Leo profile
Leo Corbett is the lead character of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

He is portrayed by Danny Slavin.

Leo is one of those who were on board the expiremental Space Colony known as Terra Venture, but as a stowaway. He accidentally came across the Quasar Sabers. His brother Mike originally drew the Red Quasar Saber, but after his apparent death, Leo aquired it.

Leo Super Megaforce
Due to aquiring the Red Quasar Saber, Leo serves as the Red Galaxy Ranger.

Ranger Forms

Red Armored Power Ranger

"Red... Armored... Power... Ranger!"
Red Galaxy Ranger Battlizer Armored

 The Red Armored Power Ranger is the Battlizer used by Leo. Leo gains this after Karone proves herself worthy of redemption. The Red Armored Ranger increases Leo's firepower and strength. This form was destroyed when Leo used it to defeat Trakeena.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

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