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Warning Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plotlines of LOTM: Sword of Kings described. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
Leohart the Prince of Hell
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General Information
Name Leohart
Kanji kanji
Romanji romanji
Alias Leohart the Prince of Hell
Demon King
Lord Leohart
Prince Leohart
Race Demon
Age 16+
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birthday unknown
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Hair Color Purple (1st form)
White (2nd form)
Eye Color Blue
White (while fighting)
Blood Type Demon Blood
Professional Status
Affiliation Triggers Hell
Leohart's Cult
Balam Alliance
Previous Affiliation The Devil
Occupation Leader of Triggers Hell
King of Hell
Balam Alliance Emperor
Previous Occupation unknown
Partner(s) Ara
Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti
Roland Cox
Kureto Hīragi
Malcolm Graves
The Black King
Scabrous Scrotus
Blaster Dark
Blaster Dark
Clarice Di Lanza
Previous Partner(s) Moloch
Base of Operation Hell
Personal Status
Relatives Riara (sister)
Anu (daughter)
Macha (daughter)
Badb (daughter)
The Morrigan (fusion form of his daughters)
Counterpart God
Hobbies unknown
Goals unknown
Powers unknown
Type of Power unknown
Weapon unknown
English Voice Eric Vale

Leohart the Prince of Hell (also known as the Dark Demon KingLord Leohart, the Master of Hell and so on) is one of the three emperors of Balam Alliance, the current supreme leader of Triggers Hell (while Satan and the Devil are imprisoned) and the true main antagonist in LOTM: Sword of Kings Triggers Hell Saga. He is also the primary antagonist in Leohart Saga, the last saga before the events of LOTM: A Draw of Kings storyline. Therefore, Leohart could be considered to be the final main antagonist of the storyline prior to the DEM Empire events, but in fact he is also the penultimate main antagonist of the entire storyline.

Leohart is the current Demon Lord who lives in the Demon World, and he is also the younger brother of Riara,, the father of Ara Astaroth, Dark Couteau, the Morrigan and the husband of the Demon Queen Pshica. Alongside The Fallen/The Fallen's Essence, Darth HadesAryana WestcottScathachDiabla the Qliphoth TyrantB1-Killer Kampfdroide Unit-CM 130 and Eckidina KnightWalker, Leohart is one of the foremost main villains in LOTM: Sword of Kings storyline and is considered the second more dangerous male villain for bringing war and death for all Multi-Universe for more than 900 octillion years.

After the Reality Council imprisoned the original masters of Hell, the Devil and Satan, Leohart became the leader of Triggers Hell and start a horrendous conquest in Multi-Universe and clashed with both Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire and Sith Empire until the wars throughout years had cause great damage upon all of the three Dark Empires. Therefore, the three emperor signed a non-aggression treaty to form the Balam Alliance. Even so, like the Fallen and Darth Hades, Leohart never like the idea of this alliance and therefore tried to break it when time comes.

After the formation of the Balam Alliance, Leohart and the entire Triggers Hell went quiet, but that did not mean they are done from conquest. In secret, Leohart and his minions planned to destroy the entire Reality Council so that they could release a dangerous weapon known as the Face to wipe out the magical power throughout the entire Multi-Universe. With the Face activated, the demons in Triggers Hell shall have no bounds in eating, torturing as well as destroying the will and order in the Multi-Universe.



Design and Appearance




Personal information




Complete Monster proposal

Leohart Stitched Cap (Shinmai Maou Testament Burst 05)

"We at, hell shall feast upon the raw flesh of the Multi-Universe itself! We will crush this deception and bring forth the truth! Now! Go my minions! Eat, kill, torture and have fun! This Multi-Universe of 900,000,000 centillion of lives will be our dinner today! Hail Triggers Hell!"

Leohart the Prince of Hell is the instigator of the Multi-Universal War and the Dark Demon King of the ancient malevolent Dark Empire, Triggers Hell. Desiring an army of Satanism users to serve his will, Leohart hired Cad to kidnap infants, so that Leohart could perform horrific and potentially fatal experiments upon them, coldly disregarding their possible deaths. When he felt that Momonga was growing too powerful, Leohart commanded Albedo, Momonga's lover, to kill him, ignoring her protests and mockingly praising his apprentice for her "loyalty" when Albedo believed that she had carried out the order. Later, after deciding that his former apprentice, Judas, had grown too powerful, Leohart attacked him on Myggu, brutally murdering Judas's brother, Muris, and sadistically torturing Judas himself into submission, later using Judas in a plot to kill Deon. Leohart then corrupt Littlefoot and many other heroes to make them fight each other on hell while their friends are tortured by demons on Hell. Leohart, in his life time, enslaved, devoured and killed trillions of people with his own hands and brutally crushing any hero faction to ensure power. Leohart is the monster who had the most high body count in the entire Multi-Universe, personally eating women and children alive and transforming them into his undead slaves and sending to the battlefield to defeat the enemy and give them nightmares. He even invaded Minecraftia world and killed all kings and queens to eat their souls. As always, Leohart is a malevolent, sadistic monster who employs exceptionally cruel methods in his quest for power.

