward Fury gives her a chance to prove that humans aren't useless by telling about the super serum and wanting her to be it's taker. It is explained that the serum will make the taker go through massive changes in speed, strength, reflexes and more. Lizbeth though refuses as she does things legit and doesn't look for short cuts.

That next day she and her friends attend the rally and she calls Sigma on his human hating beliefs and debates with him. She gets ready for Sigma's ball in order to learn more about his plan where Zero reveals she was given the super human serum which Lizbeth is not too pleased with since she wants to think it over. However she realizes to herself that this is the opportunity to see how it works. At the Ball, she tells Maka and Vanelope how she came to be with them feeling a need to inform them. When she hears Obodiah Stane and his presence she realizes another villain is on the case. When the crew get back together, Fury states who he thinks it is and Lizbeth doesn't agree but she decides to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Lizbeth once again is confronted by her arch-foe Hunson Abadeer who Fury and others think is the other instigator. However Hunson isn't the villain but he does tell them about Discord. Lizbeth also learns about Zeus as well through this. Discord crashes the party with his minions and after Hunson and others throw threats at Discord.

Discord schemes to blow it up but Lizbeth and Hunson join forces and stop his plan. Then she tests her new superhuman abilities and puts them to great use while saving one of Sophita's children. Now with her archenemy ready to fight by her side this time and now that she's learned about Discord what will happen next?

She schemes a way to get Sophita back to normal and to get the Alexandra kids out of carbonite poisoning. She and the Nightopshere Empire set out to start but she wonders where Vaneelope is. She learns about Bender's involvement against Discord and isn't surprised at all knowing her friend. She learns from Vanelope about who else was involved in Bender's mission and she befriends Patroklos after Willy has him thawed. She talks with Zero, Ciel and Odd about her circumstances of being away from the others. She, Hunson and the V Crusaders as a result know the whole story is a battle between Discord and Bender with everyone in the middle so they must act as unpredictable to them both.

She summarizes it as "every time I thought I was doing the right thing and for the Multi-Universe it only ended up giving rise to worse problems or be a catalyst to a new conflict." She then goes with the others and decide to save Retroville from Sigma and manages to get Retroland back with V, Alucard, Zero and Callohun helping. Then she encounters Sigma and Discord in the office of Sigma and she smacks Sektor hard for killing her friends, she also calls Discord " an "Obsessive-Compulsive sideshow attraction."

It's revealed that the dead one was Ice King and Lizbeth shows depression towards this reminiscing about their friendship, her friends reassure her that Sektor will pay for what he did. She and her friends learn what happened with Sophita through Dr. Willy. She then with Homer, Maka and Ciel go to save Soul who foolishly trips out of the castle. After that she and Ciel compete in a tennis contest for the 4th ring and she wins. She finds Alucard and the rest and then finds Hunson after besting Discord's forces. She is happy to see her friend Wolverine again after their alliance against Hunson Abadeer. Though happiness isn't long when alongside Zero and Ciel learns about the time abnormality and the doom of mankind from an old friend.

After a long while she gets into contact with her close friend Boomer Jojo. She reveals to him everything that's gone on, particularly Hunson and Her's truce and Bender's past face offs with their adversary Discord. In a weird case of "strange minds think alike." She guesses his reason dead on and points out to Boomer that is expected from him. As with Abadeer, when Boomer asks her about Scorpion's thoughts, she tells him that he doesn't expect Scorpion to forgive Abadeer but move on with his life. She states this because staying in vengeance mode doesn't help him or anyone and that he will never learn if he keeps engaging in it. Afterwards they begin their plan which Vanelope is helping with. She also gets Cassandra to find her and her pals for a solution to Sophita after talking with Boomer. When Cassandra arrives, she and Abadeer do have a solution and it's revealed that she had Cassandra get a sample of 18 so she could have Willy create a cure since Dr.Wily was the creator of Robozenza and also for it's cure. Also because it's much like the Maverick Virus which Zero was the original holder. She joins her friends in getting the sixth ring (the first half). She then goes with the others to get Sophitia, they get her and she personally decides to rescue her.

When Abadeer interrogates Sektor, she and Zero both arrive and have the balls to chew Sektor for his "vision." She and the others send Price to find the Membrane Elite and with Hunson, Maka, V, Alucard, Zero and Ciel spy on Dib when found by Carmelita. Her plan works perfectly as Price leads them to her and Knuckles arrive, now they wait for Bender.

