Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep14:37

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep. 9 - Is Love in the Air?

STORY: After meeting with Emperor X, Angewomon, for some reason does not trust him. Sailor Moon then reveals that she used to live in the Anime Empire, but left when Emperor X began turning heroes to the side of evil. Ghost Rider wonders why Emperor X would offer to help destroy Myotismon when both Myotismon and Emperor X are anime characters and villains.

Then Xion arrives and explains that Myotismon and Emperor X have been at war with each other for a long time. Tails has arrived too, along with the rest of Angewomon's family. Mickey explains that the Autobots warned him of what happened to Angewomon. Angewomon feels sad because she feels she has failed her people, but the others assure her that it's all right.

Diana the kitten comes and says that Renamon has suggested that the heroes try looking in Toytown for the Starlights. When they get there, they come across Monzaemon, who welcomes them in with open arms and delcares that the Starlights are there.

While everyone is back at the Toytown Lodge waiting for dinner, Angewomon is sitting by a lake, worried. When Buzz joins up with her, she confesses her fear. But Buzz tries to talk sense into her and assures her that things will turn out all right.

When Buzz leaves, Angewomon realizes that Buzz cares for her a lot, and she is convinced that the stiring in her heart she is feeling is love. But she wonders how to tell Buzz...and if he would love her in return. She prays to Elita-1 about it, and Elita-1, Firestar, Moonracer, Chromia, Override and Arcee...with a song...convince Angewomon that she should tell Buzz of her feelings for him.

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