Predecessors and Successors

Triggers Hell Throne

Leohart's Cult

Leohart's Clan

Abilities & Skills

Natural Abilities

Demonic Powers

Mental Skills

Blood Skills

Darkness Skills

Black Magic Skills

Common Traits with Lucifer

Black Arts

Physical Prowess

Power Level

Combat Strength

Triggers Hell Rating

DEM Empire Rating

Sith Empire Rating

New Conglomerate Rating

Standard Equipment

List of Victims

Murder Victims

Tortured Souls in Hell

  • Eckidina KnightWalker - Burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity due to her crimes. (Escaped)
  • Misogi Kumagawa - Burn in the Lake of Fire for eternity due to his crimes.
  • Rodrigo Borgia - Trapped in a pit filled with clergies that was damned with simony.
  • Phyllis Peach - Trapped on a crucifix where she suffered from the torture same way as she tortured her victim, with her energy drained by the demon troops one time after another, starting a cycle of torture that shall never stop.
  • Malcolm Dreyfuss - Leohart boiled Dreyfuss in a pot of gold to punish his greed for power, wealth and immortality.
  • Michael Langdon - Trapped in the Fire of Lake and fought other damned souls of every heretics from past and present for all eternity, acting as both torturer and victim for eternity. However, Michael gleefully thanked Leohart for bringing this torture upon him since it made him feel like "home". (Escaped)


  • Darth Hades - Darth Hades' soul was not sent to Hell because Leohart, who was in a bitter rivalry with Hades, refused to accept such a soul and decided to sent Hades to a universe of nothing (for pure pleasure of his part), a dimension of pure nothing where he will be kept flying in that infinite dimension of black for all eternity.
  • Nether Sorensen the Demon Prince - For Sorensen, Leohart did the very similar thing as he did with Hades. Comdemning Sorensen as a "failed demon garbage", Leohart trapped Sorensen into a void dimension of time and guarded him with time wraiths. Sorensen had to enforce those time and orders he once sought to break for eternity as he finally dissolved into particles, disappeared from reality.
  • Moloch - Leohart consumed Moloch's final essence out of existence with ease after the latter's final demise, in order to punish Moloch for the his betrayal as well as his plans to take over the Hell itself.

Major Battles

Pre-Sword of Kings

Triggers Hell Saga

Leohart Saga



Artifacts of the Past



Satanic Subjects

Allies & Servants


Theme Song

Main Theme Song




In General

  • Zzzz yd1

    Leohart and his minions battled against Katarina Couteau and her friends

    Wipe out the Reality Council and kill every of its leaders (completed)
  • Activate the Face, a superweapon forbidden by the Reality Council to wipe out all of magic in Multi-Universe
  • Destroy the Balam Alliance and kill The Fallen & Darth Hades
  • Allow his minions to eat, torture and even commit sexual tendency in Multi-Universe for his own sake

Saga AA

Leohart's Cult Arc

Witnesses of Sleepy Hollow - Michael Saga

Borgia Arc

God's Right Seat Arc

Seven Wonders Arc

Michael-​Sorensen Arc

Hell Saga

Triggers Hell Saga

Leohart Saga (Final)


  • "The Multi-Universe lies! Thou shalt not commit murder, thou shalt not bear false witness, thou shalt not cheat, thou shalt not steal... All of these are lies! Mere illusions to keep our the true nature of people away from reality and nothing more! They don’t want to be killed, they don’t want to be robbed, using the twin lies of justice and morality, the weak are endeavoring to protect themselves. But the first truth is that the strong devour the weak, so let us feed upon people, upon wealth, upon riches and power! We at, hell shall feast upon the raw flesh of the Multi-Universe itself! We will crush this deception and bring forth the truth! Now! Go my minions! Eat, kill, torture and have fun! This Multi-Universe of 900,000,000 centillion of lives will be our dinner today! Hail Triggers Hell!"
  • "This fire is my home. This planet is my kingdom. This body is my church. Your screams are my music."
  • "Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs - Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep!"

Quotes about Leohart


Human Form

Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.comffeChiron DarkKnight Joke 3.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.comff5Chiron DarkKnight Purchase Recommended 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.comff3Chiron DarkKnight Death 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.combbfChiron DarkKnight Intro 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.combb7Chiron DarkKnight Ability 1b.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com998Chiron DarkKnight Taunt 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com885Chiron DarkKnight Select.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com773Hellrider Chiron Emote R.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com665Chiron DarkKnight Kill JungleBoss 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com664Chiron DarkKnight Purchase NotRecommended 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com553Chiron DarkKnight laugh 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com557Hellrider Chiron Other G G.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com00dChiron DarkKnight Ability 4a.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com003Chiron DarkKnight Taunt Directed Cupid.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com44eChiron DarkKnight Taunt 1.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com88cChiron DarkKnight Purchase Recommended 2.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com339Chiron DarkKnight Ability 3b.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com99cChiron DarkKnight Ability 4b.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com112Chiron DarkKnight Taunt 4.ogg
Httpshydra-media.cursecdn.comsmite.gamepedia.com335Hellrider Chiron Other G T.ogg

Devil Form

AlienKukulkan Ability 4a
AlienKukulkan Death 1
AlienKukulkan Health Low 2
AlienKukulkan Intro 1
AlienKukulkan Intro 2
AlienKukulkan Joke 1
AlienKukulkan laugh 1
AlienKukulkan Purchase Consumable 1
AlienKukulkan laugh 2
AlienKukulkan laugh 3
AlienKukulkan Select
AlienKukulkan Taunt 1
AlienKukulkan Taunt 2
AlienKukulkan Taunt 3
AlienKukulkan Taunt Directed Cupid
AlienKukulkan Taunt Directed Scylla



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