She plans to go against Dr. Weil after learning he followed Joker's steps by taking steps to ruin her life. She is joined by Knuckles, Scorpion, Hunson and the V Crusaders. She also somehow got Zapp Brannigan and the rest to help them against Weil. She alongside Zero, Hunson Abadeer and Maka put an end to Dr. Weil, she has Knuckles and Ciel try and find a way to stop the abnormality. While it doesn't work, she goes after Dib with the others unaware of how to tell him he's the one to sacrifice himself to stop it. She does tell Dib, but he does it anyway as a thank you gift to her for saving the others as an apology for the way he treated her. She and the others do it and they end up saving the Multi-Universe.

She decides to keep her superhuman powers because she showed herself that such powers can be used for good and she felt she couldn't do so as she was comfortable with being a normal person and couldn't be comfortable if she developed powers.

The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker

She tags along with V, Alucard, Zero and Ciel once again to help Knuckles and his friends deal with Mechuckles and other villains. Before this story, she learns that is the long lost princess of a powerful kingdom known as the Paradise Lost Kingdom and she is hesitant to rule over but takes it under her own circumstances. The poofed out princess dress she has is the one she usually wears at special occasions

At the beginning of the story, she overhears Maka's roaring beat-down on Knuckles. She states this as irrational on her part due to jumping to her conclusions. When the team gets there after some hard work she convinces Maka to not be pissed at Knuckles having a feeling someone else is doing here. They meet Linkara and Lizbeth suggests to V to let him and he allows it. She is called up by her old Kirby friends about what happened in their universe, then is called again by Brock Samson. He tells Lizbeth that she, the V Crusaders, Knuckles and the Soul Eater Gang to meet Brock and his team, but not the Scorpion Squad, the Omega League, and the Striker Force, since they're in a war with their old enemies, after the call, Lizbeth and V heard of Brock Samson, V quotes that Brock is a human beast, Lizbeth then calls Knuckles about his old friend, Brock Samson, and meets his team alongside the V Crusaders. She is surprised to know that Batgirl knows about her and her friends struggle with Joker.

She meets Sir Slicer and like Linkara is ready to take him on but Wolverine decides to do instead. She personally watches Mechuckles break Knuckle's back a.l.a Bane on Batman. She overhears how Maka and Crona met and afterwards, she gets suspicious telling her friends to keep their eyes sharp thinking something bad might happen. She and Linkara are to fight Mechakara, who punches her but she gets right back up and kicks Mechakara in the face. Prince Phobos introduces himself to the two and gives them the four one one on Mechuckles. She also meets Issac Clarke who is shown to Kratos when they get back and she correctly predicts that the new characters who want to join them are from Phobos. She is next seen with Ciel and Kratos where she tells the latter that it will take quite some time with his brother. Despite the hardships of the villains, she has no plans to quit their acts against the villains. She also heeds off Maka and Soul when they stay behind. She states that they will fight for Maka, though she truly doubts Maka is dead due to what she remembers considering the two of them.  She is next in line to be confronted by Mechuckles who calls her "Weil's step-daughter." She also sees Coachman someone she's not happy to see. Though a part of the plan works as Zero works and shows up on Mechuckles, surprising him. Lizbeth meets King Koopa  as well as Blue and Magneto the latter two she is unaware of them being allies of her friend Bender.

Lizbeth re-meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles again as they came back to help. When Deimos asked what Kratos did to the people when he was not ground. She answers with that he doesn't want to now. When Zero states why wouldn't Mechuckles leave the universe, she tell him that he wants the world to know "the glory of the robot empire". Chester wants her to give him money for a beer before she goes, but she states that it's a bad idea to give beer to kids. When discussing plans with the others, she and Soul discuss Maka and they make their deductions regarding Sith Stalker and her. Lizbeth, V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Linkara, and Knuckles (who wanted to join them) fight and defeat Elder God. After this, she leaves to bring Maka back to their right side with Soul.

She succeeds and then leaves with Maka alone in The Wrath of God of War Rises against Ares with the others all working with others. She is not alone with Maka, as she finds Boomer again and he joins them and meets new friends in Kick Ass and Hit Girl, her Aunt Mako Mori and her pet/new family member Vinny who she and Boomer adopted

Legends of Light and Darkness

Lizbeth appears here after the story with V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Linkara, Pollo, Dr. Linksano and Harvey Finevoice. She decides to investigate under Dib's will. When the heroes find a fragment, she points out how familiar and Zero points out it's Weil (Lizbeth's 2nd and most evil archenemy). She and the eight learn that Weil is trying to bring Discord back when the heroes spy on him. During this they also learn that Rarity is working for Weil, but Lizbeth sees she looks different. Zero and her decide to lead in, though she wants to keep an eye on Weil.

