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Lien Da is another female memebr of the V Team. She is in ways Negaduck's answer to Eddy and Lara Su. Unlike them Lien Da and Negaduck started out as foes but became romantically involved after she defected from Uka Uka and Negaduck saved her

Lien Da was introduced as a key member of Uka Uka's team as she was the source of problems Eddy and The V Team faced and she was foiled becasue she didn't ancticpate Eddy teaming up with Bender. Lien Da is rather sadistic as she took joy in hurting her enemies and she tried her very best to help her boss. Unfortantly for her things took a turn for the worse when Alt Doof joined the team and She learned her true boss was Marceline's Dad the lord of evil. Alt Doof saw her as an incovience due to her failures and tried to elminate her with his Norm Bots, She was saved though thanks to Negaduck who kept her hidden from everyone par Lizbeth who figured it out and Negaduck told her what transpired with them.

She returned when Eddy suggested a new member of the team. Negaduck reassurd his pals that she could be trusted and that they should let her in. Seeing no choice Eddy agrees to his terms and she goes with the team to defeat Darkwarrior and Marceline's Dad in the next story. Lien Da appears in Totally Mobian Spies as a protangoist alongside Eddy, Lara, Fiona and Wave. Once more she joins forces with Bender and his boys again against Iron Queen. Much like Edd and Eddy as well as Fiona Lien Da does not like Reaver though she has to trust him