Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep 8 - A Happy Reunion and a Scary Night11:12

Legends of the Multi-Universe Ep 8 - A Happy Reunion and a Scary Night

STORY: Angewomon, Buzz, Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts, and Ghost Rider arrive in File City in the Digital World. While there, it is suggested to them that they ask about the other Scouts at the Grand Hotel. At the Grand Hotel, Renamon, the owner, says that she has seen the other Sailor Scouts and that they are staying there.

When the friends arrive at the lounge, they find the Outer Scouts, Artemis, Luna, and Tuxedo Mask, much to the delight of Sailor Moon. Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto are happy to be back with their friends, but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune only complain. Then Angewomon knocks sense in to their heads, and Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune declare that all the Outer Scouts will be with Sailor Moon through the war. Everyone then decides to spend the night at the hotel and ask about the Sailor Starlights the next day.

But that night, Angewomon discovers...the hard way...that she's not out of a certain vampire's reach...

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