They make it into the base where Lizbeth decides to use a contact machine to send a message over to anyone opposing the dark lord and she has the help of Ciel, Linksano and Pollo to do this. Her messages do reach Bender, Hiccup and Slade (though not her knowledge). She also had an encounter with Galactia Knight before encountering V on her success.  Liz also reveals to her friends that will make the villains think they won by getting them, then her messaged heroes will go and stop the villains gathering the pieces as the other six they clearly have assembled. The Seven will open their way to the Mountain, choose the users and then the battle begins.

Lizbeth and her friends spy on Weil again and learn Katara went to the dark side too as she and Alucard are willing to fight her if it means bringing her back. Harvey Finevoice comes back from his expedition and tells who he saw, Lizbeth instantly figures out it's Bender who's in on this. This motivates her to take down Katara further and bring her back to Bender and with Hunson helping again. She spies on Katara with her friends, she suggests approaching as she has taken Amon's bloodbending, she knows how to deal with Katara's. Weil arrives and taunts her and Zero, Lizbeth annoyed decide to knock down Katara with Alucard and Zero. She lets the Model with the unconscious Katara for Bender to get it.

Lizbeth explains about Operation Destroyer as it's a operation that involves destroying a world. She and Ciel tell their friends that they need to stay together and make sure Malefor doesn't know they're in the game cause he will adjust to them. She and her friends want to find where to do the fight with the villains and she takes the suggestion that Alucard has for her.Lizbeth pleased with the news Pollo gave her, decides to spy on the team to see where they're heading. After that she gives Linkara the orders to set sail to the Mountain of Malefor. She and her friends encounter Colette and Patch and help them deal with Lord Shen with her and Linkara in particular taking action. Lizbeth decides to take on Weil alongside Zero and Hunson while deciding on who to take Nightmare Rarity. Lizbeth instructs to her friends that Alucard is going after them so she can lure Dr. Weil out for them to beat.

Lizbeth and Zero chase down Dr. Weil and fight him. Dr. Weil eventually nearly kills the two only  to be saved by Hunson and Pollo who watch as Weil kills Pollo and then the three tear Weil a new one, after escaping from the base. When Linkara breaks down considering the loss of Pollo, she tries to console him in that they could bring him back, though no one can replace Pollo. She helps the heroes fight Relius Clover and after the defeat of him and Hazama, she shares a moment with her friends and believed that Sigma was right on his evolution requires sacrifice and decides to rest.

Meister of War

Lizbeth returns alongside her friends, V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Vinny, Kick Ass, and Hit Girl to help Knuckles and others against Zeus and the other villains, mostly Zeus..

The Final Stand

This took place after Meister of War and Legends of Light and Darkness. At the beginning she was depressed about Milo dying despite Anti Cosmo, Bender, Slade and Skipper's best efforts and retreated to her kingdom to deal with her loneliness. As a result, she isolated herself from her friends, even Maka. One day, she fell through a mirror and landed in another part of the universe and met with a group named the Exiled Ones who needed her help to fight an empire faced by a senator and Sith Lord and that Boomer was kidnapped by them

She brings in her V Crusader friends to help and suddenly there is more to it than meets the eyes as she faces things that have been related to her past, her future and she's dealing with the fact she is beginning to mature away from childhood

The Legend of Maka Albarn

Lizbeth appears again as the deuteragonist or a main protagonist in her own right alongside Maka. She and Boomer at the time have officially become a couple after all the tension between them. In addition, the two moved out of the base of M.O.D.A.B and have started to live together in an fabulous mansion close to the V Crusaders' base and close to her own kingdom. Her new friend among her best friends Garak also returns to help. Maka, Her and the others are rather split from Black Star and Bender's stories though they all are trying to prevent something of importance in the Apples of Eden

As A Teenager

She is also a teenager, she has grown quite tall growing all the way to being a bit over 6 feet tall which is unusual for girls, though unlike most, she actually loves being really tall. She now wears her long black hair down though she does sometimes have her hair in a single ponytail, Usually wears a red tank top and sometimes has a long sleeve button up shirt. She has become very beautiful and even more confident. She is still rather unfeminine and is quite well muscled due to her love of athletics.

