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Logic? Screw logic! This is the Multi-Universe...where worlds do indeed collide and lots of cool things can happen. So come on and join us! You never know who you might meet.

NOTE: The images, video clips, audio clips, and musical numbers used, including fan art, belong to their rightful owners and are only used for non-profit use to make fan-made entertainment. We don't claim ownership over them.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: There are some fictional universes and episodes that have content that are inappropriate for younger audiences and it is advised for them to stay away from those mature rated series especially the adult ones.

This wiki contains material from many, many, many, many stories of all kinds, and unless the story in question is less than a few years old, expect to see unmarked spoilers.


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Our theme song

Whatever You Imagine03:28

Whatever You Imagine

"Whatever You Imagine" from "The Pagemaster". Performed by Wendy Moten

Just some of the characters you might meet!

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Welcome to the Legends of the Multi-Universe Wiki

The heroes and a bunch of villains team up to save the Multi-Universe from being dominated by other villains. Will they succeed, or will they die trying?

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