Snapshot - 26newliz

Her second look (THis may be not be her, but it does demonstrate her more confident and sexy side)

She also has a second look which details her more beautiful and sexy side. She wears a blue shirt, a black leather jacket, has her long hair on both her back and on her shoulders and has earrings on her ears. Boomer found this look very sexy when he saw her the first time in it, as it shows her true beauty and a new side to her

She is first seen practicing for the Multi-Universal high school Olympics and Boomer comes to her after she's done asking if he can write his hero paper on her, she agrees to his request. Before they can begin, the news of Maka dying reaches her at her kingdom quickly by Garak who was spying on Maka and friends on during Maka's 22nd birthday, This concerns her and she decides to go see Maka and takes Boomer, Pinky and the Brain along for the ride. The five see Maka and Lizbeth is quite impressed with how much Maka has grown over the years since she didn't see Maka for a long time. Maka tells them it was a heart problem

Lizbeth, Boomer, V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Linkara and Garak go looking for through her medical family records and the Albarn family never had heart problems so they search through the Nightosphere Empire and Hunson tells them that Maka's heart was cursed and is beginning to rot Maka away until her brain is the last thing to go.

She remembers something Lord Death told them, about a kingdom not only is Maka princess of, but a way to break the curse. Lizbeth, Boomer, Maka, Garak and the rest resolve that only by reaching the kingdom can they save her. So she and Boomer de-age Maka, and she puts her V Crusaders friends in charge while having Ryan help them with their investigation.

In addition, she is conflicting with Ra`s Al Ghul of Batman Begins while helping Maka over ideology, as the man was once a member of the empire her main adversary Hunson rules over. Speaking of Hunson, he and Ares join the two leading girls and their friends in the adventure as she, Boomer, Pinky, the Brain and Garak try to find where the Kingdom is before setting off and the two villains know where.

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Edd, Darkwing are all brought back temporarily from the dead by Lizbeth, Boomer, Hunson Abadeer, Maka, Soul and The V Crusaders though they're all don't know who they are haven lost their memories so Nina, Marceline, Starfire, Jorgen, Finn, Julian and Django who Lizbeth called help do it while Boomer has a picnic date with Lizbeth where the two talk about what went on together and Boomer begins showing his concerns while Lizbeth tells he shouldn't worry when Garak informs of an attack on the Paradise Kingdom where they all go to with Nina apologizes for interrupting their moment. They Investigate the Paradise Lost Kingdom with help from Ryan Hardy a friend of Lizbeth and the V Crusaders. Julian assumes it's demons and he's right then. Lizbeth, Boomer, Maka and the V Crusaders find out it was Crowley and then they see Pan who Maka hurts in revenge.

They tell the others this  before they all go driving. Homer reveals that Springfield is under attack which gets him up in arms until the whole group meets Jack Bauer who phones to assure Homer's family is fine and that they should find him. Lizbeth, Boomer, Nina, Hunson and Clemont all go off on their own in which they go the Kwie E Mart where they find out Garak is there and that Bender is there too. The Five go after him and eventually corner, Bender, Isabella, Skipper and Suede who they ask why they're there and they explain, Lizbeth, Nina and the others lead the others to him where they reunite only for Discord to arrive and scare the crap out of everyone.

Dib, Bubbles, Milo, Lizbeth, Boomer, Edd, Darkwing, Casper, Wendy, Starfire, Julian, Jorgen, Nina, Finn, Marceline and Django with Hunson wander into cavern 1 where time in Casper and Wendy's universe froze and they did everything possible in the world. They end up stumbling upon a loyalty which Lizbeth and Boomer pass and go looking for a piece of the final puzzle piece.

She helps the heroes fight the boys and Pan which they need to do twice due to Gold. They also find some Titan which gets Bender suspicious. After dealing with pan, they were eaten by the Niburu though Cas brings them back and they go their separate ways. Lizbeth and Boomer and Maka do with the intention of they can't live in the past like they could before as times change.

The Alternate Ending to LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

In the Alternate Ending planned, Lizbeth would still be with her friends and she would be in a loving relationship with Boomer despite being the masculine girl who wears the pants, Lizbeth gets a bit confused when Bender states that Milo and the others are supposed to be dead, Lizbeth with the others tries to convince Bender that he's gone nuts though the robot refuses to believe it and she tells Boomer that something odd is going on. Boomer and Lizbeth talk to Marceline about the eerratic behavior they saw and have her go find him and Discord was acting odd too



As a Young Woman/Post Spear of Destiny effects

Lizbeth returns in this story as a past part of herself, and with Dib and the others, finds herself drafted by Bender (His Past Self) to work on a mission with his future self and his friends. It turns out She had a daughter in the future named Dawnbeth who she had after graduating from college. Lizbeth, Boomer and Nina were all killed by Thawne after he escaped to take revenge on Bender. Lizbeth's daughter Dawnbeth goes back in time to help Bender and his friends kill Thawne and to ensure of her and Lizbeth's destinies

Lizbeth ends up having her DNA altered into a metahuman DNA by Dr.Alchemy and Slade and Anti Cosmo's past selves. Lizbeth begins changing a bit before she is turned into a chrystatlis and begins growing up into a young woman. Dawnbeth finds the chrsyatlis and looses it allowing Lizbeth to emerge as a young metahuman/woman. Not intending to reveal Dawn's real self, she helps the new her and the heroes fend off their villains and training Lizbeth's powers. WHile turned into stone like the others, she is rescued by Bender and his friends

When the heroes use the spear, Dawnbeth reveals to Lydia and Bender that she wants to exist in the timeline with them so They don't turn Lizbeth back into a kid, they decide to rewrite reality for her to grow up quick into a young metahuman/woman. She till has her daughter albeit smaller and a lot younger and is now the one who looks after Dib and go, she also has embrassed a Vilgante name and costume to fight crime by night.

LOTM: Darkness Incarnate

Lizbeth appears in this What If story as one of the 3 main characters along side Maka and Angewomon.


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She is a boy magnet being able to become the love interest of Milo, Peep, Boomer, the Z Force , Nigel Uno , Brick, Butch and Dipper

Is the picture of the woobie category

Is potentially one of the Big Goods of the series though she perfers to be humble and relax like a kid while ocassionaly having to break out whatever is needed to accompish a task

Her most prized possession is something that cannot be taken, possibly loyalty or something

She loves April Fools Day, but she rarely pulls pranks, though...expect on Milo knowing he will try and top her.

She likes ice cream, espically Flamingo pink strawberry

Out of the kid heroes, she is one of the smartest of them all if the Great Time Adventure is to be believed due to her clever unflappable plan against resident magnificent bastard Hunson Abadeer

Lizbeth's non human counterpart is Twilight Sparkle and Nibbler will be her Spike equivalent

Has been a major protagonist many times in Slade Strikes Back as one of the 4 main characters with Dib, Bender and Emperor X. Had a guess experience in The V Team Island Adventure as a major heroine. Was the main character of The Great Time Travel Adventure. Lastly is one of the main characters of Totally Mobian Spies. Making her the most recurring major protagonist besides Bender and Skipper.

Lizbeth used to fear clowns, espically Joker, But she has overcame this fear very clearly by kicking his ass after he pushes her too far with psychotic abuse, thus making the 4th character to do after Bender, Scorpion and Ice King.

Lizbeth has increasingly being taken several levels of badass. While many characters have done this, She is the best example as The V Team Island Adventure and ESPECIALLY The Great Time Travel Adventure have shown that she is no longer helpless

Desires a mentor in question and would like to be mentored by Angewomon as Lizbeth looks up to her and she also has a lot of respect towards Big Boss.

While she desires a mentor, Lizbeth to a degree is Boomer's mentor as she teaches him more about being a hero. As he has a lot to learn from her

She seems to be a friend of most if not all living things as her instance close friendships with Nibbler, Pinky and the Brain have proved

Lizbeth is adorkable, as she is rather clumsy, socially awkard and adorablly sweet. Also her dorkiness is established because she reads comic books and is very new to social stuff like sleepovers

She is the first of the main characters to be a orphan apart from Skipper and Bender, although they are both married to Starfire and Marlene.

She may have single target sexuality, as she only loves Milo in that romantic way and no one else. This isn't good sometimes due to her friends liking her that way and it leads to conflicts like Boomer and Nina in The Great Time Travel Adventure. Though she also likes Boomer the same way because Boomer is himself and like both Milo and her.

It is more or less implied that she is her team's morality chain.

She doesn't like her personal space being violated.

Twice she was the one who saved the day, both times against Marceline's dad, 1st time with her friends and second alone. The second was far more impressive as it was on the brink of Multi-Universal apocalypse and Marceline's dad made pawns of everyone and then she made one out on him

She seems to have her archenemy switched a lot. Slade was at first due to the first adventure, then the Joker in Slade Strikes Back with the clown;s peculiar work with Liz and then Hunson Abadeer (Aka Marceline's father) who serves as a equal of sorts in intelligence

Lizbeth has a high metabolism which is one reason why she is so thin. It allows her to stay the same height too until she physically grows up into a woman

She is incredibly wealthy and a self made girl due to Darkwing and Lucius leaving their money to her during events of death or something

While a strong and sane character, she has suffered some pretty brutal breakdowns among the worst in the whole series and as seen before her eyes many disturbing acts. They are also the most tear jerking ones to a degree

Her blood type is revealed to be 00 negative, the exact same as Nina Cortex and has strong antibodies due to her healthy body.

Will become a member of Nick Fury's child avenger team and the leader. She will also recruit Boomer and others.

Lizbeth is undyingly loyal to Angewomon, who was the inspiration for her turn to heroism

Is the 3rd Most Recourring Member of M.O.D.A.B in the series

Is the single survivor of the Titan Virus outbreak which killed quite a few members of M.O.D.A.B

Seems to be finding a parental susbitute as of the latest story something she has wanted for a long time

Knows Crybaby Language (Yes, it's a langauage) And this helped her foil Hunson Abadeer who made a 3rd rule to his game in this language.

Is somewhat of a peeping tom, which Hunson Abadeer called her when he explained the rules to his game. saying no peeping toms and referring directly to her.

She has learned to xerox which she used to make adoption papers for anyone who needs it

She did sit out on The Grand Summer Season Trek so she can enjoy the time she has being a kid left and not get too worried about the future. She also Sat out of Futurew

The only villains she fears are the Patriots (and for good reason)

While she fears the Patriots, she seems to have positive relations with Big Boss, EVA and Ocelot (all former members of the Patriots)

Is the most recurring female protagonist in the group of M.O.D.A.B and the B Team

She has a anti villainish clone working for Vlad Bender and the Russian Allegiance

She is ambidextrous, though her left hand is the dominant hand making her more left handed,

There are few people who Lizbeth truly hates and they are the Joker, Megatron, Hunson Abadeer (Though their relationship is not exactly hateful), Dr. Weil and Wendell

Lizbeth has quite a bit in common with the Doctor, as they both had a particular event that changed their life and it's treated like their biggest failure. (The Time War for Doctor and the events of The Great Time Travel Adventure and the beginning of The Multi-Universal War of Destiny "possibly" was this for Lizbeth) they both have cheerful personality hidden inside their aura of professionality, are very clever heroes and are very protective of their friends/companions.

Believes that power does not control or decide the Multi-Universe, she believes that the ones who decide the Multi-Universe need to have a stable mind set and must know how to handle the power of responsibility. Someone like Optimus Prime. Hunson surprisingly would be a good ruler too since he does have a stable mind, handles power responsibility and isn't out to kill, steal like other villains.

Lizbeth will join Knuckles and the other heroes against Zeus and the other villains in Meister of War with her team, the V Crusaders, her ally/rival, Hunson and the Nightosphere Empire.

She is a professional survivor and it really shows through the series

She doesn't join Dib in The Membrane Elite or Bender in the B Crew seeing as the two need each other and she needs to make sure that they need each other to prevent The Great Time Travel Adventure from happening a second time. She instead goes on her own and teams up with the V Crusaders who she aligns herself with now most often

Is the only hero who is a member of M.O.D.A.B, the B Team and the V Crusaders throughout the series

She is much like Maka Albarn Example:

  • They both cause fright in their friends when both angry.
  • They're both bookworms
  • They both are nice and strong
  • They both are tomboys though they have some girliness in them
  • They have pigtails
  • They both had main enemies who are obsessed with them: Hunson to Lizbeth and Zeus to Maka Albarn
  • They are both sane and civilized to their more crazy friends
  • They're both princesses
  • They're both dude magnets

Her differences

  • Maka is Blond and Lizbeth has black hair
  • Maka is older than her than about 5 years
  • Where she overcame her emotional troubles and loss of her friends, Maka turned to the dark side and joined Sith Stalker
  • Maka is not a Byronic Hero like her
  • While both are smart, Lizbeth is the brains to Maka's brawn (because she fights over using her head)

She was the main character of The4everreival's series for a period of time after Dib until The Wrath of God of War Rises where Bender usurped the role in Legends of Light and Darkness.though she had a main role in The Legend of Maka Albarn